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for Pacific Rim: Rise of the Ultra Guardian

9/9 c6 Guest
Next chapter ultraman dyna (yuta) and gipsy danger vs horobos
9/7 c6 Ospite324
Please now new chapter please
9/6 c6 Guest
Awesome Chapter, dude! If you do add some Ultras, why not let it be both Gaia and Tiga? The big three. I always love them as a kid till now
9/5 c6 Mps5533
Dear clearwing yuta jute i wanted to ask you 3 question
1)dyna has between a final form oh the perfect name unity type that combines flash , miracle and strong with this form dyna will be invincible
2)dyna can make a kaiju mate like guarde , ron and rabbidog
3)ti defeat horobos, dyna must use ultra dynamite
9/4 c6 Ospite324
You can make horobos a pet like rabbidog and ron become ultraman dyna ' s ally with a color timer please
9/3 c3 Guest
Can we have ultraman tiga who is oki yuta best friend in his old world
9/1 c6 Guest DCDGojira
To ClearWingYuta
I saw your review for Terran Alliance Strikes Back. Very nice. ;)
8/31 c6 Guest
Hi there just wanna ask could you do a ultraman(nexus) and fairy tail crossover
8/31 c6 Ospite324
Now new chapter please
8/31 c6 Nope
This new villain is going to make things difficult to the jeager pilots and Ultraman Dyna
8/31 c6 Mass0234
Next chapter dyna vs hourobos
8/31 c6 Guest
Don't make him confess about being from another world. Just say his an Ultra or he get chosen and his power give him knowledge about Ultra and Kaiju.
8/31 c6 Guest
I hot some good idea for you. remember in Mebius, they said Ultra can't help if there a crisis between 2 planet or something like that? why not make the government accidentally kill a visiting Alien and their race want revenge. PPDC and Dyna will struggle to deal with it.
8/31 c6 Guest
Great story. Can you bring in other ultra sometimes to help Dyna. Maybe some of the Devil splinter spread to this universe and Dyna can meet Geed.
8/31 c6 kamenriderzio218
Good book can't wait for the next chapter
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