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9/23 c55 Guest
Plz continue this soon!
6/30 c55 4adonis.urresta
Obras maestras, simplemente eso. Y estás siguiendo la continuidad de la serie original?. Si es haci, no puedo esperar a ver a un ron malvado o lo que hará. Jeje. Y sigue con estos fics que no puedo tener suficiente de esto.
6/19 c55 Guest
I absolutely love this story! It helped me through a really rough week living alone with really bad internet. Thank you so much for this gem! I hope you plan on continuing it!
6/2 c1 Guest
Dont hope this story is dead it was going so well
5/10 c55 Frinasteri
I like your stories alot, this one is my fav do far though and I would love to see more of it but also get muse can be a pain. Hope your doing well and we see some more soon
3/26 c55 raelarial1
from the hints I saw I have a feeling shego and joss are also gunna be in the harem, that's cool, rare to see any stories with joss in it, would be crazy if you did a lemon with her as she is, and not the future version ;), and really want to see some titfuck action
3/6 c55 Miwilson84
I can't believe I read it all and now I want to know what happens next. I know you have a lot of stories but this is by far the best I decided to donate on patreon because of this story! Please update one day.
12/14/2021 c53 HappyFox
Where are you I love this story please give me more
12/9/2021 c50 2NieYanMLC
Its now as if I dislike Kigo perse I'm just a sucker hopeless romantic and a guy so that's a big thing, but also cause its so cute for Ron and Kim to be together
12/7/2021 c2 taiwoeretan1
Ah Tara is a dream babe.
11/30/2021 c2 GodudamaMaker
Rereading this masterpiece again. Can't wait till you update
10/31/2021 c6 1El manco 99
the GET OVER HERE was the best line Soo far. Lmao
10/31/2021 c1 El manco 99
Amazing work, also the GET OVER HERE was Soo funny I couldn't help thinking it was an Mortal Kombat reference. As always a man of culture keep it up
10/26/2021 c55 Guest
Loving this cannot wait for next chapter
10/26/2021 c26 theonewhosalts
Shego might not have my heart but she has the hottest scenes. She isn't shy. I like to think that Yori was stuck watching Ron & Shego on the plane after sneaking on to follow him back to Middleton. Unless she was hiding in a suitcase.
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