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6/17 c1 FieryRedRose789
Just a suggestion and all...

But can you change this Fanfic so it has the “crossover” label in it?

It would really helpful and much less confusing when you start talking about this Alude person.

Some of us reading aren’t in that fandom.
6/12 c7 tealvneu
oh my gooooddddddd nothing can properly express how long i've been searching for good 27R fics,,a ton of them portray Reborn as completely wrong but you write him so good! please please please keep writing this fic (and your Beginnings and Middles one too heheheh) i love you foreverrrrr!
6/4 c7 Guest
It'll be really funny to see their reactions when the vamps show up and Reborn is like "Oh, ready for a rematch?" XD
6/4 c7 22D C JoKeR H S
LOL, they just need to pull out the files on the trio...
(I wonder what the Hibari clan will try now... X'D LOL)
(I fear slightly for Tsuna's ass now iykwim X'D)
6/4 c7 8Mirufey
One could argue that being the world’s greatest hitman does not necessarily mean that you are equally as good at defending yourself. But this is Reborn we’re talking about here, and I think his only weaknesses are his injuries and lack of knowledge and understanding of vampires. I’m sure Reborn could use his wits and keen observation to get around those though.
6/4 c7 Madame Bibliophile
An inconvenient time, you say? Hmm. How about a hunt where Reborn witnessed Tsuna being drained by Hibarin? Because they will surely attack Tsuna to weaken their psyche and make them unfocused in fighting
6/3 c7 1hachinonana
Whoa that’s actually a good point. If they could just tell Reborn everything, like weaknesses and how they fight, he would be just as good as any fighter, except with broken ribs. And poor Reborn, he goes home feeling lonely, gets attacked, and then gets pulled out of bed to be a prisoner
6/3 c7 burntdream
I'm not really sure how to respond because of (to) the author's note. I wanted to let you know that I enjoyed the story, but if I do, am I condoning and encouraging you to torture yourself? Am I exploiting the author? Is this a moral quandary? I don't know what to do.
6/3 c7 25YokaiAngel
5/24 c6 1Foxluna
Oh ho. Seems they just stepped on a landmine. They had all better be careful and not think about including Reborn on this. After all he doesn't think vampires are real and neither are vampire hunters as well. If only Reborn would realize they are and Tsuna spoke the truth when he said it.
5/23 c6 Guest
DAMMMMM that was kinda hot Tsuna
5/23 c6 1hachinonana
Tsuna’s awesome and strong, it’s great. And the situational irony is making me so excited, since Tsuna thinks Reborn is uninvolved haha.
5/23 c6 22D C JoKeR H S
YAAS! Assertive!Tsuna Awesomest Tsuna! XD
(Not Best Tsuna, that remains with Chibi!Tsuna and Innocent!Tsuna, www)
5/3 c5 1hachinonana
Wow that’s interesting, to show the strong Reborn be insecure. More conflict muahaha. And good job on your assessment tests and welcome back. I’m about to go into AP exam season too.
5/3 c5 burntdream
Oh, the drama! I like how the power dynamics between Reborn and Tsuna are reversed from canon. It's fun to see a confident, not-dame Tsuna going about any getting shit done while Reborn pines after him (and hides the engagement ring.) Even though this Reborn hasn't done anything bad to Tsuna, the canon impression of the tutor/torturer from hell image is so strong that it feels like karmic justice to have it reversed.

Thanks for yet another chapter of this interesting story! Love everything you've written so far. The image of Kyoya "bite to death" multiplied by four leaves me breathless from laughing.
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