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5/27/2018 c11 6Karebear49
I have another AU request idea for you. This one is a family oriented one between all the emotions. (If they were a human family, I think Joy and Anger would be the married, and Sadness, Fear and Disgust-in that order-would be their kids. If you want to save this one for last, you can
5/26/2018 c10 Nigel
well that was dramatic. o.o
5/23/2018 c10 1Tripledent
I think you did a great job in linking how the emotions would still be referencing the events of the movie to each other. Man, there's so much unhappiness floating about Headquarters! They need to take in a stand-up comedy show or something.
5/20/2018 c10 6RedHotAnger2015
This one got really dark. I'm glad you wrote Joy as being the bad person in this situation. It was quite refreshing and it made into a very good read. Maybe for your next chapter you can write something about Joy and Anger, surprise me ;)
5/19/2018 c10 5Orangebird124
Hello, Holly! It's so nice to see this story updated again! (Anger: *growls* I've been waiting forever! What the heck is going on?!) Anger, Holly's been busy for the past few weeks, Anger! Give her some time! (Anger: *furiously* I'll give you time if you don't shut up, OB!) (Joy: *to Anger* Anger, you better watch it right now!) So, look, I understand your new rule and you're not a stupid person. That rule is good because if someone asks a couple doing something together then it'll be easier for you and you'll be less pressured. Anyway, let's review this one-shot!

Whoa, that fight between Joy and Disgust was a lot angrier than I expected! (Fear: And violent!) (Sadness: *gasps loudly* Joy slapped Disgust across the face! *starts crying* Why would you do that, Joy?! You don't ever do that!) (Disgust: *angrily* Yeah, Joy, what the heck?!) (Joy: *furiously* I was just angry, okay?!) Joy, you gave Anger the finger again?! First "Death Into Life" and now this! (Joy: *yelling* I had no other choice, OB!) (Fear: Not cool, Joy!) I did like it when Fear gave Disgust some water and then Sadness escorted her to her room. (Disgust: Well, at least *looks at Sadness* someone cares about me!) Disgust wasn't herself an hour later and boy, was she crying! Even while Sadness was on Dream Duty, she went straight to Disgust's room. (Sadness: I always hear my coworkers whenever they cry.) OMG, Disgust pushed Sadness to the wall, broke Joy's vase and tried to commit suicide with a piece of glass! (Fear: *screaming* WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?! Are you out of your mind?!) (Anger: This is madness! We can't have someone commit suicide!) At least Sadness was able to stop her and she broke down in tears! (Sadness: *hugging Disgust while sobbing* Disgust, don't you ever do something like that again! Do you know how much Riley needs you?! You're important to us!) (Disgust: *starts crying, as she hugs Sadness* I'm so sorry, Sadness! If it wasn't for my nasty attitude, none of this would've happened!) (Sadness: *still crying* Please don't go, Disgust...) (Joy: *crying softly* I'm sorry I slapped you and yelled at you, Disgust.) (Disgust: *crying, to Joy* It's all good, Joy. I'll give you a second chance.) (Fear: *sniffles* Who's chopping onions in here?) Not me, I swear! (Anger: It's enough to make an Emotion cry, but not this guy!) I didn't cry while reading this one-shot, but it was shocking and tear-jerking! At least Joy and Disgust apologized in the end and I loved how Sadness and Disgust remained hugging each other until they let go!

