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12/27/2020 c11 MissingInspiration
The angst was glorious and then the fluff in this chapter was adorable! I love Peter teaching Tony to cook. Kudos!
12/24/2020 c25 Seawell
Imma need to read this chapter about 6 more times to absorb all the fuckery that just went down. DAYYYUM.
12/7/2020 c25 2Micam9
I don't know why I'm just reviewing now, and I'm sorry, but I feel like it's okay so I hope it is... I don't even know if what I'm saying makes sense and probably it doesn't I think that right know I'm just rambling with no aim, and I feel stupid, really.
But I'll not delete it, then I'll just say what I wanted to say from the start, wich is that I loved this chapter and the dialogue between Tony and Richard was god-likes, like a tennis match, at every line I read there was an exchange of shots and when I thought that one of them was going to win it was actually just one point, far from the end of the match.
I really enjoyed that whole conversation and for the entire chapter I couldn't have a break because of how flowing and tied it is.
And Peter actually loving Richar? I love it but it kinda pisses me off, because how can anyone love him?
And I love that I'm pissed because of it, maybe I'm crazy, but would be your fault, in this case.
Can I just say that is, at least, a little sick to love someone who does what Richard does to you? (I hope my sentence is understandable) And I know for sure that it isn't healty...
I just noticed how much I writed so I'm gonna finish soon...
I'm really interested in what will hapoen with Cap, in the next chapter, and it is strange for me to say something like that, so good job, really.
Hope you're doing well!
Update soon, please, I need this...
12/4/2020 c25 EruditeRavenclawRiverClan
this is genuinely the best fanfic I've ever read, which is saying a lot bc I read fanfic to an unhealthy amount. but really, I love reading this so much, just the amazing writing style and interpretation of the characters, and did I mention the length of the chapters? it's so impressive and I just want to say thank you for this. it's made me cry so much and has made me want to kill richard in the most painful way possible. you are so incredibly talented 33
11/27/2020 c25 Twinclock
This chapter gave me whiplash with that back and forth with Tony and Richard. That whole scene was tense I could fell the anger between them. And poor Peter he is in the worst mind set. This chapter made me hate Richard more then I thought I could and I didn't think that was possible. But at least he got Peter for the summer so yay for that.
11/19/2020 c25 meamaya101
Bruh I'm so mad at myslef, I can't believe I haven't commented since ch. 22and bruuuuuuuhhhhh i ain't never wanted to come murder so much in my damn life. Fuck Richard and fuck the cons like omggggggggg I'm literally fighting back tears after reading part withTony and Richard! Im soooo pissed like there has to be something mentally wrong with Richard cuz he's not thinking clear. .. my heart
11/18/2020 c25 monkeybaby
This chapter was great!
11/18/2020 c25 MushroomGloomCorner
Well that was...intense. And as sad as Peter's ... love for his father is, it makes sense. Years of conditioning from a young age isn't that easy to shrug off, its not a mentality you can just break. And I think Tony is starting to realize just how much of a long drawn-out uphill battle its going to be.
11/17/2020 c24 MushroomGloomCorner
I absolutely do not mind long chapters. But I also think its important not to forcibly stretch it. In the end, its like you said, it depends on the scene, and I am just grateful for any chapter really
11/17/2020 c22 MushroomGloomCorner
Oh thank goodness
11/17/2020 c20 MushroomGloomCorner
...oh Peter
11/17/2020 c18 MushroomGloomCorner
As much as I would love to beat these people up, the very first thing I'd do if I was in the story is kidnap Peter and his best friend Ned and subject them to a pillow fort fully stocked with movies Legos pizza and hot chocloate.
11/17/2020 c25 9EleanorGardner
100 chapters? Yikes, girl. That’s like... almost 2 million words, if you keep writing the same length chapters as you have. I think that would officially be the longest story I have ever read, and believe me, I will read every bit of it.

I loved how tense the Richard/Tony convo was. I could practically see the power switching from one to another, and it drove me absolutely crazy how smooth Richard is. And poor, poor Peter. I don’t know how you do it, but you rip my heart out every time you update.

I applaud your dedication. You have officially written more than me (you: many words, me: no words) during this semester. Keep going, you’re doing great! Make sure to take care of yourself! Hugs!
11/17/2020 c25 10AvengersAssemble13
11/16/2020 c25 I ain't got a favourite fanfic
The standoff between Tony and Richard I mean ...just... I mean... Geez. It was so intense! Oh and um
*singing*Did I mention that I hate Richard. And did I mention that I ha-a-te him(Hehe you get the pun no...ok...I mean you wouldn't get it...unless You know...watched Descendents?...no...havent watched it...ok... Im just gonna...uh shut up now... Great work on this chapter...Bye.*shrugs*
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