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1/29 c25 Guest
Can't say how much I enjoyed reading this...after getting used to thinking of Lucca as a guy named Luca (never really happened until Crono's sister showed up). I finally decided this was just a differing universe in the multi-vese
Anyway, you have a real gift for writing and bringing to life the characters and environments from the game. I wish Crono's ultimate sword in the game was as amazing as what you had King Guardia XXII have him.
I am disappointed that you stopped just before going to the future. But, even so, thank you for the joy of doing something so great with by Farr my most favorite game ever! -Andy
7/7/2020 c25 4ObsidianPheonix26
Oh please we need more, I always wished while playing that more changed as they travelled. This story is awesome!
6/19/2019 c14 EMSNaruto
Update this story without abandon and i'll love you
3/29/2018 c1 11presea221
This is just so wonderful and creative! I love how you have built on the history of the game and it's characters. And now I cannot get the image of a handsome smooth-talking male Lucca out of my mind! Author, what have you done to me? Lol. Great story so far!

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