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4/15/2018 c7 5Orangebird124
Woohoo! Another one-shot has been published! (Sadness: Let me guess, it's the romantic Tears of Joy one-shot, am I right?) Yes, you are, Sadness! I may like Tears of Joy as sisters, but this is gonna be a good one! (Joy: Let's get to reviewing!) (Fear: Did you just steal O.B.'s lines, Joy?) (Joy: Of course I did!) (Disgust: Oh, brother.) I felt really bad for Joy when she had those flashbacks of her not letting Sadness drive the console for twelve years, but glad that they became closer than ever. (Joy: *pulls Sadness into a hug* You and me are like sisters, Sadness!) (Sadness: Oh, um, thanks, I guess. *chuckles softly*) Wow, Joy had a dream about jumping over the moon while riding on a pony from Sparkle Pony Mountain? I'll bet that's the best dream she ever had! (Anger: Boring! I'd rather have a dream about me being a rock star!) I've always wondered what's been going on with Joy and Sadness is so concerned about her and Joy is denying it! (Anger: Oh, for crying out loud, Joy! Don't hide anything from us!) (Disgust: There's something fishy going on here. And no, there's no fish in Headquarters.) Aw, that was sweet of Joy to ask Sadness to go to one of the Islands of Personalities with her! (Joy: Yay! A girls-only trip to one of the Islands of Personalities!) (Sadness: *solemnly* Hooray...) (Joy: Oh, come on, Sadness, where's your enthusiasm?) (Sadness: In my bedroom.) I still remembered when Joy and Sadness fell into a pile of memory orbs like they did in the movie and now they're going to Honesty Island! (Disgust: Honesty Island? Good thing they have a new makeover there after what happened last time.) (Anger: Boring!) Anger, stop being rude! Have at least some respect and pretend to be interested! (Fear: Yeah, Anger!) (Anger: *strangles Fear, angrily* Shut up, you idiot or you're gonna get a beating from me tonight!) (Fear: *screaming* No, not that! Anything but that! Please let me go!) (*Anger hurls Fear to the wall*) (Joy: I'll go get the first-aid kit! Be right back!) (Fear: *groans* Oh, am I still alive?) *to Fear* Yes, you are, Fear. Joy went to go get the first-aid kit. OMG, when Sadness said that Honesty Island is as pretty as Joy was, that slipped out of her mouth! (Sadness: *blushes, as she pulls up her sweater* Uh-oh...) Joy is right, Honesty Island does force you to tell the truth and you know the old saying: Honesty is the best policy. I loved how Joy accepted Sadness' compliment by saying how pretty she is and even Sadness cried due to her getting overwhelmed! I don't think she deserves to be rejected at all! She saved Riley and found her true purpose! I liked how Joy comforted Sadness by hugging her and then ended up kissing her on the cheek! (Disgust: I knew it! I knew the whole time that this one-shot was gonna be romantic!) That was romantic when they kissed on the lips in the end!