I can't wait to see this dreamy TearBrick one-shot the next time this story is updated! Warning: This contains sugar rush! (Anger: At least I'm the only who didn't cry! Victory is mine!) (Joy: *eagerly* Oh, Holly, I'll definitely be taking control at the next chapter! I almost forgot, we'll be back after this break!) Uh, Joy, this is not TV, this is FanFiction. (Joy: See you in the next chapter, everybody!) *I face palm myself* Oh, brother...
5/19/2018 c10 6Karebear49
5/1/2018 c9 1Tripledent
I thought you really portrayed Disgust well with her "no, that's too dramatic" dialogue. I'm pretty sure Joy doesn't need coffee, she would just have some to make Disgust happy. Poor Disgust getting sat on by Joy though! She probably would have reacted even worse if she wasn't feeling down.
4/29/2018 c9 5Orangebird124
What's this? Another chapter posted by HollyAnne1084? (Disgust: Please don't tell me this is LemonLime because I am NOT comfortable with hanging out with Joy!) Sorry, Disgust! It's LemonLime, Holly's O.T.P.! (Joy: Hug me, Disgust!) (Disgust: No, Joy, I don't want- *gets hugged by Joy*) Another great day has come to an end and I almost laughed when Joy accidentally sat on Disgust on the couch, lol! (Disgust: It's not funny! I couldn't breathe!) (Fear: Thank the lord you weren't suffocating! *breathes a sigh of relief* Whew!) (Sadness: Otherwise, that would've been sad.) Aw, Disgust was in a bad mood because of her being depressed lately! I wonder why? (Disgust: That's because it's nunya.) (Anger: What's nunya?) (Disgust: *annoyed* None of your business! Sheesh!) Oh, wait! Maybe she wants someone to go to Fashion Island with her! Sounds like a lot of fun! (Joy: *happily* Now we're talking! Yeah!) That was nice of them to go out for coffee and get a makeover and by the way, 'funner' is a word, Holly! (Joy: If you don't believe us, then go look in the dictionary!) (Anger: And Holly, you'll also find 'terrifical' in the dictionary too!) (Sadness: 'Awesomer' is also a word too.) I didn't know that Disgust likes coffee! (Disgust: Yep, it's true! I love coffee!) I especially loved it when Disgust told Joy she was her favorite co-worker ever and she's someone who can make her happy since they both like each other and it was so adorable when they kissed and I definitely laughed when Disgust pinned Joy down and kissed her on the lips! (Fear: Aw!) (Disgust: *to Fear* No, not 'Aw!', Fear! I cannot believe I just did that to Joy!) (Joy: *playfully* Pay back time, Disgust! *pins her down and starts tickling her*) (Disgust: *starts laughing hysterically* JOY, NO! HAHAHAHAHA! PLEASE DON'T DO THIS! HAHAHAHAHA! YOU KNOW HOW TICKLISH I AM! *continues laughing hysterically*) (Anger: *mumbles* Ay, yi, yi.) (Sadness: *smiles* Well, this place just got interesting.) OMG, I also laughed when the cashier squealed while watching the whole thing! (Fear: That was embarrassing!) (Disgust: *still laughing* THAT'S MY- HAHAHAHAHA! LINE!)

You know, this was a great romantic LemonLime one-shot and I know that you were fangirling away while typing this! Don't forget that the next one-shot couple that's coming out soon is Sadness x Riley! (Fear: I'll be on the lookout for it!) (Sadness: I get to be with Riley?) Yep, that's right, Sadness! Thanks again for writing this for me! I can't wait for the next couple which is Sadness x Riley by ry93mac! (Anger: I don't really say this a lot, but, T.T.F.N.: Ta-ta for now!)
4/29/2018 c8 14StarNerve
This is adorable! I'm so glad you're back to writing in this archive. :D I like the variety of ships conveyed in each chapter.

So far I haven't seen a Brickoli oneshot so... I suppose I have an idea:

Riley's in love and the Emotions are thrilled... well, except for Anger - who openly complains o how annoying love is, and Disgust - who is forced to put up with it passive-aggressively. When the two are alone together they start to share the one thing they have in common: how irritating love can be therefore the two share a connection with each other. It can be platonic or romantic. It's all up to you! :D

Again, I'm so glad you're back and I can't wait for more!
4/21/2018 c8 6RedHotAnger2015
This was very sweet. A Fear and Sadness relationship sounds like a cute idea. But I see more them having a friendship more than anything else. The real love story that I've seen a lot of is Sadness and Anger. Which you have already done. In any case these one shots are awesome.
4/21/2018 c8 1Tripledent
Aw, nasty Disgust! I wonder if Fear will be brave enough to defend Sadness if Disgust tries something like that again, surely yes.
4/20/2018 c8 5Orangebird124
OMG, is this what I think this is?! (Joy: At long last, the Nervous Tears one-shot is out! I think I'm about to do the happy dance right now!) (Anger: Oh-no, don't start with that, Joy!) I'm definitely reviewing it right now! Geez, I felt so bad for Sadness while she was crying and I didn't like it one bit when Disgust yelled at her! (Disgust: I was just cranky, okay?! Sheesh!) (Sadness: *sniffles* I could really use a hug right now.) Aw, here you go, Sadness. *I hug Sadness* (Sadness: Um, thanks, I guess...) OMG, that was so cute when Fear comforted Sadness and I loved how he wiped her tears away with his thumbs and told her about seeing her beautiful face and then they kissed and cuddled with each other! (Fear: *chuckles* Um, thank you, I guess.)

Even though it was short, I really loved it and I was so excited to see it! Thank you again for writing this! It really made my day! (Disgust: Until next time!) :)
4/20/2018 c7 1Tripledent
That was nice between Joy and Sadness, I think Joy will be very good for helping Sadness feel better about herself.
4/17/2018 c6 Tripledent
That was very sweet. I dig that green streak in Diana's hair! Sierra reading Gone With The Wind so many times makes me think of something I think I found out about one of the actors in the Lord Of The Rings movies - that he reads all 3 books every year. That was realistic with Diana not really being able to reciprocate the hug strongly, but still doing so.
4/15/2018 c7 6RedHotAnger2015
First, I have to say that if Sadness hadn't saved Riley from running away, the outcome you listed at the beginning of this chapter would have chapter was really cute. Thank you for writing a chapter based on my suggestion. It means alot :)
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