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10/1/2018 c26 33WanderlustandFreedom
Oh my gosh, it’s over. I can’t think, holy crap. The only thing Ive been waiting for for the last few months is this story. I’m so sad I miss it already.
10/1/2018 c26 1ineedsleap
This was so well written and beautiful from start to finish. I'm so glad I got to be a part of this ride. Thank you for one of the greatest non magical au's I've ever read. Thank you for Marinette. Thank you for fluff that's just the right amount of sweet and solemn. This was amazing. Thank you.
10/1/2018 c3 Krispod
Yep. Totally sucked in, and addicted.
I’m not even sorry.
10/1/2018 c26 4Lavendor Queen
From start to finish this story was absolutely incredible. Every time I saw an update I was so happy and just went straight into reading it. I’m so glad the story went the way it did. But also if Chloe was left alive and you went you with other ideas I think it still would have been amazing.
10/1/2018 c1 Krispod
Ok, I’ll be honest here. I avoided reading this fic for some stupid reason. I really don’t even know why. But I decided to try it and DANG after one chapter I can tell I’m going to LOVE it
I like seeing a better relationship ship between Adrien and his Father and heading Emma call Nathalie Grandmother is freaking precious.
10/1/2018 c26 IMaren
Thank you so much for this story! I loved waiting for a new chapter and it living up to my expectations can't wait to see more work of you in the future.
Till the next one ;)
10/1/2018 c26 15Chocolateflower
This story was great, but I think that this last chapter promotes at home birth for the wrong reasons. It is the most reasonable to go give birth at a hospital. Just because you are going to give birth at the hospital doesn t mean you are going to get a c-section: indications for a c-sections are that your pelvis is too small pr if the baby is under distress. Not wanting to go to the hospital because you don t want a c-section is dumb. If you go to a hospital you get the medical attention that is needed for you and your child, if there is a problem at home than you will have to wait until someone comes to you and by the time you get to the hospital a long time passes. It is a birth and shouldn t be taken lightly and the doctors are not going to force you to have a c-section unless it is really necessary, if they isn t and there arent any risks then change the hospital.
So yeah... that s what bothered this chapter.
Maybe home births are in, but well... I wouldn t go with the flow and really think about it before taking a decision.
The Kadarshians are in doesn t mean you should follow everything they do so yeah...
I can t believe I just made a connection beween giving birth and them XD
Thank you for this story!
10/1/2018 c26 Flor de cerezoNFTLC
Seriously, this story was amazing, one of my top 5 if I dare say. I'm so glad that I came across with it. You wrote it wonderfully, the relationship wasn't in a rush (which is something I don't like) and was just the enough drama. I loved it. Emma is super cute and the child that everyone dreams to have and her progress with marinette was so well written. The only thing that I would want is to see a teenage Emma, to see how she came up (how much chloe, Adrien and marinette she will have) her relationship with her brothers and maybe if it affects her that she in fact is marinette's adoptive child. Or both marinette and Adrien facing her puberty, maybe Adrien jealous of her liking someone, I don't know. Maybe you could write another epilogue...(?Apart of this I really loved it, thanks for this amazing story. See you next time, good luck and see you soon!
10/1/2018 c26 32Malfoy Mouth James- MMJ
Ok this was a beautiful, happy, great, perfect, sweet, fluffy ending to a wonderful fanfiction. I’m so happy that all of this happened and that you wrote this and finished it! It’s soooo good. Thank you!
10/1/2018 c26 Guest
Thank you so much for writing this. I have enjoyed every installment and will defiantly come back to reread it again and again.
10/1/2018 c26 Marilenn
Thank you! Thank you for bringing this extraordinary and wonderful story into this world! Ever since i discovered it, ive been living my life hardly waiting for mondays to come so i can be blessed with this masterpiece of a story! I truly wish you to never ever have any author blocks ever again in your life and i wish you to continue to create pieces of arts like this or even better in the future and lastly, success in everything you wish to achieve!
10/1/2018 c26 Momochan77
This was an absolutely amazing story and one of my favorites to read for this fandom! I can’t wait to see what other stories you create in the future!
10/1/2018 c26 Amalley
all of this was absolute gold 3
10/1/2018 c26 Ana-M-A-P epilogue of the epilogue? No? Oh well.
I loved this fanfic, it was amazing. Keep on writing, you're really good.
10/1/2018 c26 SmokyGhoul
This Is a wonderful story that has helped make this year bearable on some days, I save this fanfic in my special folder to reread sometimes when i want to cheer myself up love your fic please post something this amazing again in future
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