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4/25 c7 AvatarUzumaki
oh man it feels like i have been waiting years for this chapter! it was definitely worth the wait i mean all your stories are! anyway how dare the daimyo deny Naruto his right to his land just because it hurt his economy! selfish prick! that aside im super excited for Naruto to rebuild Uzu i just hope Hinata goes with him! as for tha fighting, I really loved the whole scene with kinto that little fox is hilarious and the overall fight is great! I love your creativity and I'm super happy you share that with us! now I am super excited and anticipate the next chapter! I look forward to reading what happens next!
4/23 c6 Jondoe0321
I like chojis thought on the matter hilarious
4/17 c7 Guest
Please complete it
4/11 c7 r10roce
I really loved what's going on in history, and all I'd like to know if you wash to continue? That's how I see if I'm waiting or not.
4/7 c7 darth56
great chapter love this story great read thanks
3/28 c6 tsukasa30
WAIT WAIT WAIT you cant't cut this it's just starting.
No why end this AARGGHHH...
3/20 c3 8OnGuard
Ok, I’ve been seeing this a lot in your stories and it’s driving me crazy. But also. These 2 words do not go together. You use one or the other, never both. Your story looks very childish every time you use them together. Worse, you used them in sentences where neither word works. Get a beta reader.
3/15 c7 ArashiNokitsune
the story so far I have to admit damn it's pulling all the stops in terms of making Naruto powerful, pretty sure I know there are some stories that are fairly similar to this but this one damn, minor similarities or major similarities and or differences it doesn't matter this is a good story so far.

the hidden Leaf Village is going to feel a lot of proverbial pain but then again they got a lot of karma coming at them mainly the civilians, somehow things are going so far I suspect danzo is going to get his Just Desserts earlier then in Canon, I hope Hinata goes with Naruto or at least Naruto saves Hinata as far as I'm concerned Hyuga clan traditions may have well screw the clan over into making poor decisions.

the only things that I don't particularly like it's just the depiction Sasuke's character I mean really it's cliche in terms of fanfiction material I mean in Canon the only thing Sasuke had in particular was pride in his clan and his bloodline not to mention his skill and pretty much beneath all that he's kind of a decent person aside from the attitude in fact his only goal is to avenge his clan and and revive it, pretty much Sasuke is supposed to be Naruto's opposite reflection in a sense, Sasuke is not some coddled entitled child and I just find it plain dumb that that's a common thing for Sasuke in FanFictions I mean yeah he's an antagonist later on but come on the only reason he became such because of all the bad happenings in his life in which he let his own hatred Fester whereas Naruto tries to move Beyond the pain and hatred and go towards something more positive. I don't want to even get started on the rest of Team 7 I mean I'll admit in the beginning I guess you could say team 7 was a mess but in this story Sakura sounds like she has a real problem if not a serious obsession for Sasuke and Kakashi well he's just pretty much getting bashed in fact might as well give a warning of character bashing and some OOC ish ness
3/7 c7 BusGrunts
Really love stories where Naruto gains a different summoning than Toads. Keep up the great work, hope to see more soon!
2/4 c1 4Professor Donger
people saying that this is well written either need to go back to school or are lying
2/2 c7 Black Shisui Uchiha
Damn well done on this masterpiece I can’t wake for the next update
1/30 c7 RedFox
I like all of your stories devilzxknight86 specially old stories the ones you took down they where all good stories my opinion to bad you took them down I like reading them specially these new ones i'm glad you updated this story hopefully you updated more of your Naruto stories

I think Hinata should go with Naruto you can do from your old story my parents are Konoha shinobi have Hinata leave the Village with Naruto
1/29 c7 cowchoas
great story i am loveing it like i love the other one. please keep up the good work i for one shall be wait for next chapter when ever it come out
1/26 c7 Guest
Great stuff more soon please
1/23 c7 1Mistress Saturn1
love it, can't wait to see the next part.
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