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for His Father's Son

5/4 c23 Apep Sun-eater
While I do quite enjoy this story, and don't allow my following comment to persuade you otherwise, the claim made by Dark Shadow (for the record): "there are no atheist in foxholes" is decidedly wrong; as proved by the existence of The Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers. I just felt the need to put that out there.
5/4 c30 1The Number 4
*sigh* man... this...*sigh* whatever
5/1 c59 Karsus the Damned
regardless of how long it takes to come out, I'm gonna keep reading this story. thank you for making this btw. it resonates with me. I'm gonna go reread it from the beginning again now!
4/30 c59 PasiveNox
great chapter nice nice
4/30 c59 IHateGenericCereal
You said this chapter was a bit filler-y, but I thought it was anything but. The God Squad's pact thing was a super good scene, and Izuku's whole trek to the cage was really great too. I'm curious what his big plan for survival is, if he can even still enact it. Then Papa Lucy showing up at the end was great. Looking forward to the next chapter in uh, 2-3 months I guess?
4/30 c59 1TheGreatBubbaJ
Bad time for PC troubles, what with all the scalpers out there.
4/30 c59 Tony McNucklz
After last chapter, I was ready for the kickoff. This felt like the kickoff had to be redone, and a mulligan just never feels quite right.
4/30 c59 Dressyone22
So now it’s time to see just how powerful Satani is compared to Lucy, see if he has power or if he’s all talk and dramatic poses. I expect the beat down is about to be brutal and unforgiving. I also can’t wait to see Hawks go full archangel on some demons. Honestly I don’t see how Heaven can miss two Fallen beating the absolute crap out of each other. I hope your computer problems are fixed because I can’t wait for the next chapter.
4/30 c59 Guest
This moral BS is really starting to bother me, Izuku barely feels human at this point. Its like he has a hero complex so strong it blocks out reasoning and blinds him to anything he deems 'bad'.
4/30 c59 DracoRim98
Okay so Dark Shadow has fully accepted his place as a member of Nemesis’s court, that’s good. Ibarra has accepted that Dark Shadow and Tokoyami are good demon/person.
I am hoping Toga does get a happy ending just not at the expense of Izuku-Who-Is-Nemesis, Nemesis-Who-Is-Izuku, Prince of Hell and Morningstar redeemer of the sinful.(Yes I did have to go through all of Izuku’s titles)
Lucifer is going to wreck some shit or more likely a lot of shit. Though I do wonder what’s going to happen with Tomura who feels a lot more like a wild card at the moment than Himiko just because we have a lot better of an understanding on her current situation and goals both short and long term.
I do have a bad feeling that Luci is going to be in a similar position as All Might was after canon Kamino or maybe even dead though this point feels a little to early.
See you next chapter. Good luck till then.
4/30 c59 3Fin-Fish Jun-Tenshi
4/30 c59 SentinalSlice
What was Izuku planning on doing?
4/26 c58 1HaruSutomutaiga9900
Everytime i think this story cant get any better and u prove me wrong! GET IT!
4/24 c11 story absorber
4/24 c10 story absorber
hey what about tokoyami? people see his quirk as evil to cause of how easy it is for him to suddenly go berserk when its day
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