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12/24/2012 c4 p1nksprkls
luv 2 see moar
12/29/2010 c1 InvisableGirl
The pixie which is a dream fairy is named Peruru.
4/22/2007 c4 18JPandS
This is very good, I really like the idea and hope that you continue the story soon! As for the first two reviews for this story, I'm sorry people are so ignorant and think that all authors should conform to their ideals of what a SM fic should be like. As for Zoisite, in the manga I think she is a he but in the American dub they make Zoisite a he. Anyways, This is really good and I hope you update! GOOD JOB and Keep up the good work!
11/13/2004 c4 1P.eaa
11/13/2004 c3 P.eaa
that was such a short chapter ;p
11/13/2004 c2 P.eaa
ohs... this is interesting... on to chapter 3 now
9/2/2004 c4 Nazi Hater
Good, but some spelling issues.

If you go by the books (the manga version) Kunzite/Malachite, whaterver the name is, is a BOY! A BOY! Got that? I understand it is different in the TV series, but for anyone who reads the manga, they know he's a guy. I don't care which gender you have him, but loads of people pair the Generals up with the Inners. Apparently there's a pic the author (Naoko Take-something) made with the four Inners and the Generals with their arms around them. Kinda cute looking, actually.

Your work is beyond good and I have only eight more words for you: GET OFF YOUR LAZY ASS AND UPDATE ALREADY!
7/10/2004 c4 Victoria
who is the close frienship that was fading. I gotta know! Please continue!
2/27/2004 c4 7charmedkat48
Oh, why must all my favorite authors curse me with cliffhangers? *Throws head back with hand on forehead* Well, I finally got an update. I hope to get another soon.
1/18/2004 c3 no longer active
i'm sorry about your being called the worst sailor moon fan, i highly doubt that's true because for one i love the show but i remember almost nothing about it. seriously. i hope you continue this, or at least write another story, because you're a much better writer than a lot of the other people on this site, no offense to them or anything, but some people just can't write, it's like singing! ok, please continue writing SOMETHING, i would love to read it.
1/4/2004 c3 charmedkat48
Hey, you got nine comments and still no update... But from the looks of that update, this is where it ends. Well I never!
12/30/2003 c3 ana
i haven't seen sailor moon in, well, since they took it off of regular TV many years ago (just when it was getting REALLY good) but your story is inticing (that's not spelled right is it?) so i'll keep reading if you decide to keep going because i notice it's been quite sometime since you updated.
9/10/2003 c3 Ellen
Hey! Cool fic! Please update soon!
6/3/2003 c3 3Raven e Reminiscence
*g* I like your fic It's interesting *nod nod* Hope youll update soon!
5/4/2003 c3 1P.eaa
hurry up and update.. tell me when u update.. and also.. pluto is the like.. time person rite.. sry.. didnt watch sailor moon in a long time... hehs
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