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4/26 c7 curlyboy01
I do like this story too bad it’s not gonna get updated
1/1/2021 c7 Guest
~Very cute and wholesome fic mate!
10/30/2019 c7 2merendinoemiliano
Not bad
10/30/2019 c7 A Plexx
Cute slice of life fic that’s been fun to read
10/30/2019 c7 2Laserbr0
Haha. Thanks for the update. Very funny. Although, I wasn’t expecting him to be finding him writing. Amazing!
10/21/2019 c6 1antifanboy
conmovedora historia
10/20/2019 c6 1Spartan of Rome
Anyone else kinda struggle to see Issei a guy with a dragon attached to his soul giving up dominance? Not to mention his dragon took the aspect of domination from God.
10/17/2019 c6 6Hollowreaper 93
Yay this fic is back. I love Akeno pairing fics. The fluff is adorable! Keep up the good work, Revan.
10/17/2019 c6 18Andrew
Great chapter
10/17/2019 c6 5KaliYugaFan
This is tooth-rottingly cute; I'm a big fan. You've got a pretty solid grasp on writing humor, and I'm always a sucker for a good slice of life fic. Keep up the good work!
10/17/2019 c6 2Laserbr0
This is fucking brilliant. I would say he’s traumatized would you? Thank you very much. Hope to see another one in the future.
10/15/2019 c6 7XxGargantuaxX
It would awesome if this Issei and Akeno were to come to the canon verse
8/15/2019 c6 18Andrew
Love the story please update
12/3/2018 c6 1shadowx99
Hi Revan, i read this while writing a highchool dxd story of my own, and i gotta say, i was laughing and chuckling at some of the moments. It was fun to read and honestly it gave me some ideas for my own, hope maybe once i post a few if you could check it out and maybe give me some tips as I'm terrible at this kinda stuff.
11/28/2018 c6 2TheRazgrizDragon
Awesome story so far!
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