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6/20 c3 69Claude le noctambule
Wow, what a rollercoaster...

The first one about the classical theory by excellence was already worth the ride, not the first time I've seen Yusaku depicted as the boss, but definitly the first time I've seen the concept being put so carefully and, let's said it, so masterfully...

The second one... My freaking God... You've put a credible situation when Kogoro could put down the organisation by itself... Conan's reaction was so priceless...

The third one... Once again, such a crackish idea, being written with an absolute straight-face and done in such a careful way that one couln't help but buy it once and for all... This version of MitsuhikoxAi gaves me goosebump, and I've adored his interraction with Vermouth...

I definitly hope you would continue this project, since there are many candidate you could plays with...

Thanks for those stories, sorry for my awkward english.
4/27/2018 c2 27The Symbol of Faith

LMAO, I don't know if Yoko is actually theorized to be Anokata, but damn, this was great! The comedic parts were really good :D
Really great chapter! And your writing style is as brilliant as ever - this deserves more reviews!

Also, if you don't mind - can you do a "James Black" chapter? [Ever since Conan said "that name...it reminds me another James...Professor James Moriarty." Lol, I know he's the head of the FBI, but I can't help thinking back on that moment xD


4/5/2018 c1 9h9i6t3
I myself think that boss is the parent of one of main characters is fit terrifically well though I'm sort of traditional. Whereas that he/she is "one of Conan's friends" seems unsuitably odd
3/11/2018 c1 27The Symbol of Faith
Damn, you've piqued my interest! I'm itching to read more!
This was a great first chapter!
3/10/2018 c1 17Alithea Korogane

You really made a good story. I am amazed how you come up with this one, of how things happen if someone other than Carasuma Renya is the Anokata, based on the fan theories.

You featured Yusaku, the fan favorite candidate for Anokata, in the first chapter. I love how it turns out, how you write about the confrontation of the father and his detective son. Poor Shinichi/Conan, he was just a pawn.

And I love how you connect Sherlock Holmes to the confrontation.

I hope I could read the next chapters, featuring the Anokata candidates of the fans: Mitsuhiko Tsurubaya, Yoko Okino, Misao Yamamura(how he promoted into an inspector in a short period of time is WAY beyond me...or Kogoro Mouri and Ran Mouri even... Even Gosho himself was included in the list.

Hope I will see you soon on the next chapter.

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