I'm really proud with how hard you worked on this one-shot and that author who requested it is going to love it! I even got another request for you and this time it's, wait for it. TEARBRICK! (Anger: *happily* Alright, now we're talking!) (Joy: Psst, Orangebird124, I got a really good TearBrick request that I think Holly should write!) What is it, Joy? *Joy starts whispering in my ear* Really? (Joy: Yeah, it'll work, I promise!) (Fear: Are you sure about this, Joy?) (Joy: Yeah, trust me!) Alright, Holly, here's my TearBrick request and I hope you can do this for me! Could you please do a TearBrick one-shot of where Sadness is on Dream Duty and then Anger plays an unexpected trick on her by pinning her to the ground and tickling her mercilessly which makes her laugh very uncontrollably and then he starts whispering seductively to her that she isn't going anywhere which makes her giggle and could you please have Anger take his tie off while kissing her? I would also love it if Anger tells Sadness that she looks cute when she's pinned down. Also, you don't have to have them take it too far if don't want, it's okay. (Fear: Yeah, it really is.)
4/15/2018 c7 6Karebear49
This is another Sadness x Disgust: Sadness stops Disgust from attempting suicide. As you can see, I like it when my favorite characters are in danger :p
4/9/2018 c6 6RedHotAnger2015
That was a very good story. In fact it could be the makings of a multi chapter read. I didn't even mind that Disgust or Sadness wasn't in the story as actual beings, but as real human emotions. Thank you.
4/9/2018 c6 5Orangebird124
Yes! At long last, this story is updated! (Joy: It's always nice to see this story updated again! We've been thinking of some other requests to give out!) (Anger: It's about time this story had an update! I was beginning to lose my freaking mind!) (Disgust: *to Anger* Anger, don't be rude and watch your temper!) (Anger: Well, excuse me, but it's very hard to keep my temper under control whenever a story *starts yelling* DOESN'T GET UPDATED FOR THE LAST TWO WEEKS!) (Fear: Uh, Anger, you need to calm down.) (Anger: *strangles Fear* DON'T TELL ME TO CALM DOWN, BEANPOLE!) (Joy: *rushes over to Anger and Fear and tries to separate them* Hey, break it up, you two!) Guys, can I please review this one-shot? I've been waiting to do this. (Joy, Anger and Fear: *in unison* Yes, OB.) Thank you. Wow, this whole one-shot is in Sierra's P.O.V.! (Sadness: Um, who's Sierra?) *to Sadness* That's you, Sadness. You're Sierra in the AU. (Sadness: Oh, okay.) So, Sierra likes to read? She must be a bookworm! I liked how Diana, the popular girl introduced herself to Sierra when she was sitting alone during lunchtime and I'm glad she was willing to get to know Sierra better instead of using her! (Sadness: *sniffles* I feel so special to have friends. *wipes a tear away from her eye*) (Disgust: *puts her arm around Sadness* We're so lucky to have you here with us, Sadness.) (Sadness: Aw, thank you, Disgust. If it wasn't for my true purpose, then I wouldn't be here working with you guys today.) I can't believe that Sierra and Diana became best friends and the next thing I knew what happened, they became seniors in high school! (Fear: How did this time go by so fast?) (Joy: That's like moving on up to college!) (Sadness: Even though we'll leave old friends behind, we'll make new friends and maybe see our old friends again in the future.) (*Fear lets out a loud, blood-curdling scream*) (Disgust: *irritated, with her ears covered* Oh my God, did you really have to do that, Fear?! You nearly blew my ear drums out! What the heck is wrong with you?!) (Fear: *screaming* It's Anita Robinson and she's the worst bully ever! She even hurt Diana and was out of school for a long time!) (Anger: *growls* Nobody hurts Diana! NOBODY!) I felt so bad for Sierra when she was crying and I know what it's like to miss a best friend for a few days. I especially felt so bad for Diana's mom when she was crying while taking Sierra to see Diana in the hospital. I hope Anita goes to prison one day since she's a troublemaker! The ending was really heartwarming and I know that Diana is gonna get better soon. (Disgust: Yeah, me too. *smiles*)

That was a wonderful AU Sadness x Disgust friendship one-shot and I'm sure that the author who requested it is gonna love it! I'll see you in the next chapter! (Joy: T.T.F.N.: Ta-ta for now!) (Disgust: Keep up the good work, Holly!)
4/2/2018 c1 3StendyFan24769
Sadness and Riley
4/1/2018 c5 1Tripledent
Nightmares suck. It must be even worse when you're Fear. I'm glad Joy is there in Headquarters for him and all the other emotions as well.
3/30/2018 c5 31iHateFridays
Aww that was cute, thanks for doing my request! I like how you potray Joy and Fear as sort of besties and lovers at the same time. Well done! :D

3/29/2018 c5 6RedHotAnger2015
That was so cute. I love these short one shots.
3/29/2018 c5 5Orangebird124
(Joy: Holly, you're back!) (Disgust: Welcome back, Holly! We're so happy you had an awesome time in NYC!) (Sadness: Even though I missed this story being updated, I missed you the most.) I've been waiting for this StarNerve one-shot to come out and here it is! (Fear: *happily* Hey, I'm liking this!) Oh-no, Fear had a nightmare about everyone disappearing! (*Fear screams a high-pitched voice and then faints*) (Anger: *face palms himself* Oh, not again, beanpole!) (Disgust: *annoyed* Does he have to do this every single time?!) Quick, get me a bucket of water! (Sadness: *runs over to me with a bucket of water* I have one right here, OB!) *grabs the bucket of water and dumps it onto Fear* (Fear:*spluttering* Huh? Wha- Who did that?!) (Joy: Orangebird124 did it, Fear! It was her!) It was only a nightmare, Fear! (Fear: *sighs in relief* Whew!) I loved it when Joy comforted him and then slept with him! (Joy: Oh, kiss me, Fear! *kisses Fear on the lips*) (Disgust: Ew! Gross!)

I got another request for you! Could you do a LemonLime one-shot of Joy and Disgust spending a whole day at Fashion Island? Thanks! (Joy: Have a joyful day, Holly!)
3/22/2018 c4 1Tripledent
I totally expected Anger to give Sadness the teddy bear, he doesn't strike me as a teddy bear kind of guy. Wow, that 'You Lose' sign was kinda harsh, I wouldn't give that stall another go. It's great that Sadness was able to spend that time with Anger, but I do hope she'll have social nights out with the other emotions like they suggested in the future too.
3/19/2018 c4 5Orangebird124
Holly Anne Lofton, is this what I think this is? (Joy: That's our TearBrick request! Woo-hoo!) (Anger: *impatiently* What are you guys waiting for?! Let's review this chapter!) I felt bad for Sadness when she tried to ask Joy, Fear and Disgust if one of them could go to Goofball Island with her, but they were so busy! (Disgust: I had to go to Fashion Island for a fashion show.) (Sadness: *to Disgust* You're lucky, Disgust.) That was so sweet and kind of Anger to offer Sadness to take her to Goofball Island! Pinch me, I'm in TearBrick heaven! (*Anger pinches me*) Ow! It's an expression, Anger! (*Anger chuckles mischievously*) Awww, I loved how Anger won Sadness that giant teddy bear and then treated her for cotton candy! (Joy: Cotton candy is my favorite! *starts going on a sugar rush*) (Disgust: *face palms herself* There she goes again.) I jumped out of my seat when Anger and Sadness kissed on the lips in the end!

