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for Transformers Animated Season 5: Live Like Legends

7/16/2020 c14 231H.R.C. Stanley
Make it halfway through
7/16/2020 c13 H.R.C. Stanley
Good flashbacks
7/16/2020 c12 H.R.C. Stanley
Damn this is getting tense
4/27/2020 c11 H.R.C. Stanley
Slipstream has a bit of a potty mouth
4/12/2020 c17 12Doctorwhofan01
This episode reminded me of the episode ‘Prime Target’ from Transformers: G1.
4/9/2020 c12 Doctorwhofan01
I loved the references to the G1 episode “Fire in the sky,” and I knew Misary was Sari from the beginning.
1/11/2020 c28 Heroes
Will you update friendly neighborhood spider man season 1 chapters please update
12/29/2019 c28 Luis z
That great, but when you going to update friendly neighborhood spider man season 1 chapters please update soon.
11/19/2019 c27 Guest
When is the next chapter?
8/10/2019 c27 Guest
This chapter is amazing well written my friend, not only that but the Fallen's true motives is to destroy the "beast". I know of the beast he is referring as Unicorn the Chaos Bringer and the ultimate big baddie. I see what you did there you doing a reference with Batman Beyond where Terry McGunllis the new Batman has the fought the joker who took control of an middle age Tim Drake's body with a special chip hiding on his back on that epic movie. I hope to see Optimus Prime outsmarts the Fallen just like Terry did to outsmart the Joker by psychological taunting him and fighting dirty, which the Old Batman ( Bruce Wayne) never done that to any of the criminals he had encounter with. Anyways you're story so for looks great, keep up the good work!
7/21/2019 c27 Guest
I see what did there! You bringing Unicorn into your story, that'll be awesome! But do you think the Fallen will might use Unicorn's power to conquer the entire galaxy to create his Decepticon empire. I hope Optimus Prime and the other Autobots save Ultra Mangus who still inside the Fallen's body as a shell. Maybe there be a scene where like Todd as the New Batman from Batman Beyond where he uses mind tricks and fight dirty against the Joker because the old Batman ( Bruce Wayne) never laugh or tried to fight dirty, but to Todd he uses tactics in his favor tow in against the Joker and bring back the older robin back to old self. Anyways this chapter is amazing and well written, I can't wait for chapter twenty-eight the season finale!
7/20/2019 c10 231H.R.C. Stanley
Strange, I thought the Xantium was one of the Omega Sentinels and was destroyed
7/20/2019 c9 H.R.C. Stanley
Sierra-711? Ah, I see what you did there...
7/16/2019 c8 H.R.C. Stanley
Good to know Sunstreaker is still online
7/7/2019 c7 H.R.C. Stanley
Great influence from the IDW comics
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