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10/17/2020 c24 2hravennas9
Ok... i don't know how to start, so... I finally read your last published chapter, and I don't know what i will do while I wait for the next. Maybe study...
And this was just wonderful. Your writing style, the face to face between MJ and Peter, the contrast between the Richard showing to the public, and the real one, how Tony is trying to be better for Pete...
I loved it all, i mean, maybe I wanted to kill Richard during my reading, but I think that was the goal, to hate Richard.
Now I have to read some fics where Ricard is beautiful and a good father, otherwise I'll hate him forever.
So... did I say how I love Tony? No? I'll say it now then.
I love how you builded his character and how you made him human. He makes mistakes, he's wrong, he's upset, he's not perfect. And I love it.
Cap was never my favourite character, but I don't hate him, and I loved how you writed him. So real, he's scared to tell the truth to his teammates because he's not perfect, and he, like Tony, makes mistakes. And it's beautiful how he tried to hold back when Peter had his "fight" with Max. So... I don't want to talk too much, so I'm stopping here.
Thank you! I love this story and its surprises!
So I hope you're doing well these times, and I wish you the best! Can't wait for the next upload!
10/16/2020 c22 hravennas9
I'm crying, and I love it.
Just this, this is the thing.
No just joking, this is my first review here, because usually I don't write reviews until I read the last chapter published, but I wanted to, so here your review.
I have never liked a story like this so much, it's so well-writed and I actually cry for what the characters says, it's not the first time, but I think I'm more emotional attached to this then other fics.
I read this all in 3 days, maybe 4, and you don't know how much i love you right know just for making this story.
I apologize for my english, but seriously, thank you!
And then, I was waiting a meeting between Cap and Pete from chapter 3 ahahaha. Now, is he gonna tell Tony? I think yes. Are they gonna have a conversation? Like what happened with the Falcon? I think also yes, but I dont know what else can happen, so I'll see. Tomorrow. Now it' 3 a.m. so I'll go to bed.
And nothing more I think, I'm happy if you read all this, and again, thank you! Hope you're doing well by the way...
10/13/2020 c23 OneStoryOneWorld
Listen to "Alyssa lies". I have a feeling you'll like it
10/10/2020 c24 7Russetfrost780
Best. Fanfic. Ever. How tf do you write the chapters so long? You write this so amazingly,and you are so organized with the way you structure the story. I can't stand Peter being tortured though T-T What kind of dad does that to his kid? My dad is silly nd teasing nd it's hard to imagine anything different. Can we see a bit more Ned and MJ in the story please? I love them so much UwU I also like how you play 3 different stories side by side. This story made me feel good after the stupid zoom calls for school all day. I can't wait for the next update!
10/9/2020 c14 Russetfrost780
Me neither ;-; I was so pumped for it... But then they go and kill Tony...
10/4/2020 c24 UPDATE
Please update! I need more! Whyyyy does it have to always be a cliffhanger?
10/2/2020 c24 2ThatTinyRedhead
I love the long chapters! Also, I'm with you about hating Steve-bashing fics. I'm a Team Cap gal who just happens to love the relationship between Tony and Peter and it really sucks to see one of my all time favorite Marvel characters get treated like a villain for his actions. It's been super refreshing to get to see him as a character in a Tony/Peter fic that can have a relationship with other people. And I feel like Peter's reaction to him (being the ultimate Tony fan and friend that he is) makes a ton of sense! Can't wait to see what happens next, I just want to see Richard punched. Just once. At least just once.
10/2/2020 c22 ThatTinyRedhead
Okay look I'm a Spiderman fan. Didn't really become one until Tom Holland's version. I've read a lot of fanficition about him and Tony, lots of cute stuff, lots of angsty stuff. I wasn't sure what I was getting into when I started reading this one, but I thought it would be another cute and angsty Irondad story. Boy howdy I did not expect to be genuinely heartbroken by Peter. Like, sitting here scared to read more because I didn't want to know what other trauma was going to happen to him, crying through at least 50,000 words of Peter trying to cover up his pain. You did this to me.
10/2/2020 c24 mdybls
I like the long chapters. It makes my exercise sessions go by quickly. I finally got around to reading the last 2 chapters. Looking forward to more.
How many more of the rogues is Peter going to meet? After reading your responses, I see that Pete will meet up with Steve again. (I am glad he punched Steve. Steve should not have gotten in Pete's face.)
I still hate Richard and I want him to suffer for what he is doing to poor Peter. I guess Pete is going to have to suffer longer before he can get away from Richard. How old is Pete? I wonder what Richard wants to talk to Tony about? It is too soon for Tony deal with him.
I am glad Pepper was there for Tony when he got sick. Pepper is a good woman. I am glad Tony has Pepper, Rhodey, Vision and Happy on his side. He really needs and deserves all the love. ( I love Iron Man! Team Iron Man, here)
10/1/2020 c24 Manswithaplans
AAAAAAAAAAAAA. This story. I first started reading it about a year ago, and I got really into it! I'm so glad to see it's still being updated! And it never ONCE made me bored or lose interest, every single chapter was so interesting.I look forward to every chapter you work on, and I can't wait to see chapter 25. I love your creation, and hope to see it grow even more
9/27/2020 c24 7ishikeshi ayay
The story is so good. It's been a long time since i log in just to review and follow the story.
9/26/2020 c24 DreamCatcher06
My school lets out in June and starts in August... like ugh I want less school! Anyway that cliffy! Noooo! I literally have never hated anyone more, real life or not, than the Richard Parker in this story. And also, I love the way you don’t bash either side of the civil war outcome... I hate when people do that. I also love that you include Tony’s detoxing in the story. I think it is such a building moment for his character, and how he is doing that for Peter. I love it3 Wonderful story, wonderful chapter, thank you so much for taking your time to write this story. Good luck in college!:)
9/24/2020 c24 29OneStoryOneWorld
oh fuck. even friday is freaked out. god, i cant breath. thanks, i needed this. I feel very...emotional. so thank you! stay safe!
9/14/2020 c24 6OneWingInTheFire
Oooooh fuck! Shit's about to go down!
*casually starts chanting "fight, fight, fight" as Richard arrives*
9/8/2020 c24 MapleRose150
I really love the longer chapters!
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