Hey, I have another request for you and this time, it's Nervous Tears, your O.T.P.! Could you do a Nervous Tears one-shot of when Fear comforts a crying Sadness after Disgust yelled at her and offender her and have Sadness' tears dampening his suit and when he kindly says to her, "Let me see your face.", could you please have him wipe her tears away with his thumbs? I'd really love to see that and please make them cuddle with each other as a way to cheer Sadness up! I'd really appreciate that and thanks! (Joy: Until next time and have fun in NYC, Holly!)
3/16/2018 c2 6RedHotAnger2015
I would love to see a story involving Joy and Sadness. Maybe make it romantic.
3/15/2018 c3 1Tripledent
Heh, as I was reading this I thought of that scene from titanic, and then in the very next line you referenced that scene from titanic! Fear definitely suits as a humble hero. Poor Disgust, it must feel really good recovering from an experience like that.
3/15/2018 c2 Tripledent
I thought you handled really well how a guy like Anger would make an apology. I think Fear would accept it immediately and unreservedly as well.
3/14/2018 c3 5Orangebird124
As I promised, Holly, this review is just for you! (Sadness: Originally we were gonna review, but we got tired last night.) Ooh, Disgust going to Fashion Island tonight? Boy, is she lucky! (Disgust: Thanks! Fashion has always been my obsession ever since the day I started working in Headquarters!) (Fear: *groans* Why couldn't I have gone to Fashion Island with her instead of having to do some stupid Dream Duty?) (Joy: Hey, hold on there! Dream Productions has a new upgrade!) Cool! Imagine if I was there, I could spend hours inside! Oh-no, Disgust tripped and fell over a cliff! (Fear: She what?! *starts panicking* Oh-no, this can't be happening! This can't be! Disgust, no!) (Disgust: That must've been really scary and dangerous for me!) If that vine that Disgust was on broke, I can't even imagine if that really happened! (Sadness: *gasps and starts crying* Oh, Orangebird124, don't say that! *sobs into Anger's arms*) (Anger: *soothingly, as he strokes Sadness' hair* I got you, kid. I got you.) (Joy: *teasingly, in a sing-song voice* Anger is a softie! Anger is a softie! Anger is a softie! Anger is a softie! Anger is a softie!) (Anger: *annoyed, to Joy* Would you knock it off, Joy?!) Guys, can you please let me review this chapter? I wanna see what happens to Disgust! (Disgust: Yeah!)

At least Disgust went into the cave and she was safe, but then I felt bad for her when she started freezing. (Emotions: *in unison* Brrrrr! It is cold!) (Fear: I'm so cold that I'm shivering!) (Joy: I'm so cold that I can use my nose drippings as chopsticks!) (Disgust: Nose drippings as chopsticks? Ewwwwww! *turns away and gags*) (Sadness: I'm so cold that my tears have turned into ice teardrops!) (Fear: I'm so cold that I'm shivering! Where is a fireplace when you need it?!) (Anger: *clears throat* I'm right here, you idiots!) Don't just stand there, Anger! Do something! (*Anger growls as his head erupts into flames and everyone gathers around him*) Thank you, Anger! (Anger: Yeah, yeah, whatever.) The most tear-jerking part I found was when Disgust broke down into tears and then ended up getting sick because of the coldness! You're also right, Holly, this is almost like the "Titanic" movie where Rose got hypothermia! When she heard Fear calling her name, she refused to give up and even though she was way too cold, she still managed to get that vine on top of the cliff and Fear noticed it! I liked how caring he was when he carried her bridal style back to Headquarters! (Sadness: *sniffles* If it wasn't for Fear, then Disgust would've been frozen to death.) (Disgust: Whew! That was such a close call! *to Fear* Thank you for saving me, Fear!) (Fear: *to Disgust* My pleasure, Disgust. You got lucky once, but next time, maybe not lucky the second time.) (*Anger punches Fear in the arm*) (Fear: *exclaiming* Ow! Anger!) I liked how Fear gave Disgust a warm bath and then kissed in the end! The Fashion Disaster fans are gonna love it! Good luck writing the next one-shot in the future! (Joy: T.T.F.N.: Ta-ta for now!) :)
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