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4/14/2018 c11 1Lalaithion Haldirion
Good job as usual! One mistake though.. This line:

“Nope!” Antoinette cut off, holding her index finger up for emphasis. “We’re in charged right now.”

She should say, “We’re in charge right now.”
Present tense instead of past. Other than that, brilliant! Keep up the good work!

-Eponine S Daae
4/10/2018 c10 Lalaithion Haldirion
YAY! Nice surprise! Going to go see Phantom! Slightly weird that Erik, Christine and Raoul are going to see people performing their lives but who cares right? :p
4/8/2018 c9 Lalaithion Haldirion
Aww thats sweet! Congrats to getting the ring back to Erik. What is its special purpose? We’ll just have to wait and see... Great job on the chapter! Keep it up!
4/3/2018 c8 Lalaithion Haldirion
Woop woop! The plot thickens... Amazing as always, Ace-Garnet! Keep it up! Nice trick by Antoinette and interesting way of having Nadir observe them. I hope the trio do some less business related stuff and more flirting/dating... Thanks for another wonderful chapter!

-Eponine S Daae
4/1/2018 c7 Lalaithion Haldirion
Good job again! No writing errors or typos that I can see. Suggestion, now that Erik knows that Raoul and Christine are dating, let Antoinette meet Christine. And maybe bring the trio to the point of friendship or maybe a meal together? Will next chapter have them in the new building? Just suggestions but give em a chance pls!
3/30/2018 c7 Guest
Ahhhhh this is amazing, it was nice to come off a rough day at work at see this was updated ~
3/20/2018 c6 Lalaithion Haldirion
Would you please change these lines:

Erik nodded and reached into his pocket to pull out the key to the music room. As he unlocked it, he spoked.

Supposed to be “spoke” instead of “spoked”

“Play the violin?” Erik asked behind her.

Should be “Can you play the violin” or “Do you want to play the violin?”

These are the only lines that stuck out to me. Other than that, great job! I love seeing your works as they come out! You’re doing amazing, keep it up!
3/17/2018 c5 Lalaithion Haldirion
Great job! I love that you put Christine’s last name as Destler. When you have Erik, Raoul and Christine meet, will you introduce Raoul and Christine as strangers or tell Erik that Raoul and Christine are friends? Also, what is Erik’s last name in this life? I love this story and would really appreciate if you keep writing it! I promise to read every chapter and review some of the new chapters too! Thanks, Ace-Garent!

-Sapphire :)
3/6/2018 c2 Guest
Yessss, I don't think you will ever understand how happy I was when I saw this was updated lol

The last line killed me so kudos to you for that XD
3/5/2018 c1 Guest
I both hate and love this fanfiction. Damn you for making me want to cry like..fuuuuuuck!

I say this but I bet as soon as you post the next chapter I'll be glued to my phone...
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