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11/24 c1 Blooper
Love it!
9/26 c3 johnduffy7878
This story really fucking sucks so far. Youve skipped every single action scene to hyper focus on dialogue. I wouldbt hate that if your version of peter Parker(the main character) wasnt such a Pussy. A embodiment of a walking talking anxiety attack. He also seems like he has a split personality disorder because changing everything about your personality on a dime when your so meek and afraid of even making eye contact or standing up for yourself in the most basic ways a human being can isn’t normal. Giving this character more reasons to be more of a pussy and more socially awkward because hes being abused was the fucking last thing that would make the story better. All the changes youve made to civil war is fucking awful. Ive read stories that start at this same place but they made the character less cringe not stacking the odds against him before the story even started to make him such a beta little bitch. And this story doesnt make any sense why the fuck would his dad force his only legacy into a position where he gets more weak day after day when he values strength. Does the self made billionaire not understand how strength is attained? Plot holes and bad writing left and right bad creative choices bad critical thinking. Dropped
8/20 c35 15PrincessRedfern
Ahhh today's my birthday and let me tell you, this chapter was the best birthday present to wake up to! That scene with Tony and Peter at the end was so adorable.
I am super stressed though about Peter not telling Tony about his dealings with Steve and co. That is 100% going to come out and bite him in the ass eventually.
8/11 c1 Asilrettor
Rereading for the new chapters.
8/3 c35 Silverarrow27
I do love ABL but I also agree that The Chain might be more relavent to the overall story as it continues to grow. Here’s to hoping that this ‘Chain’ doesn’t break and gives an ultimately positive ending.
8/2 c35 BananaPancake07
I just discovered this story a month or so ago. It is AMAZING! I LOVE IT! The story and the writing are so good. I love all the characters so much (Harley is great) bc you show so much amazing depth to each and every one. I’ve been reading it on and off for a while and I finally caught up to the most recent chapter! I’m kinda shocked that I’ve finally caught up bc this is so long. If it were a paper book, it would be like 1,600 or more pages (according to smth I found online) which is amazing for something that is just a passion project. I’m so excited for reading what comes next! I think it’s absolutely amazing that you’ve kept writing for 5 years, through covid, and college and all that stuff. You are awesome, your writing is awesome, and I’m shocked tbh that you’re not gonna become an author for a living haha. I actually really love the title “A beautiful lie”, but I figure you know best bc I have no idea what is going to come next :)
8/1 c35 NowYouOnlyGiveMeBlackRoses
Hmmmm, I think I do prefer ABL, but if you think The Chain is better I don’t really mind either! The title drop earlier in the story made me cry, though, so I do really like it. Of course, everything in this story makes me cry, too XD
7/30 c35 2tnimreaps
The Chain sounds like a perfect title change to me!
7/29 c35 AoifeMorris7
Ah! I love this title. and don't worry, I'll keep coming back. I've been here for all the titles so far, and not gonna stop coming!
7/29 c35 2roon0
The chain sounds fine to me.
7/25 c34 tnimreaps
It has taken me over a week to finally finish reading this, and I have to say, hands down, this is the most beautiful and heart-wrenching story I've read EVER. I dont usually wander to the Marvel fanfics cus I never find anything that piques my interest but you are absolutely phenomenal. I recommend this to every Marvel fan that I am friends with. I'm so excited to read more, definitely something to give me to look forward to! I am fascinated with the arc you've gone with and I am a constant mess of emotions after each chapter. Keep up the amazing work, bestie!
7/11 c34 2Luckias
I still love this story as much as I did when I discovered it, all those years ago!
It's been an absolute pleasure to reread this story since its very beginning, and I'm absolutely in awe at how much it grew, at how much and how well you've written it. The story is so complex but so enthralling, and I'm loving the characters growths so, so much!
And I was so happy when I realized Harley was coming in your story!
I hope you've been doing well, and I can't thank you enough for pouring so much care and talent into this story along the years. I'm really looking forward to reading the next chapter 3
7/6 c34 AoifeMorris7
Ah! A new update at the perfect time to distract me from my life problems!

Incredible work as always. The endingah! I'm so excited to see how the Rogues react (and I'm honestly very glad it was the rogues, I had a real bad feeling there). Doc Ock was really really good. I love how you bring these characters to life!

Johanna and Iris were really interesting additions. Their thoughts and feelings feel very expanded upon and developed. I definitely felt bad for Peter though.

Tony and the caseworker! ah. As tragic as it is, I do appreciate that tony is understanding why everything's gone unnoticed for Peter for so longand hopefully he'll be able to save it.

againa great chapter. My thoughts are not so developed yet but I'm going to reread this again tonight after work when I'm on kea if a time crunch. Love your stories always!
7/5 c34 Silverarrow27
Ah! The suspence is going to kill me!
But seriously, great chapter. I will wait for as long as I have to for more of this fabulous story.
7/5 c34 15PrincessRedfern
I cannot describe how excited I was to see the notification this had been updated! And wow! What a chapter. So much happening for Peter/Spider-Man and Tony. I am a little stressed about what the Rogues are gonna do having stumbled across Peter. But I was so stressed he was gonna get caught by Richard's crew so this is definitely the better option.
And Tony squaring off with the CPS worker. I can definitely see why he's angry that Peter's falling through the cracks, but I can also understand why Peter's falling through the cracks (in Australia, where I'm from, our threshold for "good enough" parenting is being a good parent 20% of the time - the bar is so low because our out-of-home-care system is overrun!). I thought your explanation of this was super realistic and hopefully enough to motivate Tony to start collecting his own evidence.
Can't wait for the next chapter, whenever that happens to be!
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