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9/17/2021 c30 14Skypeoplephoenix732
Just finished catching up and wow... what an incredible story! There are so many moments where I longed for Peter to start breaking through more but it's so realistic, I love it :) I'm getting all the right emotional highs and lows and you're definitely now my favorite writer on here.
I think the T rating is still OK since you're staying high-level with the abuse. Definitely T with the descriptions, but not quite so gory to warrant M (18). Then again, I tend to start inadvertently skimming on those sections due to my baggage so I might be missing details that warrant it.
Also, with how well you're handling support systems and such, I hope you have one for yourself, especially if your panic attacks are that bad. Would 10/10 recommend therapy, too. I've had a few panic attacks, but the worst ones were tied to non-visual flashbacks or sensory overload for me.
9/16/2021 c30 naeo
Great job as always! You never disappoint and those bad reviews you got? Fuck ‘em. They don’t matter, whatever they said. This is a fantastic story and I keep as a constantly open tab on my phone waiting for the next chapters to drop since chapter 6 came out (was that 2 years ago now?! Worth it). I’ve re-read this story more times than I care to admit just waiting for you to make magic happen. As a fellow creative I totally understand the makers anxiety and hopelessness we sometimes feel. It blows, but it helps us grow too. You have a real talent and the work you put into cultivating that talent is awe inspiring. Thank you for all that you do! As always, I look forward to your next chapter whenever that may be. Great job!
9/15/2021 c18 Skypeoplephoenix732
I was debating whether I wanted to read abuse tonight or stop before the linebreak. Dang this is... the writing is awesome, really hitting me in the feels in a protective way. I just want to scoop Pete up and take him away
9/11/2021 c30 Ada
Oh my god...
Just gonna say: This chapter made me forget to eat. Now my noodles are could, but it was worth it.
As someone who deals with anxiety and panic attacks a lot (or used to, I luckily don't have those often anymore) I have to say it was perfect how you described it, and I didn't notice any change in your writing. I know how hard it can be to write with a writing block and I'm glad the chapter finally is here.
Have a good day,
9/6/2021 c30 2EruditeRavenclawRiverClan
every time this fic updates I get filled with the most intense excitement haha, absolutely amazing chapter ! I know how bad writer's block can be when you're trying to keep up with a story, and I'm so glad you were able to push through it :)) don't put too much pressure on yourself, and remember to keep yourself healthy !
8/28/2021 c30 13darkdestiney2000
Hey there! As much as I wanted to get to this point a while ago, I'm so glad the plot unfolded the way it did. It is very realistic for the degree of abuse Peter went through. I'm also glad the angst is over Haha ready for some happy Peter. The old rules completely make sense and maybe that's the reason for the writer's block? This is the first time we've seen the full list and it was a buildup. But you more than delivered (as per usual). Also loved the new rules. Can't wait for the next chapter!
8/27/2021 c30 5anaticulapraecantrix
The Rules! :

But Tony’s reaction to them is exactly what I needed. And a crumpled ball tossed across the room. Good riddance!

Very pleased to see the new rules in place.

And I totally understand that type of writers block. I call it the weather block and you get garbage like “the sun was in the sky and it was hot. So and so squinted because the sun was there.” Ahh get away from talking about the sun! Haha. Glad you got over the hurdle. Another quality chapter from you!

