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6/7 c16 Amber Twilight -96
so ready for more!
5/12 c16 Guest
Update? So far, this one is good.
5/12 c10 Guest
Jasper came for her at 'Clayton's'? Please tell me that's a massive typo, and you meant Newton's.
5/3 c1 5LdyJulanna
This one was intriguing, I like a strong not whiny, Bella. However, I don't think that is going to be that easy to just snap up the two leftover Cullens for arrows collection. I can't wait to find out what's going to happen.
1/14 c16 1evfangirl98
Love it. Will there be more?
12/19/2022 c16 19orchidluv
Amazing! I love this so much.
12/15/2022 c12 Iamthehungrysharkxx
What a twisty twist
12/15/2022 c11 Iamthehungrysharkxx
Ok but like they just left the body drained out in the restaurant?
Love this!

In other news, My ffn is collapsing. Every letter has an echo behind it. Pray for me. Lol
12/11/2022 c16 jasper100
Are you going to finish was a great story
10/7/2022 c16 2MrsSomerhalder849
This is so sad! Bella had to be involved in the slaughter of her vampire family, I wish the Volturi had killed Edward and Alice, I would have thought they would give the Volturi group more trouble than they are worth! Good story though, even with Aro's scheming!
9/17/2022 c16 mandygurl19
is this abandoned?
7/31/2022 c1 Rome4
please please update.
7/19/2022 c16 Kimberley Clay
Loved this! Wish there were more to the story
7/17/2022 c16 9mynxi
Still if I were her I wouldn't be happy with Aro at all and being a newborn I would try to kill him for his lies and bringing my enemy into my house.
5/15/2022 c16 Avrilsum41
Aww, I‘m a little sad for Eddie xD
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