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for A Verse of Swords and Jewels

3h c8 3prietar
Really sad that this is discontinued, it's realky good
3h c9 prietar
Really really really interesting, by far the best xover of this 2 sagas that i have ever read
7/25 c9 Guest
I came by to check for an update again, still nothing today. So hoping this crystal ball will roll again.
7/24 c9 Dreamweaver Mirar
Just popped in to reread this story; I still enjoy it a lot.

I hope you continue it someday!
7/20 c9 Guest
I came again hoping to see it’s continuity, nope again. Will check again next time.
7/18 c9 1Rubel
Very nice. I have bad luck finding ASOIAF fics were I don't want to kick everyone in the balls so it's nice to find a good one.
7/4 c1 The Reader Of Fanfics
when are you going to update this? this is a good story to go to waste.
6/13 c9 Guest
I come back occasionally to check on this status, so hoping to see this crystal ball might start rolling again.
6/9 c9 FromTheUnknown
This needs to be continued! It's well written and the characters aren't two dimensional, tis a rarity. Please continue?
6/8 c9 Guest
It’s been almost more than 18 months since the late update... I read this story again and still enjoyed it very much, hopefully it will roll again one day
6/7 c9 Guest
It’s sad to see this story halted, I did enjoy this story very much :)
5/18 c9 Morte Cacciatore
Fantastic Story! Can't wait for more! And When will Shirou and Rin going to meet? will they be paring with each other?
5/7 c1 Guest
The first chapter alone made me want to quit the story. You seem to forget the one and only of Cersei's saving grace was her love for her children because she saw them as an extension of herself. So her having much hatred for her own kid and trying to poison herself to get rid of it is entirely against her character.

You just gloried Robert to the extreme and made Cersei a horrible bitch who couldn't even love her own offspring.

It's just lazy writing. Instead of creating any conflict in Cersei's mind about loving her daughter or not because of Robert's seed, you just made her and Robert a cardboard charecter that only operated in a single dimension.

Idea was great, implementation was absolutely terrible.
4/20 c9 Nikkless
hope you will continue this or make another GoT/Fate crossover
4/10 c1 Guest
This sht is so good
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