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for A Verse of Swords and Jewels

12/1 c1 robertnewmann00
man get back to this story, please!

Don't make me beg for it!

alright I'll beg for it. please! please! this is so damn good.
11/20 c9 Mernom
This story is lit.
11/5 c9 5Glasses Writer
Why is this fic abandoned? It's so good.

It's ssoooo goddamn goodddddd!
9/4 c9 pltrgst
thanks for the story
8/3 c3 1Crusada de Lata
LOL completely understand that rant about years in GoT, glad to see I'm not the only one confused as to how they managed so much nothing for so long. Song of Ice and Fire is supposed to be realistic but those year estimates are wayy too long for normal humans even at their most retarded
5/14 c9 DrogoJr
5/7 c3 MegaMindAuthor
My watch ends here, sadly this story seemed to just plummet from having a lot of potential to being just down right bad.

Good luck though.
5/7 c2 MegaMindAuthor
Hmm, well. This chapter was honestly disappointing.

The fact that Rin supposedly is started an industrial revolution, which is quite unrealisitc, coupled with the fact that apparently even the lowest of knights are trying to court the hand of daughters king just ruins this chapter and the story.

I mean, even Rin from canon Fate/Stay didn't have an encyclopedic knowledge on how to start an industrial revolution. A printing press and thread inventions make sense, but then a steam engine, really?

Not just that, but the POVs that are used ruin the whole thing. The 1st chapter was brilliant partly because it utilized 3rd person POV. Now it doesnt feel that great because the characters are being given 1st person POV.

It's quite confusing and honestly ruins the feel for the story.
5/7 c1 MegaMindAuthor
This is an amazing 1st start.

The chapter is excellent and well-written, the birth of both the characters is well done.

The hate Cersei has for her child is very on canon and I love it.

And Shirou using his powers to save the villagers, amazing, literally gave me goosebumps.
3/26 c9 1Hinate
Shirou x Rin forever
I really really wanted this to continue till they met atleast... but this really was awesome... thank you so much
3/4 c8 1ovan963
Is this story discontinued I really like it
3/2 c4 Umaru the Unfeathered
Nothing is a worse crime than rap. The gods of Rock and Roll will see offenders burning in hell.
12/14/2021 c9 1W8W
Benjen figuring out truth about Jon was impressive. He don't know this but he thinking about convincing wrong Baratheon.

Rin doing as she likes was really funny.

Her analysis of Free Folk also sounds very impressive. It is also funny how she was accidentally more successful in discouraging Jon then his whole family intentionally.

Such training for Daenerys is necessary if she is to be good ruler but it really hard for her. This is good beginning for justifying her going rogue.

I definitely like idea of Saber being able to return to human form. Justification for this is also clever. It would be cool if she was transformed before fully growing and later when she decided to transform back for battle it would turn out that she is biggest dragon in history by large margin. With how she eats and power of Fate dragon it would not be weird.

Anyway I hope that at some point you will decide to continue this story.
12/14/2021 c8 W8W
Rin is not soft but I don't see it as out of character moment because it is Joffrey opinion. Vicious idiot that see pragmatism as being soft(Ned execution) and is to dumb to understand anything. For him any plan more complicated that "ATTACK!" is to complicated. I assume that Rin was against starvation and poisoning because in training scenario they were taking over so devastating land would be bad for them in long run. Better lose 100 man in battle than 1000 to famine after it.

Your brother is both Rin.

Arya being Rin fan make perfect sense.

Nice burn to Cersei.
12/14/2021 c7 W8W
I find it funny (but appropriate) that Rin is not doing this technological revolution not for good of the people or even money but for her own convenience.
(I forgot to mention last chapter but Cersei would love idea of Rin mering guy that is supposed to stab her wife with a sword.)

Tyrion buying brothels is funny.

Like other explained railways are unlikely to be made especially in such scale and timeframe.

You knew what she could introduced concrete. Romans actually use variation of it(this knowledge was lost in middle ages)

Daenerys rebellion would be interesting plot but your justification would need some work. Maybe her learning that boy is in love with Baratheon B*tch. Something like that would be better reason for her stop see him as ally.
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