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for His Father's Son

11/27 c73 Guest
Can you please just give him a W damn this shit annoying as hell
11/16 c18 3Lay Lord
I can't take it anymore. this story is just making me mad. I'm grinding my teeth right now because this chapter just pissed me off. so I should stop because that's no good for my chompers. how hard is it to let Izuku have a up swing? why constantly punish him every single chapter? it's exhausting and infuriating!

you're an excellent writer but you piss me off to no end. I'm going to go break a broom handle over my knee to release some pent up aggravation this story has given me. ffffffffffffffffff! okay...I fell a little better...bye
10/16 c2 mikethecomic
im placing my bets, it either the actual devil or ghost rider
9/28 c6 leblanq
what obstacle course? that doesn't make any sense... why would you suddenly turn it into an AU. What's the point of turning the 8 fitness tests where they apply their quirks creatively into an boring pointless obstacle course. Such pointless changes suddenly, just shows us as reader how uncreative you as author are.
8/31 c2 NecrorexSparda Juubi-No-Kishin
I get a feeling of the DARKNESS from the video game, as in Jackie estacardo
8/10 c73 7Bloody Relight
anyway hope you are doing well and it has been a fun read for the most part hope to see you come back to it someday.
8/10 c73 Bloody Relight
one for all really should be no match for a half celestial all might only beat nemesis because it was wounded and even then it was a close fight. not only has izuku grown stronger since then but nemesis is also stronger in their resolve. Shinzo as he stands now cannot even utilize 30 percent of one for all without nearly destroying himself. He would be crushed utterly and completely before being burnt to ashes.
8/10 c65 Bloody Relight
I enjoy the slice of life chapters you do they are always entertaining.
8/9 c53 Bloody Relight
see that lizard killed ragdoll therefore killing h would not be murder but retribution.
8/9 c50 Bloody Relight
did Shinzo forget he could mind control him in an instant?
8/9 c49 Bloody Relight
8/9 c49 Bloody Relight
I ara just cannot help her self can she? if she goes after him killing her would be justified.
8/9 c46 Bloody Relight
after he damns his eyes with fire of course. sorry but yeah after last time I do not see why aizawa would even use it on him since he supposedly cares about the well-being of his students so much.
8/9 c46 Bloody Relight
eraserheads quirk is rather cruel against someone like izuku last time he used it it nearly killed the boy seems cruel for him to use it on him again maybe izuku should return the favor and let eraserhead know how it feels to be ripped in half.
8/9 c43 Bloody Relight
props where props are due I liked the training arc.
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