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for A 2nd Shipping Collection

3/13/2018 c3 6Karebear49
Awww. You know, that was the sweetest Fashion Disaster story I've ever read. You're writing has come a long way since your first story
3/8/2018 c2 31iHateFridays
Aww this is pretty cute! Hmm... Platonic StarNerve... Fear goes missing and Joy looks for him? Idk. XD

3/8/2018 c2 5Orangebird124
(Anger: *groans* Oh-no, do you really have to start with this 'Anger x Fear' chapter, Holly?) (Fear: Anger, this person, Ericchris made that request and Holly had to write this chapter first!) (Anger: *growls and punches Fear in the stomach* I AM NOT READING THIS STUPID CHAPTER, BEANPOLE!) Too bad, so sad, Anger. I'm reviewing this chapter for Holly whether you like it or not! (Anger: No!) Oh, Joy? (Joy: *singing loudly* BARNEY IS A DINOSAUR FROM OUR IMAGINATION AND WHEN HE'S TALL, HE'S WHAT WE CALL A DINOSAUR SENSATION!) (Anger: *furiously, as he grabs a sledgehammer* OH, THAT IS SO IT! *starts chasing Joy*) (Joy: *continues singing, while running* BARNEY'S FRIENDS ARE BIG AND SMALL, THEY COME FROM LOTS OF PLACES!) (Disgust: *annoyed, with her ears covered* Will somebody please shut her up?!) Disgust! Anyway, I can't wait to review this chapter with Anger and Fear right now! I can see how nervous Fear was when Anger and Joy were taking control with Riley at her hockey practice. (Fear: I'm just so worried about her safety, that's all!) Oh-no, Riley tripped on the ice and now everyone stared at her! (Sadness: Oh, she just fell down. *sniffles* Maybe a good cry would do the trick.) (Disgust: Not in public, Sadness!) Yikes! Anger not only yelled at Fear, but I can't believe he made him cry! You should be ashamed of yourself, Anger! Shame on you! (Anger: *angrily* What the heck?! If only that stupid beanpole didn't make Riley act like a coward during hockey practice, then none of this would've happened! He did that on purpose!) (Fear: B-But, Anger, it wasn't my fault!) (Anger: *punches Fear in the stomach again* SHUT UP, YOU IDIOT!) (Sadness: I just hate it when friends yell at each other.) Me too, Sadness. Me too. I had a feeling Anger was gonna regret it after yelling at Fear. I especially felt so bad for him when he was having a sob fest. (Sadness: *sighs* Now you know how I feel...) I felt better when Anger apologized to Fear for yelling at him and then Fear forgave him by embracing him and especially when Anger called Fear, 'buddy'. (Sadness: This didn't make me cry, but I did feel bad for Fear, I really did.) (Joy: Way to go, Anger! See? All you had to do was apologize to Fear and that was it!) (Anger: *growls quietly* Next time I see another 'Anger x Fear' chapter, remind me not to read it!) Oh, Anger!

I'm okay with the requests being short and I liked this Fear/Anger friendship chapter. You were able to keep everyone, especially Anger in character and this one-shot was realistic. It almost felt like I was watching a bonus scene after the movie and "Riley's First Date?"! Keep up the good work with the requests coming in and don't forget that this is good for your creative writing skills. You are getting so much better everyday and that's what I love to see in this fandom. :)
3/8/2018 c2 6Karebear49
AU Sadness and Disgust are best friends, one day Sadness sees that Disgust isn't at school, and someone tells her that it's because Disgust is in the hospital (either from illness or injury. You go ahead and pick).
3/8/2018 c2 Ericchris
Thank you so much! I loved it! It was amazing!
3/4/2018 c1 31iHateFridays
Oh my gods you're back! :D Hm... I'm not much of a fan of shipping, but I don't mind a bit of platonic StarNerve. Perhaps you could do something with that?

3/4/2018 c1 1Tripledent
Hey HollyAnne1084, I don't have a request at the moment, I just wanted to say it's great that you're back taking some time off from your hiatus, and I look forward to seeing what you come up with!
3/4/2018 c1 CNBW
I'm not sure of a plot (sorry :3), I just really want a Starnerve story. XD
3/3/2018 c1 5Orangebird124
(Joy: Holly, welcome back!) Yay! You're doing a sequel to "A Shipping Collection"! This is my request to you! Could you do a TearBrick one-shot of where Anger and Sadness go to Goofball Island together? The beginning should be when Sadness feels left out because Joy, Disgust and Fear are too busy to take her out to Goofball Island and Anger offers to take her there and she happily accepts by hugging him tightly but gently. Thank you! :)
3/3/2018 c1 6Karebear49
First of all, welcome back! I missed your stories. Second, can you write a oneshot where Disgust is in danger and-wait for it-Fear has to rescue her?
3/3/2018 c1 Ericchris
Hey! If you don't mind id like a story of fear x anger. It can be anyway you like!
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