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for The Fallen Naruto Shippuden: Lore

6/25/2022 c2 Guest
I want to read Tobirama's appearance the most xD this chapter was AMAZING, and Hashirama did a pretty good job I say.
3/28/2022 c2 Guest
I loved this chapter
The chaos, Hashirama trying to teach the children
XD Tobirama custodian. Would Love to read Tobirama's chapter too! your writing is amazing!
3/28/2022 c1 Guest
XD brilliant writing
it’s got me laughing inside
1/5/2019 c2 13Ina-Hina
Why is no one jumping on this masterpiece? Hecken disgraceful I reckon. Comedy is disgustingly hard to write and you've pulled it off with a crackish flair that somehow isn't cringey in 2018. Please keep updating! You've gained a new follower in me and I'll be telling everyone I know to check this piece of art out!
8/19/2018 c2 Sage of Wind Dragons
very cute and wonderful. but I NEED the Obito fuckery. and the Danzo fuckery. and yes the TIME LINE BECAUSE WHAT THE FUCK,.
Tsunade could have easily been set up as his daughter isntead...

instead we have this vauge as shit GAP right there.. holy hell.

but yeah ltos of issueses! all going haywire.

personal like Obito as a villan over Itachi and Maddara! cause his fights actually FEEL like scraps, not a fight that there sint actual thought isntead of Hi im a barly twenty year old handed a sword of FUCKING GOD and super shield amazing bestus.
or I freaking master sage mod IMMEDIATLY moment I touch it. freaking hell...
5/8/2018 c2 4MLLu
Oh my God! I really can't stop laughing this was absolutely hilarious. I simply don't know what to say about it other than that I'm really entertained. It indeed nicely written and again hilarious. All the one-liners were amazing.

Emocean, you have done a really good job! KUDOS! :D
5/1/2018 c2 5peccolia
Ok. Ok ok ok first o f all this chapter was HILARIOUS. I could barely read it because I kept pausing to wheeze and otherwise try to keep my ribs from cracking. Second? Hashirama? The worst (read: BEST) rendition of him I have ever seen has just been created and presented in this fic. He’s—he’s so vain? Self-centered? I love it. And he dresses like a pimp with his blunt and booze in hand, like—WHO WALKS INTO A CLASSROOM THAT WAY, HASHIRAMA? He’s too much. It’s too much. What would Madara say? And Tobirama has to put up with that too? I’m—I feel so bad for “custodian” Tobirama but also don’t because he kinda deserves it.

And the cameos. TH S. One is mysterious with an awesome Itachi essay and the other is ruthless. Like? I love your fic-representation of me? Fic-Peccolia is That Bitch (I read this early on and saw a super sassy line to Hashirama (“You um?”) but currently I think you edited it out or I was delirious in my hysterical laughter and that was just me personally reacting) and Hashirama is not prepared for any of this teaching stuff. Sasuko and the whole entire class won’t let him skate by, nope.

Hashirama would be an anime-only nut. And a Danzo stan! Like, honestly! Get with the times, you’re already with the fashion, you useless dandy! And all of the fashion and modern brand references killed me, by the way.

And the lines. God. So many amazing one-liners? Like I feel like this fic is an entirety of one-liners that all joined together to form comedy gold Voltron or something. “His mouth had successfully been covered by the bark but his right arm was still free to give autographs if he wanted to” and “Ever since he grew his hair out, life had started working wonders for him” were among my favorites but really they’re pretty much all brilliant. Nice job! (Also for the record Sasuke is right and I can’t wait for the Tobirama chapter.)
3/18/2018 c1 4MLLu
"Uh... you're blind. We get it. Chill!", like that line the entire chapter was hilarious. Such a great plot idea. This meta story is absolutely great. If you can write comedy/humor, I can't wait to see what your other work with actual stories contain.

Nice job! Emocean! :D
3/11/2018 c1 5peccolia
This is hilarious I just… like, I’m pretty neutral toward the ending at this point but I know some people are still steamed and seeing the CHARACTERS pissed about it is just the. Best? Thing? Izuna’s trying to teach unruly and uneducated fans while missing his eyes and leaking from his stab wound I’m just…omg. He's so dedicated. And Naruto? Sasuke? What are they doing in that class, they lived it! But to be fair if I were a main character I’d want to see what the others had to say about my series and how messed up things were. AND THE STUDENTS EVEN HAVE SHIP WARS… I can't believe Izuna got the hook.

Please bring in more dark bitter Itachi-fanboy Sasuke and aggro Izuna—I can’t wait to see how you write Madara and Tobirama, too. From the preview, Hashirama’s already looking great. Always looking forward to humorous meta and upset, pissy characters.

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