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for Transformers Animated Season 5: Live Like Legends

7/27 c28 127H.R.C. Stanley
What an ending.
What an ending
7/27 c27 H.R.C. Stanley
Wouldn’t it be “Thank Unicron”?
7/27 c26 H.R.C. Stanley
Possession? Creepy
7/25 c25 H.R.C. Stanley
I take it Sari has been fully reformed at this point?
7/24 c24 H.R.C. Stanley
A time travel story. Neat
7/23 c23 H.R.C. Stanley
Quite a body count on par with the 86 film
7/23 c22 H.R.C. Stanley
Is Sentinel dead?

Jeez you ain't kidding
7/21 c21 H.R.C. Stanley
Best you villains don't give away your plans for the heroes to hear
7/20 c20 H.R.C. Stanley
Eight chapters left to go...
7/20 c19 H.R.C. Stanley
Good flashbacks with Ultra in his prime.

Pun probably intended
7/18 c18 H.R.C. Stanley
Damn, crazy protests.

Why does that sound familiar...?
7/17 c17 H.R.C. Stanley
Chumley and Galloway, just as much as arseholes as they've ever been.
7/17 c16 H.R.C. Stanley
Good shattered glass
7/16 c15 H.R.C. Stanley
Now things are really escalating.

I can definitely imagine Tara Strong using her evil voice.
7/16 c14 H.R.C. Stanley
Make it halfway through
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