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12/1 c30 tkorn1001
Can't wait to see how this issei develops his power differently than cannon issei
11/26 c1 Mustafa Hamid
The story was going magnificently and brilliantly until the Raynare arc. I don't understand why you decided to keep Raynare and her lackeys alive; I am not fond of Raynare - she is just a manipulative and a cowardly bitch.
Overall I am not sure why numerous authors tend to keep Raynare alive. Maybe because of her s&m bikini dress and the fact that they are simps. She has no value and I have read other fanfics where authors project Raynare as the one who did nothing wrong and that Issei is the wrong one because he didn't forgive her.
It kind of reminds me of neferpitou from hunter x hunter. Where many betas and simps protested that neferpitou should have been forgiven by Gon and that Gon is a barbarian for killing her.
To add more, that red haired bitch in the rising of the shield hero - where again simps defended and sympathize with her even though she is the malicious one.
Overall I have lost interest in this story just because of keeping Raynare alive.
11/25 c30 Vaibhav naithani
Hi it's Vaibhav again not really much to say just wanna apologize for telling you to update quickly because I just read the description of the 10th chapter of your story A FOOL'S HEART ( I used to skip the descriptions by the way) and let's just say I felt guilty.

so yeah
I am sorry
11/20 c11 Hazyimp
Don’t force yourself to read the story it’s ass it doesn’t get better
11/7 c30 gaineskellen
loved it cant wait for update
10/30 c27 1AnimeKing4
During the last part of the pool scene, it says "canine-like animal". That's the Beast of Darkness from Berserk boys! I mean it makes sense. Issei's rage, hatred, sadness would have manifested into the Beast just like how it was formed from Guts' negative emotions.
10/30 c30 Star-Vader Chaos Breaker
Let’s wait and see what Issei Nagoya family will react about the supernatural
10/14 c30 Vaibhav naithani
Ok I know I said I will not disturb you but I can't help it man it has already been over a month just when are you going to update.
10/12 c30 Vaibhav Naithani
Come on Man when are you going to upload the New chapter. Its already been over a month
10/10 c30 Cesar17
good chapter 30
10/9 c15 Guest
Honestly I don't know if issei here is such a loser or he is really bent on that past of his, It's very annoying to see that 1 character gets to dictate all of his choices because of it.
10/1 c30 Cepilepsi
What can I say but holly crap this is amazing the most recent t chapter is damn good
9/30 c11 wockhearts
*SOBSOB* Why!? WHYYYY!? Why did you fcking pull at my fcking heartstrings mannn! *BREAKS DOWN IN COMPLETE SADNESS*
9/26 c30 Vaibhav naithani
Hey there my man its vaibhav again.
Now you might be thinking


But please man I can't help it you are just so incredibly skilled at writing that I could't help but get excited thinking about all the possibilities for the future of this story if you just gave my suggestions some thought. I can personally guarantee that if you're work was actually adapted into an anime series than it would have surely broken the internet so that's why I keep on writing these reviews and suggestions.
I really don't want to disturb you at a time like this when you are writing a whole ass ark all at once only because you refused to make us wait (I literally cried at the thought of such consideration for the fans) and let the tension of the story go down the drain but I just had to clear up the misunderstandings that might occur only because I didn't explained point of my previous reviews properly ,so please just let me explain them and I promise to not disturb you with these long ass reviews.

First, why do I write so big suggestions? I am going to be honest with you I love high school dxd with all of my heart but not because of its story but rather it's unique concept and world building. This anime had so much potential but just for the sake fan service the writing lets it all slide which pains me greatly. Why do I say that?
Let me explain.
The main potential of this anime is the main character itself , issei hyoudou, he is not the type of character who would lose his charm if his nature is changed like take goku for example he would surely lose his unique charm that comes from his care free nature but issei is a type of character who strives for growth in every single way possible in order to protect his loved ones, that never changes about him so he feels natural no matter what type of nature he represents because from the inside he always remains the same, that is his charm. Even in the original light novel it was confirmed that his pervertion was just a disguise to run from his past so it feels totally unnecessary to even present him like that. I was always confused as to why the writter did that but now I fully understand what he was actually trying to do aside from fan service, let me tell you as well :

(1)He was trying to show that anyone can become strong for anything they want to believe in as long as their is a will there's a way no matter how ridiculous it seems to the people around you.

(2) He was trying to show the dream boyfriend figure for every normal and naive high school girl now you would say " HOW THE FUCK IS THIS PERVERT A DREAM BOYFRIEND FIGURE " which is valid but when ignore the hentai contact of the anime and focus more on the messages than it will make sense to you. First, in the anime when Rias reincarnated him than issei saw her as his Savior and served her like a loyal dog like what the hell bro he would literally start drolling at the sight of her to him she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen that is the first wish of every naive high school girl that her boyfriend thinks of her as the most beautiful. Second, Rias was his literal power source through out the whole series and that's why he respected her so much which another quality every naive high school girl wants her boyfriend to have. Third, he became stronger so that he could protect her which of one of the common traits a very girlfriend wants from her boyfriend. And the most important factor is the whenever she told him to do anything he did it without question and even when she was at the wrong issei was the actual one who made everything right. So to put it bluntly, he gave her respect, protect, satisfaction, love and even her dream by winning the rating game, everything a naive high school girl could have asked for and before an actual high school girl gets offended by my comments focus that I have said about a "naive high school girl" not a matured girl or women not by body but mind and character because she would accept her love the way he is not like the type of girl rias is shown to be who necessarily what these traits.