Good luck in class!
8/27/2021 c30 8Sw-0608
Thank you for this amazing chapter! Wow, it seems like it was super hard to get out, no kidding. I really liked how the 'Home Rules' and 'Tower Rules' parallel each other. Where Richard Parker's 'laws of the land' were controlling and tyrannical in a cruel and overbearing way, Tony's rules are more like guidelines with plenty of jokes thrown in, and the way they are worded conveys a permissive and easy-going nature in a humorous and kind way. I liked that. I loved how Peter read his 'new rules' and laughed, because I laughed too. Or at least, I smiled really big. ;)
I was grateful for Tony's hug too. Nice touch, (grin)
Glad to see that things are looking up from here. Typically, in stories like this that I've seen (not necessarily in the same fandom) the story might just end here. I am SO glad you're not stopping here! There is so much to explore still, and I do so want to see Richard and his minions get their dues. Somehow. And I really hope the rogue Avengers show up again soon. This whole story is a sprawling masterpiece and you, once again, have wowed me with your writing.
Great job and I look forward to your next installment!
8/26/2021 c30 2TJ8413
This new chapter is fantastic, I really hope that now this is the turning point with Tony and Peter's relationship. Throughout the story so far I've found that while they have got quite a strong relationship there has been that hesitation and apprehensive tone in their conversations, whereas this new chapter feels like it's broken down one of the barriers and opening up for a deeper and more trusting relationship between the two, and if that was your intention then I can't wait to see how you develop it in the next chapters! The Tower Rules were absolutely brilliant, had me laughing as I was reading through them but also thought it was lush that everyone, not just Tony and Peter, signed them, and although it's comedic in the way you've written them it highlights how cared for and appreciated Peter is by Tony and everyone at the Tower. I also just absolutely hate Richard (who the hell takes a belt to any person, let alone a 6-year-old child?!) but I like how and am actually quite scared by how you've managed to capture the manipulative aspect of his character as an abuser, and really explore the sadistic and callous nature of the abuse itself. Definitely risen to be my favourite story ever read and absolutely cannot wait for the next chapter! :)
8/25/2021 c30 monkeybaby
This is such a well done chapter!
8/25/2021 c30 Asilrettor
I loved this chapter so much I waited until I could savour it properly and I am so glad I did, soooooo worth it
Just amazing and … no words

8/24/2021 c30 starksfly
miss GIRLLLLL. who do u think u are making me sob in my room over this chapter? . (happy tears ofc) that fluff, are u KIDDING ME? THE TOWER RULES? you had me laughing, crying, smiling and spiraling with emotion at the edge of every sentence. Unrelated to the chapter, I wanna point out how it saddens me as a reader to hear u felt discouraged and worthless as a writer cuz u seriously are the best writer I’ve ever read on any fanfic site. and better than a lot of published authors out there. (Like seriously are u studying English? because u must publish books!) I also wanna say for how much struggle u felt coming out with this chapter, it was honestly my favorite one thus far. HANDS down. we experience low moments all the time. alone, at school, work, doing our hobbies and what we love. and I hope you can always remember to use those lows as ur strengths to continue and push through! cuz u seriously are special and the way you have touched the hearts of many by ur words I hope makes u realize how amazing you are and what impact you’ve had on so many! SO looking forward to what’s next. (I started ur fic like a month ago and decided to made an account on here just so I can comment.)
PS. I’m also in college! finishing up my last semester before I get my AA. I wish you a prosperous semester.
8/24/2021 c30 potatokarate
YESS THIS IS A TURNING POINT! I’m so, so excited! While I love angst I cannot wait for things to get better for Peter and Tony, and I am so here for this progress! Amazing amazing writing as always and I can’t wait to read the next chapter! P.S., I love your writing style of including old dialogue in between new events happening! It adds so much tension and insight into the thought process of both characters and it’s so good! Thanks for writing!
8/24/2021 c30 3Porky Johnson
I'm really liking it so far. I agree with someone who said that there's too much angst and that disbalances the fic. It definitely does. But, you know what? Angst is kind of my guilty pleasure, and I often can't have enough of it. So I love how you expand on the relationships.
And it's kind of realistic too. Yes, Peter oscillates from being trusting to being distrustful, and from a storytelling view, that's bad and it derails the plot, but IRL, there are plenty of people like that, especially abused ones. A lot. They switch between two views again and again and again, because recovery is not a one-time process.
So yes, I do enjoy stories focusing on plot, but this one is also good. Not all stories have to focus on plot, and while yours does have some pretty solid plot points, the majority is on dealing with Peter and his relationships with other people, and that's totally ok, and quite a nice tone for fanfic.
I think Richard Parker was a bit too cliche, but then again, IRL, there definitely are people like that, and I guess I can tolerate it because it opens up a lot of potential and heartwarming exchanges between Peter and his friends. Not saying what he did was right, but rather saying that while he is cartoonishingly evil, he is also very cunning and the story that results from his actions is very well written, so the "cartoonish-ness" can be tolerated. He's even 2-dimensional, not flat, so it's not a major issue at all.
8/24/2021 c30 Atumic
Freaking loved this chapter, finally some wholesome moments lol.

Btw I'm shocked you rewrote this entire thing like 7 times, respect bruh. I don't know anyone personally who is so persistent on getting something perfect.

Also, kinda ruthless killing baby thanos in childbirth, poor guy only wanted to save the universe (jk). Though I really hope you go through with a sequel cuz like I don't think anyone would want this to end on his personal life getting better, we gotta see some of that change involved with full blown sinister six kinda action yk?
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