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19h c22 4His Rose bud 125
I loved every minute of this, finally Naruto has a family. Excellent work. I want more too bad it ended, maybe an one more chapter Ya’know see how it went since Minato is the only one aware of the time lines.?
1/20 c22 PotterHermione
I was expecting/hoping for an epilogue
The one which tells about twelve year future which happened with him in it
1/8 c22 xxXMr. DarknessXxx
I just got scared of what would happen if Naruto met Deidera
12/12/2020 c22 2Sakatoura
This story is wonderful. When I first start a story I always start off by seeing what the readers have to say- seeing is it’s good and worth the read- but with this story I didn’t. I just read what it was about, and clicked on it- I took a chance on this story and I can’t positively say you did not disappoint.

I didn’t know where you was going with this story, didn’t want to try and come up of what was going to happen, I just read and cried and loved at every point. As I said- it was wonderful.

The only question- which doesn’t need an answer- was how Minato died the last time around and how he was going to fix it and that’s what I love about him, about of all the time jumps he never asked about himself just his family and I love how he never gave up and always fought for a better future. And people might have though him selfish (especially with the second to last future) but Minato was the type of person to see wrong and fix it.

He didn’t care that saving the Uchiha would take a lot of effort he seen that and changed it and didn’t stop until they were alive and safe.

The other part I freaking freaked out (positive or negative? Not sure) was Obito and Rins fight in the second to last future. Oh my gosh that was painful in a wonderful way, my heart ached when Minato found out that trying to save one of his kids forced him to lose another. And I love how in the end Obito remembered how it worked by emotions and took him to the cave and how Minato was able to find away to save him.

After I realized the stranger was Obito, I was like Minato I KNOW you know! And when he found out my blood went cold and my heart hurt like damn. Especially when Minato said the entire time someone had control of my student, and the only time the stranger wasn’t in the future was when they brought Obitos body back THAT HURT!

Another time when I lost it was when Minato told his council that the Uchiha had an imposter I fucking screamed! I was like oh y’all bold bold! And when danzo took the bait I thought he was going to try and kill the clan but freaking running? I didn’t even think of that until it happen like damn he knew...

Fuck this story is fucking gold. Like when Minato found out Naruto was alive and I also admire how he didn’t instantly forgive everyone about that and how they made Mikito Narutos godmother, like yes!

I also like how the held Sarutobi somewhat responsible, and how he didn’t include him on his plans like I felt like that was for the best.

And then I thought about how everyone felt- like the whole Minato thing being a burden for them (long way around) and not Minato- like how he should let things be, but at the same time, he’s the Hokage and I love how you always made him the man to help everyone and change the future (better) not only for him but the entire village. And all in all I fucking love this story so much and I hope one day you decided to make a one shot (or anything) (a fucking glismp) of how life would be like if Minato stayed Hokage (and I love Kushina being Hokage!) so thank you, thank you so much for this wonderful story!
12/12/2020 c1 Neko
Just binged the whole story, it was a great read! Thank you for writing it.
12/11/2020 c22 13PinkCamellia
Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

This story drew me in right away and I loved every second of reading it. I only started watching Naruto and Naruto Shippuden this year (yay pandemic) but I fell in love with MinaKushi as soon as their story was unveiled. It hurt me to think about how happy and loved Naruto would have been had his parents survived and you brought it to life!

I also didn’t know how much I needed Hokage!Kushina and trophy husband Minato until I read it in your story. I loved how Naruto bonded with his parents and that he kept his personality with each change to the future but was getting the love and care he so deserves. Thank you for writing this! It’s one of my favourites!
12/7/2020 c22 1SteelBlackwing
Well done. The best Naruto Fanfiction I've read in a very long time. Thrilling to the end.
12/7/2020 c22 1Discordmaru
I just noticed there was no hesitation for me to favorite this soon as I could have done reading it great work
11/23/2020 c22 1fresh kiwi shake
your take in this story of time travel is really unique
11/18/2020 c22 1Queen Gemini2
11/15/2020 c22 Arko44
I probably missed it but why wasn’t Minato alive in the last future timeline? Anyway really good story.
11/15/2020 c22 Kagega
Wow this is a great story, love it!
11/14/2020 c22 4El Publicano
Oh, espléndido final. Me encanto como termino todo; y Naruto al final gozará de una vida buena como debió de tener.

Uzumakis Kushina... ¿Algún día veremos las aventuras de la Uzumaki como madre "soltera" y Hokage?
11/13/2020 c22 NaruCrazy
I was a bit skeptical at first as to how this weird idea would take shape. But something wonderful has come out of it.
Awesome fic.
11/12/2020 c22 Paul Lenzen
This has been one hell of a ride and I loved it
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