The only problem is the writter totally fucking sucked at trying to show it for reasons I don't even have to explain. Their were so many great possiblities for this anime that's why when I read its description I was excited as hell but when saw the whole series than I only had one thing to say to the writter "GO DIE IN A FUCKING HOLE".
There are still a lot of flaws but let's not dive too deeply into them. All in all it just the story of a normal boy becoming something greater and that just doesn't seem enough. That's why I tried to find my happiness in fanfictions but was only met with disappointment UNTIL I read your story the fool's heart, man it was a dream come true.
I almost became depressed when I saw you didn't updated it since 2020 but then I this story still running and man was in for a surprise when I started reading it without reading the description. Man you have no idea how much you have changed my life with your stories literally, just like you wrote in the fool's heart story " ise-kun always do more than he thinks " you are the same man you see my life hasn't been pretty either I recently lost my grandpa who I was really close to then my girl friend broke up with me because I couldn't control my anger and got into fights constantly especially after my grandfather's death then the school suspended me for a whole ass month and I was grounded as well, my parents knew why I was behaving like this but hey at the end of the day they also have responsibilities so they didn't have a choice they were sad too. So yeah some shit happened in my life as well but your stories help me overcome the mess I created, reconcile with my parents and even start over with my girlfriend and just think man how many more could be out there just like me who also took inspiration from your stories to start with a new hope for the future. All I want to say is that you are awesome you own it that's why I can't help but write so long for you not because I want you to write the story according to my liking but because I admire you.

Second, in my previous review I said that this story would lose its charm if it became a harem story but don't forget this THAT WAS JUST MY OPINION if you were actually planning to make it a harem story I AM NOT DISCOURAGING YOU AT ALL. And now that I think about it the story actually wouldn't lose its charm at all as long as you are the one who is writing it so please forgive me I will think more carefully whenever I write a review. What I was trying to say was that I would love to see an issei x kuroka fanfic or see kuroka get the proper recognition that she truly deserved that's all. Also I don't hate Rias or anything I hate the way the anime represented her character but now that I think about it if I just kept on giving for the story line and character development like that then aren't I just making you do what I want and that's on what I am hear for I didn't read your stories because they were pleasing my imagination no they went way beyond it so I will leave that department completely to you as well though I would like to give one suggestion that is issei should be the actual owner of kouh town Rias should give the territory to issei because the the story has progressed and how unpredictable you are I cannot even imagine what crazy shit will happen in the peace conference so let's say when it will happen then issei would simply get fed up of it happening again and again and Rias would just feel even more guilty about it because it was happening to target the gremory and realize that devils taking control over the land of humans without them even knowing is just not right and completely hand of the territory to issei.

Third, when I said I absolutely hated the way issei exchanged his human body parts for dragons I was not implying that your ideas are bad I just saying that I would have liked it more if he stayed complete human aside from the eye I have an idea why don't you make issei sacrifice his dragon wings for balance breaker wings why do I say that and why do I believe that would benefit him even greater their is a long and hafty explaination for so let's just save it for another time.

Okay that wraps up all I wanted to say for now atleast. I will not bug you with character development suggestions unless you ask me to but I will say this if need anymore creative ideas to increase issei's strength then I'm your man.

Okay thanks man as promised I will not disturb you unless the new chapters come out and I look forward to reading them.

9/24 c30 Vaibhav naithani
Amazing work again my man I love this story no this piece of art even more than "the fool's heart". I mean that story is great but this one is amazing.
I am back with my suggestion for the future of the story and it's about kuroka again.
Now you might start to think that I am showing favouritism to one character which is true in a sense but please hear me out. OK for starters I would like to suggest that in this story issei himself figure out about what really happened to kuroka because then it would make even more sense cuz this version of our hero is completely self-reliant which is the main point of the story ,where, the fool's heart story teaches us the importance of family, teamwork and how the influence of the adults around a child effects his/her life ,here, the struggle and hardships of the life of a man (warrior) and how he could overcome them using his own strength is given more focus. Here issei does not have an outer source of power like he had in your other story (atlas' power) and even in the original plot of the light novel (evil pieces's power) instead he is his own strength using nothing but his own power and knowledge which I personally find very satisfying because it has kind of like become a trand in the anime industry that a human cannot become more power after he/she reaches a limit I mean their still are strong human characters in many animes but none of them are even close to the most powerful characters like rimuru tempest, kakarot or anos voldigold so reading about an OP human character feels new and more fun to read even though its not a story you would describe as fun and more like tragic but regardless I truly wish it remains that way and issei keeps on reaching new heights as a human. How you ask? I'll explain later in detail.
My second opinion is on their relationship I really really really want to see a proper issei x kuroka fanfic because like I said on my previous review on the fool's heart story is that the entire anime community has been fucking unfair to her in my opinion, why you ask, read my previous review you will figure out and you might have not realised it yourself or you have I just don't know about it but this version of issei is very similar to kuroka both story wise and character wise How? Let me explain.
First story wise: Both of them lost their parents at a very young age, both had to fight their battles, both of them had to hide their true life stories from the world, both of them had to leave their loved ones behind for the sake of their safety, both of them were turned into murders by this cruel world, both of them were misunderstood by the people around them their whole lives, no one truly understands their pain even though some people know about their past somewhat (In issei's case raynare, Asia, Akeno and Rias. And in kuroka's case the vali gang) because such overwhelming traumas cannot be understood stood just by hearing about them or by just looking into the memories because looking and feeling are two Entirely different experiences which brings me to my last and most important point that both of them are true loners, no one understands them like they claim to because that level of pain and suffering can only be understood by those who have experienced it themselves and we know no one suffered as much as they did.

