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for Life or death Laser tag

6/18/2018 c1 Winter's Folly
Good work.
3/14/2018 c1 4FloralFox
I quite enjoyed this fic! The plot somehow felt both original and like something that could be canon? If that makes sense XD Anyway, I thought the pacing worked well and the last few paragraphs made me smile, so good job~
3/8/2018 c1 12Bomberguy789
Okay, this is annoying me so much right now. Don’t do that weird (on a computer) shift-enter for breaks UNLESS it is a poem or a song. It makes it so much harder to read otherwise, and stretches out the story to unimportant-but-good-looking lengths (like how chefs make their food look nice). Anyway, the actual story.
A Saitama that can not only lose, but die. That’s definitely original, so I’ll give you props for that, and the villains motives are pretty cool. I wonder what it is he thinks will happen when the heroes are dead. Along with everyone else who drank the same water, because when you poison the water supply you can’t exactly choose who will drink from it. What I’m saying is, without heroes the monsters and criminals run free, more people turn to crime or monsters because they lost their loved ones, etc. Also, when he says Genos needs to lower himself to human limitations... well, that would have a vastly different meaning in the OPM universe. Saitama beat his human limitations, sure, but none of the other S-Class managed that and they can still level cities. Heck, the A-Class heroes are still super strong, and we know that Mumen Rider is actually much stronger than the average human (or at least, we assume. Chances are him being the number 1 C-Class is because of his popularity and helpfulness, but I would imagine that he’s more or less strong enough to stay there).

Anyway, overall, a pretty good story. Nice work.

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