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8/13 c11 Snowflakekitten234
*shrug* I love it, and it's well written. Plus, you don't really get to see stories like this often in this fandom, well, ones with reborn not being the one 'in the know' or the 'hero' of the story. You also do it in a way that he's still, pardon my launguage, a badass. But, he needs help. AND it's funny, which is always a bonus.
8/13 c11 katsekala
Reborn had it coming. Loved it! Many kisses!
8/13 c11 22D C JoKeR H S
RIp Reborn X'D
(Reborn is such a cat, LOL X'D And Fon is such a monkey, I Love This! X'D)
8/13 c11 5TheMidgetTitanSlayer
I do! I follow this religiously! AND I LOVE EVERY FRIGGING BIT OF IT!

Now I can't wait for Tsuna's reaction. The action in this chapter had ME legibly holding my breath till the end. Oh boy, Tsuna's gonna be hella pissed is all I can say. Will Reborn get turned into a vampire though, since he got bit? Looking forward to the next chapter! Take your time, as long as this updates, I can wait, lmaao
8/13 c11 burntdream
Barely anyone here.

Writing this story calms you?

That's... good?

Thanks for sharing.
8/13 c11 14Mel Writer
omg omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgOMG!
8/13 c11 1khr junkie
Ohhh Reborns finally realized that he’s in waaay over his head, and it just might be to late.

Love it! Keep up the amazing work!
8/13 c11 25YokaiAngel
8/13 c1 9bibliophile030
Yes, the violence is very calming. Ah, Reborn forgot rules number one and two: overconfidence kills and trust no one, especially undead, obsessed prisoners you happened to kill the other night. Don't know about anyone else, but I like your story. Thanks for continuing to write this.
8/13 c11 5senaxeth
It may be calming for you but goddamit! My heart! Its just very unusual to see Reborn caught off guard and I'm not prepared. I mean I have a feeling but i hope its not true and now it happened! Its just hard to think of what would Tsuna do.

Anyway, thank you very much for the updates! I've followed this story so I'm gonna anticipate another chapter and just imagine what heartbreak would happen next. (;༎ຶД༎ຶ)
8/13 c11 marshyqueen99
what do you mean barely anyone? I love this story! Its fun (amusing actually XD) to read damsel in distress(kinda) reborn . keep it up. look forward for the next chapter!
7/20 c10 9bibliophile030
Seeing is believing, Reborn. Now, let's hope you don't regret it. Thanks for the chapter
7/20 c10 25YokaiAngel
7/20 c10 katsekala
Great chapter! Many kisses!
7/20 c10 Not-Gonna-Update
Oh my... I love this Reborn. He wiggled his hips to get through a tiny window! Aww. That would've been great to see in person. He gets to remeet one of his Victims(Lovers Hahaha)

Thanks for updating! :)
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