Now character wise : both of them will do anything to protect their loved ones, both of them knows the what true suffering and pain feels like, both of them always hide their pain within to stay strong unless their emotions are simply out of control, both of them always chooses the hard way to do things and most of all both of them know the value of family better than anyone.
So yeah all in all they are pretty similar that's why I think making it an issei x kuroka fanfic would be a good choice cus these two will be able to understand each other the best. You could show them overcome their inner demons together and actually show kuroka as a person and as a woman alike some other who uses my favorite waifu to write lemon senarios and yes I said "show" cuz you can literally put life into mere letters my man. I do get the vibe sometimes that you are planning to make it a harem story I don't know for sure cuz you are unpredictable but if you are then in my opinion please don't because then it would not be as relatable as it is right now. It is based on fantasy but moral wise it the most relatable story I have read thus far and by adding polygamy to it it just won't be the same man I am sure you know what I am getting at right? Well even if you are'nt then write it on the description like you always do before or after any of your stories and I will write an entirely different review to explain my point for now let's focus on the main suggestions.

My last suggestions are on issei's growth as a human, like I said before this issei being the original would the best choice because then the story would feel real but then the limitation problem arises cuz this is not one punch man where you grow impossibly strong just by working out for 3 years it an actual tragic, slice of life, action story where you need a proper logical reason to make a character strong and issei being just human will have problems in the future for his growth that is inevitable unless he just sacrifices another one of his body parts like he did in the past which I absolutely hated mean no offence by the way, my point is even though it is difficult it is still possible to actually make him as OP as anime gods and demon lords. How you ask? ha ha ha your crazy fan is still alive bro. I have some very creative ways to increase issei's power to an absurd level which I took from mythologys (mostly Hindu and Greek mythologys) and my anime knowledge.
Let's start with his strength, speed, stamina and durability. The stronger is the hosts body the stronger is the sacred gear but that doesn't mean more training means more power, their are 3 stages of training levels.(1) Warm up training which includes light exercise only (which depends on how the main hero describes his warm up of course) and does not contribute in any growth rather just losen up the body a bit.
(2) growth training which includes mid tier exercises and heavy training this is the type of training which actually contributes in growth and consists of many different types of regiments like material arts training, survival tasks, weight training and much more.
(3)Last their is over training where a person simply pushes himself to the point of 'broken beyond repair' that means training is now only breaking his body and mind not making them stronger.
Now this is the reason for it, when someone work out he is actually breaking his muscle fibers by applying unbearable pressure on them and tiring his muscle tissues by straching them. It is after the breaking and tiring is done the real prosses begins when the recovery glands of the body starts to produce more muscle fibers and muscle tissue increasing the strength, speed, durability and flexibility of the human body but their is a catch like I explained before to not overwork oneself in order to produce such recovery hormones the body needs energy which it gets in the form of food NOW let's say issei uses his boosted gear instead of food to recover from the training damage. He first boosts his power to times 10 let's say then told draigh to transfer the boost to his recovery glands and he also uses senjutsu to make sure that he is not putting any unnecessary pressure on his brain while going through the recovery. How that would work you ask? Let me explain.
When the muscle recovery takes place then the human heart pumps blood at a rapid phase thus transferring all the nutritional energy present in it absorbed by the food that we eat into the recovery glands ,thus, proceeding the recovery. So when issei will use his boosting power instead all of that blood pumping will take place in the lungs ,thus, adapting his air bladers and blood vessels to take on more pressure of breath in and breath out during battles. All things considering, this method will increase his strength, speed, stamina, durability, flexibility and ability all at the same time which is not possible by normal means most of all he recover fully energized so quickly that the amount of growth he was supposed to have in years he will grow that much within weeks and his capacity to boost his growth would only increase as the time pass. To put bluntly if he uses this method of training he will literally unlock the door to unlimited power all while remaining a human.

That's all for today I still have a fuck ton of suggestions I want to make but I will that for another time keep working hard and I will be your fan even after you have retired.

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