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7/8 c4 SecretSkrill
Amazing story! I love the new fantasy elements with that perfect amount of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ zest. Awesome job! I love it!
6/19/2022 c4 problema122
Was very interesting
2/26/2022 c4 Miss A Lanious
I really hope you finish this! you can't leave it like that!
1/24/2021 c4 LadyTeehee
Oh yes! I am really interested in this story! I can't wait for more
10/21/2020 c4 16piggycat350
Urgh. It cannot end like that! You got me hooked from the first chapter, and you gotta continue this story girl! Loved the premises and lordy does Natsu sounds hot in this story /fans self.

Can’t wait to read more!
9/28/2020 c4 FairyTailxFanGirl
So good, I hope you come back with more! I'll definitely be waiting! haha
9/26/2020 c4 BlueSkiezz
This has got to me one of the most interesting and unique stories I have read in a while. I absolutely love Natsu in this. It’s rather refreshing reading him written this way. I really do hope you continue this story, I’d really love to see where this goes and wow it ends.

Your writing is beautifulthank you for sharing!
8/18/2020 c4 452dreamer52
I literally can't believe I've only read 4 chapters of this. It's so good! I literally had to take in a breath after I finished reading. It's so interesting and so different and the whole world is something that I would gladly learn more about. I don't know if you'll update again, but I would gladly wait years just for another chapter.
7/18/2020 c4 Akumakisses
omygod! I'm in love. I absolutely loved this chapter and I'm so looking forward to what happens next. Thank you so much for this.
7/8/2020 c4 1Uchida Akira
This is lovely!
7/8/2020 c4 Audrey17T
i am seriously hooked! such an amazing story and i’m seriously dying. i really loved it and desperate to know what happens next and how the plot goes! truly amazing T-T i’m going to read more of your stories now
5/10/2020 c4 ImmortalDamon666
please continue it has me wanting more
5/4/2020 c4 12Straw Heart
Omg. This was so good!. I need to know what happens next! Please update soon
4/26/2020 c4 Saiyajin no Ouhi
And I’ve done it. I both hate myself and feel immense satisfaction; I wish there was more! I’m so desperate to read what’s next, thank you for your work! (Also, it’s amazing how you’ve given your characterisation of Natsu such depth - how he can seem cold and detached in one scene, and warm and friendly in the next, without it seeming unnatural or forced? I’ve read some stories (not to be disparaging towards them) where I think it’s been slightly difficult to achieve that “roundedness” and I’m so glad you’ve pulled it off so well!)

I’m probably going to go binge your other works now, and hope that my waves of desperation will reach you and incite you to write more for this story hahahaha a girl can dream.
4/26/2020 c3 Saiyajin no Ouhi
I’ve been trying to put off reading the last chapters for the past few days because I don’t want this story to end, but I can’t stop myself from continuing! I really really reaaaaally hope you continue this because this is amazing, from the plot to the writing to the characterisation, ALL of it! I love it all. Please please update soon, your other stories are all brilliant too (I kinda binged them all, curse my lack of self control) but I’m particularly drawn to this. I’m going to read chapter 4 now and then I’m going to kick myself because I’ll have finished all the available chapters. This is one of the absolute best Fairy Tail stories I’ve read, and definitely one of the best Nalu stories. I’m really picky when it comes to the stories I read because I’m a bit of a grammar nazi (I can’t help it, I try not to be) but this ticks EVERY damn box I’ve got. I’ll be crossing my fingers for that email notification saying a new chapter has been added. A girl can dream _
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