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4/12/2018 c1 11Laira Evans
... why's all the dialogue in italics?
3/30/2018 c14 Unzealots
Nice fight man! Now that's what a call a fight to remeber, Hag being burned alive ( Like the fire is eating away her Sins), The Huntress reacting her mother death (Still feel sad for her but fuck her cheap as hatchets), The Nurse well.. honestly I don't know how you come up for her death, But for the Trapper you manage to pull it off great. Anyways hope you got my P.M. messages and it's good to have Bill back again.
3/30/2018 c13 Unzealots
Hehehehe like the chapter man and the boss fight, though making it part Grimm is a good moved in fact something i forgot to mention but already made it powerful as it is. Also I was hoping Ruby or someone use the powerful sniper rifle but rhe mounted machine guns with A.P. rounds will do. Well at least some of my ideas when through anyways I have an idea for the next chapter though as it may be quiet intresting for the group to face. If you played Dead Ahead Zombie Warfare than you might notice that I will take someone the enimes from that game to here. Also no I will not add the op ones... plus the lore won't match it but something along the lines in it. I will P.M. you it soon or later. Also for the Bill Vs Wardens hope you come up a great battle for him because that area will be on your own. Just remeber they are extremely hard to kill since they have a high tolerance for pain, but im sure you can figure out how Bill gonna defeat them. Also no shotcuts for this fight as he is facing 4 of them at the same time and try not to make the wardens lose too badly without making Bill or team JNPR pay the price.
3/24/2018 c12 Guest
Wow tks man. Also about zombie dogs op that will be mist useful for the infected and annoying to the survivors. But i feel like it's missing one more infected to make it look complete or one of the previous infecteds needs to be morw rework anyways. I got an idea for the plantation chapter. Thiers gonna be one and only one speical infected (or more if you want to keep it but i rather P.M it too you. Also for the doctor i know what you thinking that his shocks might cause Nora to be op... but remeber he's a doctor that can make a person insane and since Nora is a good fighter it can also be used against her. If you face the doc in the game you can see that his images will track you down watching. Well why not make it so real that she actually hits her teammate. Also before i forget, in order for bill to kill them he has to figure out their main weakness in order to kill or remove them as they are hard to kill as no Grimm or Huntsman or Huntress can kill them as they feel no pain ( lets ingore the the game mechanical in the game) and can't be killed by any normally means. That means he has to observe how what makes them afriad of losing or dying too or something they deny a lot. Also give the killers some tragic back stories as their lore mention how they became killers but not something they fear of facing it again. Take the huntress for example.
3/24/2018 c12 Unzealots
Hey man I hope I P.M that message I sent with you about that speical one yime infected at the last campaign for swamp fever. Also good thing you mention it but I have a feeling those dogs that attack will be back I also forgot to mention this. Whenever a survivor throws any bombs (like pipe bombs, BOOMer bile, Molotov and any other explosive), they will instantly catch it with thier month and bring back to the survivors detonate said bomb killing it unless it's a bile bomb runs away untik effect wears off. It will also prioritze the survivors weapons and runs off making said weapon gun or far away, plus has the ability to break the weapon if it's highly powerful such as shotguns, greande lancher or other etc stuff. Like I said before if a survivor got bite by the dog it will hinder their combat ability or mobility and can't be fully restore until health kit is used. While pills could be useful it will not help any much but dulls the pain and thw adrenaline shots will temporary fix it for a few moments. Like i said before comes in a group of 4 or 3 or a pack (if you want). Finally like always they are very weak but very extremely nimbly as fuck as they can pin you down and run off with whatever the survivor was holding. Also I just want to add this out but will only appear on the parish but some of the dogs can be armor dogs making very invincible unless explosive is used on them. Also I hope you read my P.M I sent to you.
3/24/2018 c12 11dmandog056
That was way beyond awesome! Bill beat the living tar out of those Grimm! That was so extremely badass!
3/22/2018 c11 Unzealots
I do like blake and yang ship b,ut it's already too common for my taste, but i still like it. Maybe just put this ship here and their but not in a realtionship but a drunk i can't remember realtionship. Also for the entity wardens I say bring in 4 killers as thier are 4 l4d1 surviors and 4 rwby. I think the Trapper since you already meantion him, the Huntress, the Nurse and The Doctor will do nice. Also for bill rescuing them I say make him do a badass rescue entry guns blazing Rambo sytle and make him literally kill a grimm with his bare hands... no really make sure he dose. As for the swamp village will swamp people can be mud people why not add another speical infected like dogs. They will cade any thrown items like bombs or health items. They main purpose remove said items from surviors and either run away or break the items with their poweful jaws. They can even can try and bite the survivors hands or legs making them lose most of their moblity or combay efficiency with out proper medkit as painkills will only dull the pain and adrenaline shot only temporary increase movement to regular speed. They come in groups of 3 or 4 but can be killed easily to the shot in the head or enough shots througj the body. What they lack in toughness they make out for faster moblity and very agile to dodge rou ds fire at them. Plus they appear in either hordes with other speical infected or just randomly thier. Like come on, it can't be an apocalypse without zombie dogs.
3/21/2018 c11 dmandog056
Ooh this is great, and I’m guessing either Pyrrha or Nora.
3/20/2018 c10 Unzealots
Hell yea Bills survives! I think i got an idea for Bill and how he can help in both story and l4d 2 survivors and rwby. I think you should make Bill still infected as his body is well... idk but you can make him a special ally infected or make Bill on overwatch Gurdian sniper at the Parish sniping zombies from a far. But wherw is he gonna pop out of is your choice. Maybe at the bridge of Parish, back at the same spot he dies but theirs a vehicle waitung fir him to use or you can screw it place him with the l4d2 survivors with thw rwby cast. Idk your choice just glad bill is back.
3/20/2018 c10 dmandog056
Awesome job dude! Still a few grammar errors but nice job on the spacing!
3/20/2018 c10 2buzzsaw935
i asked, and you gave and then some, well done
3/19/2018 c9 Unzealots
Can we have Bill back by any chance? I know he died but if you played dying light than you know he alive... kinda or maybe a zombified version of him in the undead from commanding zombies to attack the l4d2 characters and rwby. Idk judt throwing in my two cents here.
3/19/2018 c9 buzzsaw935
so their is still hope, good and it doesn't have to be a brawl, random drunken shenanigans will do, and i'll see, life is being a bitch, and i'm gonna replay every campaign in l4d2 first, to find my muse once again
3/19/2018 c8 11dmandog056
I agree with buzzsaw on the spacing thing.

“Hey guys is that a machine gun?!” Ruby exclaimed.

“Dibs on the M60!” Ellis shouted with a grin.

That’s an example of what you could do dude, oh and there’s a few grammar problems here and there. Other than that I am really liking this story a lot so keep it up!
3/15/2018 c8 2buzzsaw935
hey, can we have some drunken antics?
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