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6/19 c32 Deblilly
Wow! Just found this story and had to read every single word, it’s so great! I hope u r still planning on updating this...
6/17 c32 astateofmind
Amazing chapter as always! Really like Torres as a character. She is challenging Tony and Peter in new ways and bringing an additional dimension to their relationship. Good cliffhanger with Harley. I love how you keep building Peter's support network. Also, congratulations on your acceptance to nursing school! Very exciting and wish you the best! Thrilled that this story will be 100 chapters, and will totally be here for every one no matter how long it takes. Don't forget to enjoy your summer. Thanks again!
6/17 c32 KingKaizen
Loved this chapter. Thanks for updating!
6/17 c32 Guest
I think im one of the few people who can’t stand Harley. Lol. Not particularly excited about his into or place in the story but am interested to see where the rest of the story goes.
6/11 c2 54CosmicQueen10
God, this was hard to read fully in one take.
I'm gonna try reading one chapter a day cause GOD DAMN THESE PARTS ARE LONG!
6/10 c32 1sillysammijo
First of all congratulations on being accepted into Nursing school! And secondly, don't stress about rushing out updates. All good things to those who wait after allAnd this story is definitely worth waithing for!
6/9 c1 54CosmicQueen10
. . . This is gonna be quite the venture.
All the rules/themes and thoughts floating about, laying the groundwork and such.
This different take on these two's relationship, intriguing.
I already distrust/hate Peter's "Dad".
I'd rather Iron Dad swoop in and carry his Spider Son away from that bastard's evil touch. Regardless of tragic backstory or otherwise, NO ONE harms a hair on our precious spider boi. NO ONE.
Oh I hope to God I stick to reading this story through.
6/8 c32 potatokarate
I have so much to say! Okay, first of all congrats on nursing school! Thank you also for keeping up with this story even as you’ve been busy, I can imagine it’s stressful. This is honestly my favorite fic and has been for a while so I’d never not keep up with it! Secondly, I absolutely adore the way you write Tony. His mannerisms and the way he speaks are incredibly accurate! I personally think you’ve gotten his vocabulary and the way he embellishes everything he says with nicknames and references down very well. Third, HARLEY! I’m so, so excited to see how he bonds with Peter! I’m literally bouncing up and down; I loved their introduction so much! Anyway, thanks for writing as always!
6/8 c32 starksfly
What a pleasant surprise waking up to an email that you updated after all these months! Great chapter. The growing connection our two boys have with each chapter is amazing. The way Peter lays his guard down with Tony more gradually here and opens his heart to him by fully accepting him and knowing he is not like his Dad. I love when you can see that just by when he simply wraps an arm around him or holds on to his shoulder, it literally makes me smile like an idiot. and the coin thing! ahhh my heart! Also, loved Val. I really hope her introduction indicates that things are progressing for this case against Richard and that we see her again. Tony can use a level head like her who has a lot of heart into this. The way you went into detail about all the medical stuff was so crafted and amazing. You clearly put a lot of thought and effort to make even just the details add so much depth to this story. Congrats on nursing school! i know it's been stressful but i hope a good stress luv. You have a bright future. till the next chapter. xoxo
6/8 c32 Asilrettor
AHHHHHH YES ANOTHER CHAPTER. Super excited about this one
6/8 c32 aoifem7
This was such an exciting notification to get while I was in work today! It's definitely been a while, but with the quality of this writing I could never mind. Congratulations on nursing school! that's a huge achievement.

I'll definitely be sticking around for this 100 chapter story. No matter how long it takes haha!

This chapter was so, so wonderful. It definitely has a little more of an optimistic feeling knowing Peter now has Torres in his corner, now two people working on this casewill hopefully help him out. Still horrificheartbreaking in seeing all the injuries he'd obtained by 8... Keeping me very invested haha!

Torres has definitely become one of my favourite characters in this book, easily, in just this chapter. She's gotten a deep history, and I absolutely love how nuanced she is. You can tell why Tony trusts her, and I'm really glad Pete has someone else in his corner. And that she helped Peter trust her (through Tony, obviously), it's the little steps that'll help Peter heal, slowly, and this was a big one!

I loved the One-Way effect explanation. it makes a lot of sense. And the explanation on the production of a new hormone due to malnutritionwow. I'm not a medical expertmore of a chemist, myself, but I love seeing how well you integrate those ideas into the work, it makes it feel a lot more realistic.

Harley is hugely intriguing me. He's definitely grownchanged a lot from that little kid from Iron Man 3. I love his confidence in himselfI'm very excited to see how your planning on using him in this work!

Once again, incredible chapter. Can't wait for the next one, and I'm now off to go reread the entire book all over again haha.
6/8 c32 Atumic
Finally done with the chapter and God damn it was worth the wait. Torres might be my favorite adult character in this story now other than tony. Her whole personality speaks of extreme understanding for someone.

Also Congratulations on getting into nursing school, makes perfect sense for late future updates lol. And you can be sure I'm gonna stay along for the entire story, this is simply too addicting.
6/8 c32 Snapdragon418
You always make us wait, but by God is it worth it!
6/8 c32 Atumic
FINALLY BEEN WAITING SO LONG FOR THIS, haven't read it yet but was just too excited. Hoping it's a great chapter and welcome back from your hiatus!
5/29 c31 Seawell
After no updates for awhile I'm just dropping by to say hope you're doing well and okay irl!
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