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for Homebound (A TJM Story)

3/31/2020 c2 2Clau Calcetin
7/25/2019 c1 8libros5
"Wonderful. Should I ask Arnold if he would like to go with you?"
Dang Pheobe! Lol that WAS hilarious
7/27/2018 c1 Eveythingicecream
Your writing has gotten so much better. This is an excellent story. This is also very sweet.
6/28/2018 c2 19MaxandFang101
Worth it. Definitely this second chapter made my day much better. I love these kids and your writing and they're too real awkwardness that reminds me of my first boyfriend and my 11 year old cousin who just asked me for girlfriend advice! Ahhhhhh! Thank you! I cannot contain my happiness with this story :D .
6/28/2018 c1 MaxandFang101
There's a reason I don't read fluffy fics from one of my favorite writers on the train and it's because I don't want to be that creepy person grinning wildly and laughing aloud at their favorite character's embarrassment and cuteness. But i did and it was great and I had to keep myself from physically sqeeeeeeeeee-ing aloud. It was very difficult. Meeting the parents, wanting to meet Helga's parents, god it's too good xD I absolutely LOVE this story. Also I'm really glad I saved the second half for now, after work, having read this first chapter this morning, because I fucked up at my job so hard today, and I gotta say I'm basing all my hopes and dreams on the second chapter making me forget all my mistakes and fear. But we'll just keep that between you and me. Anyhoo! Great story )
5/6/2018 c1 L-Y3T
Yo, there are a lot of moments in this chapter that I can classify as 'gold,' but Phill making fun of Arnold and Helga in front of Miles and Stella takes the cake! Had me cackling with laughter! I was glad no one was home! Lol
4/2/2018 c2 84Shahrezad1
Lovely epilogue! :D I enjoyed their post-adventure dynamic and how Arnold wants to spend as much time with Helga as she does with him. <3 Super-cute ending.
4/2/2018 c1 Shahrezad1
This was absolutely delightful! I’m glad that you had them talk about it all—their feelings, what happened, where their relationship is—before arriving back home, where they’re likely to dodge the matter. Also, good on Phoebe for being determined that Helga find her own happiness and Gerald for saving the day with those storytelling skills of his.
3/21/2018 c2 59HAFanForever
Great epilogue here, Jenna! Since we didn't see much interaction between Arnold and Helga at the very end of the film, you brought it to life with this perfectly! I do think Helga, as much as she wants to spend time with Arnold, does not want to take away opportunities for him to spend time with his parents. That includes them walking Arnold to and from school, even though Helga may feel that Miles and Stella being around inhibits her desire to be alone with Arnold.

I also think that, by the start of their new school year, when they want to hang out together, Helga will be coming over and spending a lot of time at Arnold's house. She wouldn't want him to be around her family so much, especially since the Patakis no longer have an actual house to call home. But it's also because Helga worries that her parents, especially Bob, would just grill her and not want her to hang around an "orphan," even though Arnold is not an orphan at all! Helga would probably constantly remind Bob of this tidbit, but being Bob, he'd just brush off and dismiss Helga, as he always does.

To conclude, I have to say, I really did believe that there was never a chance that The Jungle Movie might still be made one day, given how much time had passed since the series had ended. But I am so happy to have been proven wrong about it, and seeing it as the proper conclusion the show has since long deserved makes me ecstatic more than I have felt in years! And at the same time, it feels like the film presents a whole new beginning to the world of Hey Arnold!, so maybe we will still get a new season or even a reboot of the series entirely!
3/21/2018 c1 HAFanForever
Such a perfect story as to what would have happened during the trip back to Hillwood, Jenna! You wrote another great kind of deleted scene that wasn't shown on screen, or in the series for some of your other stories, in this awesome film. I know such scenes were cut from the film for time, but I REALLY wish they showed some kind of major reunion between Arnold, his friends, and his parents with the rest of his class, grandparents, and the Patakis! I mean, I'm dying to know how Phil and Gertie reacted to discovering Miles and Stella being alive, and even how the Patakis (particularly Bob) and Arnold's class reacted to discovering that Arnold has parents after all! Course, the Patakis wouldn't really give a damn about Helga having been the one who was in real danger; they would just be trying to console Olga. I mean, heck, Bob would probably just be mad at Helga for not having sold the beepers!

I love how you had Arnold introduce his parents to Helga properly and explain that it was because of her that the trip to San Lorenzo, escaping Lasombra's lair, and finding and reviving them from the sickness was all possible because of her. Arnold would undoubtedly be grateful to Helga for everything she did to make it possible, and I know Miles and Stella would be, too. It's definitely one of the reasons why they would really like, and eventually love, her. I have no doubt that Miles and Stella would be better parental figures to Helga than her own parents; they'd see her as the daughter they never had.

And ha! I hoped you would mention about how Miles and Stella would realize that Helga was the baby girl who spotted Arnold on the park slide on his birthday! I always believed it was another sign that Arnold and Helga were soulmates! :D And once the two would learn the truth...I'm sure they, especially Helga, would, too.

Being the nice people that they are, I could see Miles and Stella wanting to meet the Patakis...but I think it's good to hold off on that. You know, I have had this headcanon that, even when the Shortmans and Patakis met, Bob would not initially believe that they are Arnold's parents and still dismiss him as an orphan. Now if he said that in front of Arnold's parents, Miles and Stella would be furious. I bet he would even not buy their excuse for being absent was that they were sleeping all those years and just accuse them of abandoning Arnold. Not that he would be coming to Arnold's defense, of course. But other friends and I believe that Bob would form a rivalry with Miles, and probably even with Stella, since he doesn't like or get along with Phil and Gertie. One friend of mine even thinks that Bob would call the couple "bleeding hearts" for helping and wanting to help the Green-Eyes so much. "Bleeding heart" refers to someone who is overly concerned about the welfare of others to the point of obsession. Of course, unlike the Shortmans, Bob is no humanitarian and couldn't care less about the welfare of those less fortunate!

Wow, you had a great idea for Arnold having a dream about all of the recent events being just that: a dream, and especially when it came to finding his parents and them being alive and well. That's why I wrote my nightmares story; I think such a concept would be completely canon, because Arnold finding his parents and him being correct about their fates is almost too good to be true, like one right out of a dream. I think he and his parents are going to have separation anxiety for a while as they adjust to being together again and getting to know each other. But regardless, I know Miles and Stella will always love Arnold, and he'll love them, too. :)

I think it's just perfect how you have Helga being the one to comfort him after his dream, even holding his hand as he falls back asleep. Helga has always been there for Arnold...and she always will be. ;)
3/19/2018 c2 21Call Me Nettie
aww, this was very cute.
3/19/2018 c2 11DarthRoden76
Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful! You are a true master, Jenna!
3/15/2018 c2 ThaReader103
I love it
3/13/2018 c2 Nina
My favorite author is back!, i LOVE it so much, please continue.
3/15/2018 c2 26Fi Suki Saki
i'm literally can't stop smiling, swooning and melting. being all Mushy.

I love Everything!

They talk about their feelings and Insecurity and fear.
Helga told Arnold her Insecurity about his feelings and action in the Jungle after she saved his parents with her locket and love. Arnold explained his true feelings and action is not just based on that alone.
The interaction with Arnold's family. the help from their Best Friends.
Sharing Blanket and Holding Hand...
and The Epilogue...

I love this Sooooooo Much!
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