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8/4/2020 c7 bumblebeetuna958
You. Are. GREAT! 8 B-E-S-T story i have read today!
6/11/2020 c11 Jo
6/11/2020 c8 Jo
fluff n fluff
6/11/2020 c5 Jo
6/11/2020 c4 Jo
And that, kids, is fluff!
6/11/2020 c3 Jo
Fluff. It's my life.
10/15/2019 c1 sexy
please plase put sexual activity in pls!
7/26/2018 c11 Angermism
Wow. He did it. "Can I use that swear word now?" You your wish has been granted!
6/16/2018 c7 8Pearl Bramble of Willowbottom
Aww, that's beautiful! I love the way you wrote Joy's and Sadness's budding romance. It's so simple and sweet. I can't wait to read your other chapters.
6/16/2018 c5 Pearl Bramble of Willowbottom
Aww, that's such a sweet ending to a terrifying beginning! Poor Fear must have a lot of nightmares, I suspect. It's so kind that Joy comforted him. I'm really impressed with how you wrote this chapter.
6/16/2018 c2 Pearl Bramble of Willowbottom
You're back! These are great chapters so far! I've updated my story, if you're interested in reading and reviewing it. I look forward to reading more of your chapters, thanks for writing them!
6/4/2018 c8 Pearl Bramble of Willowbottom
This is the first time I remember coming across your work and it absolutely blows me away. I love Fear/Sadness pairings! Thanks for writing this!
6/1/2018 c11 1Tripledent
This story was good at conveying the shock the other emotions would have, and indeed the shock the reader would have, at the changes in Anger's personality. That was very cute of Sadness crying in embarassment, Anger did a great job comforting her. I bet what Dream Productions came up with that night for dream duty was boring anyway.
5/27/2018 c11 5Orangebird124
Oh, holy cow! Is that what I think that is?! (Joy: The TearBrick one-shot! It may have been worth the wait, but we did our best to be patient!) Even though there were a couple of changes around with the plot, I'm still gonna like this! (Sadness: Sometimes things just don't work out the way we want them to.) (Disgust: Shall we get on with the reviewing, Orangebird124?) Yes, we shall, Disgust, and away we go! So, Riley has a crush on Will, hmm? (Anger: Will? Whatever happened to Jordan?!) (Fear: *gasps loudly* He's lost! Jordan is lost! *grabs a megaphone and talks very loudly* CODE RED! CODE RED! JORDAN IS MISSING! I REPEAT, JORDAN IS MISSING! THIS IS NOT A DRILL!) (Anger: *frustrated* Will you shut up, beanpole?! Maybe Riley didn't meet Jordan yet!) (Sadness: What if Riley is cheating on him?) (Disgust: *rolls her eyes* Oh, come on, Sadness, that's not true. Riley wouldn't cheat on anyone if she didn't meet Jordan.) Sweet mother hubbard, Sadness and Anger have been together for seven months and now Anger is a touchy-feely Emotion! (Anger: *yelling, as his head erupts into flames* HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU ALL THAT I'M NOT A TOUCHY-FEELY EMOTION!) (Joy: *teasing in a sing-song voice* Anger loves Sadness! Anger loves Sadness! Anger loves Sadness! Anger loves Sadness! Anger loves Sadness!) (Anger: *angrily, to Joy* Hey, shut up, Joy!) Oh, there's the seductive look that Anger was giving Sadness! (Sadness: *giggles* Yeah, I like it when he gives me the seductive look.) (Disgust: *gags* I think I'm gonna be sick.) (Fear: Just hold on, Disgust! Let me go get you a-) (*Disgust barfs all over the place*) (Fear: Garbage pail.) (Joy: *holding her nose* Where is the Febreeze when you need it?!)

~Please stand by while we experience techinal difficulties~

Is everybody okay now? (*The Emotions nod in unison*) Good. As I was saying, the way Anger was being touchy-feely around Sadness is just WAY TOO DREAMY TO EXPLAIN! *squeals* OMG! I understand that Sadness wasn't ready for the waist part yet and I couldn't help but squeal again when Anger started massaging Sadness' shoulders and I felt bad when Sadness was crying in embarassment when she accidentally placed her hand on Anger's chest and was nearly on his lap! (Joy: *laughing* Where am I gonna sit? On your lap?) (Disgust: *sarcastically* Oh, real funny, Joy. Real funny.) I can tell that Anger and Sadness really want to take this to the next level and then they kissed! Woohoo! Oh my God, I loved the part where Sadness tackled Anger onto the couch and then kissed him! (Anger: Blue! 42! Set! Hut, hut!) (Sadness: *giggles* I guess I must've been working out and my muscles are now stronger.) Now that's what I call a fantastic TearBrick one-shot and I gotta be honest, that was definietly romantic and you kept those two lovebirds in character!

Now, this is my TearBrick friendship one-shot that I've been saving for such a long time. It should be about when Anger helps Sadness find a Halloween costume and it should take place a week before Halloween. (Fear: I do hope you can accept it, Holly!) Thanks again for writing this pairing for me! I really loved it and again, I understand the changes you made! I really do! (Joy: Take care now!)
5/27/2018 c11 Terry
Can you write about Riley and Sadness bonding please?
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