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10/21/2020 c4 a fan
hope you update soon. Really wanna read more.
1/6/2020 c1 Hakeemj
Hey dude,nice story u got here,hope u continue it,its hard to see writers with a hyperactive imagination and good stories, so hope u update.
2/27/2019 c4 Guest
good fanfiction
1/14/2019 c1 Mfoto
Great start
12/16/2018 c4 Z-Breezy
Don't like Sara, she's and OC and a brat.
12/4/2018 c4 1joeyboydaplaya
Like the chapter man, but in future chapters would definitely recommend finish out the fights. It’s kinda annoying getting ready to see another round only to have it cut to a whole new scene. Other than that, I don’t really have any thing else. I appreciate that Naruto’s not starting out at god tier, especially given his relatively young age, but maybe have him stay around his own level until he’s really ready. It’ll get repetitive to see him get beat up all the time. Just some things to keep in mind. Despite the rant though, I really do like the story.

Real world fanfic is incredibly interesting to me as well. I actually have some drafts for stories set IRL too, some with Naruto as an actor, others with his in sports. Not quite confident in there quality rn though. Anyway, if you need to bounce ideas off someone, or are willing to let me bounce some off you, Dm me
12/3/2018 c4 ExDaGod
Good chapter. Nice to see Naruto having to put in the work to become the Goat
12/3/2018 c4 Kingkazuya
If you want people to continue reading this don’t show naruto always getting his ass kicked in the future
12/3/2018 c4 KingRyu
This chapter just showed me that naruto is all bark and no bite
12/3/2018 c4 Dr1zzy
THX for THE Update
10/24/2018 c3 Dr1zzy
Good story
10/22/2018 c3 ExDaGod
Great chapter and I think Emilia and Naruto should be the main pairing but after they both make it for right now just friends that support each other
10/8/2018 c2 ExDaGod
Glad to see an update but yeah 229 was absolutely crazy
10/7/2018 c1 TheBlackEntity
Im glad it's not abandoned looking forward to the next chapter.
5/25/2018 c1 Dopeenight
So is it dead I mean I just found the story and I like were it's going so I'm curious what happened in the last two months
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