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for The Skulkin Gang and the Elemental Tasers (The Pilot Season Rewritten)

11/4/2018 c33 4RandomDragon2.0
yeah, happy ending

and it seems a new adventure is about to start for the them

amazing story adn I can't wait to see what you write next :D
11/4/2018 c33 22MasterofCupcakes
For some reason this chapter didn’t show up for ages... but it was worth the wait, great ending to a great story!
11/4/2018 c33 7CHEESEPUFF fg
happy and sad.
loved the ending. I'm sad it's over
11/4/2018 c32 18Beaner97
This story is really good, but I can't read the last chapter. It's not displaying or something. I really want to read it!
11/4/2018 c32 LunaSunlight
What does outdated URL mean? I can't read the next chapter because of it!
10/27/2018 c32 22MasterofCupcakes
Oh, nice plot twist. But it makes a really good reason for Mr Pale’s ‘mission’.

And very nice BroTP moment between Cole and Jay :).
10/20/2018 c32 4RandomDragon2.0
well that was tense

but it seems that they might just make it out of there, and that Kai and Nya might finally be reunited

awesome chapter and I can't wait for more :D
10/20/2018 c32 7CHEESEPUFF fg
I very nearly didn't read this,was going to save it for later but I'm bloody glad I didn't.
i would say I totally called it but you confirmed it for me chapters earlier. And GO PALE!
Also. A literal and figurative fire. that ASOUE
10/17/2018 c31 Guest
Please continue
10/15/2018 c31 5Cerenda
I don’t think Griffin could have revealed to Nya that Kai’s alive anymore tactlessly XD.
It’s great to see Misako again and her cunningness. I loved the exchange between her and Ronin. I could tell that it was a hard moment for Ronin to reveal their location after he had the opportunity to know the Elemental Tasers, but I can see how his concern for his kids outweighs that.
I was about to comment on the cheesiness of Kai’s line before I remembered that was Donald’s line in the Ducktales finale. Just as Donald showed his true strength, Kai has developed on his own throughout the story :D.
All in all, I’m interested to see the consequences of Ronin’s actions and the confrontation with the police!
10/6/2018 c31 4RandomDragon2.0
welp, one obstacle to their escape defeated

now on to escaping the police

and Ronin, you really should of known better than to tell the person with a thing against the person you made a deal with you made a deal with them

awesome chapter and I can't wait for more :D
10/6/2018 c31 22MasterofCupcakes
Nooooo, Ronin. But as much as I want the kids to get away (and Cole to get his shower), I still hope Misako will keep her word!
10/5/2018 c31 7CHEESEPUFF fg
Also DuckTales reference Much? yes I think it is.
9/23/2018 c30 5Cerenda
Hmm, I’m not sure how I feel about Wu and Dareth putting their trust in Mr. Pale. I don’t have much of a grasp of his character from the show, but he definitely seems foreboding based on how you’ve set him up.
That moment where everyone used the Tasers was SO fulfilling! It’s interesting to see how the powers work with the weapons. And Samukai being blown up by them...I suppose no matter what universe he’s present in weapons containing elemental powers are never a good sign for him XD.
Ooh, I’ve been getting into the new Ducktales as well! If you end up writing a story on it I’ll be sure to check it out :D.
9/22/2018 c30 4RandomDragon2.0
and the weapons have finally been found

hiding in plain sight the whole time

this chapter is amazing, and I can't wait for more :D
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