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11/17/2020 c25 13AvengersAssemble13
11/16/2020 c25 SlytherPuff Scorpio
The standoff between Tony and Richard I mean ...just... I mean... Geez. It was so intense! Oh and um
*singing*Did I mention that I hate Richard. And did I mention that I ha-a-te him(Hehe you get the pun no...ok...I mean you wouldn't get it...unless You know...watched Descendents?...no...havent watched it...ok... Im just gonna...uh shut up now... Great work on this chapter...Bye.*shrugs*
11/16/2020 c25 boundbybooks
We love peter 33 thank god to tony for standing up for him. The father peter deserves! We Stan!
11/16/2020 c25 a banshee
HAHAH sorry if my reviews sound like i wrote them while inhaling weed, but gODDAMN Its been 2 months, I just left the fandom of Tony and Peter, seriously, and then i casually realized that you updated, decided to read it even though i'm not so into the fandom anymore just for the sake of it-

and damn you sucked me right into the fandom again, . I'm really excited for future chapters :DD amazing chapter as ALWAYS! Can't wait to see what happens next :
11/15/2020 c25 SARvFanfiction
I absolutely ADORE Peter and Richard's sickeningly abusive relationship, the way Richard's posture change and tone when he screamed his proclaimed love for his son hit me so hard and I love it.

The way Peter is justifying Richard's literal physical abuse so callously and repeating what he'd been told just hours ago is such a realistic way of showing how these types of relationships can get into your head and mess it up, especially the person manipulating you. I love the amount of detail you put into it to make it as believable as possible even if it's just some Irondad fanfiction, this is GOLDEN. The way Tony was dealing with his detoxing was scary, I thought he'd topple over with Richard in the room, but surprisingly he held his own against a dangerously, looming threat like Richard just by reminding himself why he was doing it in the first place. The scars on his hand is so touching, they have a meaning, one that pushes Stark to get up and be better and make the more rational decisions. It's always gonna be in his view, a visible and physical reminder when things get blurry and I find that a good way to develop his character if that makes sense.

Also! It's totally fine that you took just a bit longer with this chapter, the wait was BEYOND worth it to see Tony and Richard verbally duke it out and the way Pepper and Rhodey treated Richard.

I found it so heartbreaking when all Richard had to do was snap his fingers and Peter was up and behind him in a second. It just goes to show how much power he really has over Peter and that's really interesting to see, especially when we can see how others react to it.

Oh yeah- I'm excited to see more Steve and Peter interactions as Spidey and Captain America I assume? Steve's righteous and heroic type of behavior really puts Peter's life in jeopardy and it's intense, in a good way! I wonder if Peter would try to avoid him because of him now knowing his identity? Or will he follow him to pry information and figure out why he's even around his place to begin with because of his adoration for Tony and not wanting the Rouges to stress him out anymore than he already is. Plus! I'd love to see Peter narrations in more important parts when the situation calls for it.
That's all! Love talking to you and gushing over these descriptions! Hope you have a more better and relaxed month, try just taking a breather and maybe try convincing yourself you'll do fine despite the crippling anxiety eating away at'cha next time you feel like you'll vomit or something.
11/15/2020 c25 Dolphingirls
I was literally checking for this update every day, but it was worth the wait! Great chapter, Rchard is incredibly disturbing.. Can someone eliminate him? But it definitely brings perspective to see that there really is love in their twisted and sick relationship. Looking forward to seeing what happens next!
11/14/2020 c25 kaycanada
Paying attention to the date/time really blew my mind that Tony nearly killed Richard and patched up Peter all in like 2 hours. Time rly flies when drama happens lol. Also the whole Peter still loving Richard thing...as a child of an abusive father, I can say that makes me a little sick but I also wasn't isolated and constantly being told it was out of love so I'll swallow my bile. For now. Mostly bc you're right, Peter really is incapable of hate. Anyways. Hope you're doing better/alright and, as always, I'm alarmingly excited to read more of this heartbreaking story.
11/14/2020 c25 Sofia
Amazing chapter! Love how you handled Richard, making him seem nice, but start to slip on the facade near the end! Can’t wait for the press conference, to see if anyone else has figured it out. Love the students going banshee at the reporters too!

Will the other avengers have a part in revealing Peter’s issues?

Can’t wait for the next chapter and AMAZING writing :)
11/14/2020 c25 8Booklover1314
the effort you put into your story with such a busy life is so astounding to me and your doing such a good job. i love this story, and where it’s going, and i think you wrote Richard really well. i’m excited for the press conference!
11/14/2020 c25 River-Mel.O.D
Again a great chapter! I really like your work.
I never experienced abuse, nor do I know someone, but how you write Peters way of thinking seems realistic to me. I like that your story is so different from other storys, not the typical „Peter is abused and is accepting really fast that it is abuse“. So yeah. I love this story. <3
About your points:
1./2. It is good that you used only Tonys POV. I feel that Peters POV wouldn‘t have fit. And that an outside view to Peters situation was the right thing to do.
3. As I wrote before, that makes it so much more realistic.
4. I develope the same hatred for Richard Tony and the others are feeling. Meaning, he is an evil, manipulating, not-super-powered, perfect villain. Someone, who you would never suspect.

I haven‘t read the revised chapter, yet. So unfortunately no comment about that.

Keep going! :D
Can‘t wait for the next chapter.
11/14/2020 c25 5anaticulapraecantrix
What a chapter and it was worth the wait! The Richard vs Tony argument was really well done. You never knew who was gaining as edge as they went back and forth. But obviously Richard is a huge creep!
11/13/2020 c25 Ori
I love your writing so much, the narration from Tony's perspective was really interesting. If you want to play around with perspective I'd say go for it (this is the place to do it after all) and I think you'll come up with a creative way to do it. Thanks for responding also! I hope managing collage gets easier for you and I'll checking for updates regularly from now on haha. Good job and good luck!
11/13/2020 c21 IzukuMidoriya869
11/13/2020 c25 Stonespirit Of FallenClan
Three words: KICK. RICHARD'S. ASS. I HATE that son of a- You know what, I will stop. I have been loving this so much so far and am looking forward to the next ypdate. And just curious, how long does it take to write each chapter? Keep up the wonerful Marvelness!
11/13/2020 c25 13darkdestiney2000
Wellllll, I had to find ways to sneak reading the chapter during work... so absolutley worth the wait! You do such a good job with developing dialogue. It felt so good to see someone stand up to Richard and call him out on all the abuse. Looking forward to the next one. Take care of yourself in the meantime
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