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8/23/2021 c30 astateofmind
Another masterful chapter! Writer's block definitely did not get you down. The end result is excellent. The emotional distance from where Tony and Peter start in this chapter to where they end is great. Also, even though they essentially had the same conversation twice, you managed to make each different and compelling in its own way. Some very impressive writing. I do think the story should be rated M because we are getting into some really graphic imagery, but those details, in my opinion, are crucial for the comprehension of Peter's psyche which drives the whole plot. Good luck in your class; you are going to crush it! Thank you again!
8/23/2021 c30 4lizyeh2000
Love your story now following! . Please update soon!
8/23/2021 c30 Cressi13
You could never let us down :) Thank you for trying so hard and putting so much effort into your story!
I loved reading this chapter, and I thought it was perfectly done
8/23/2021 c30 L0ST in the supermarket
THIS chapter! This is it! Welllll done. Loved it. So good. So so so good.
8/23/2021 c30 9EleanorGardner
Ok, that was intense. And good. And I also think you should up the rating.
8/23/2021 c30 Coldblackworm
You put a lot of effort into this story, and it bleeds into your writing. I can easily tell how dedicated and passionate you are; everything you write is always so detailed, of such high quality, and your style stands out stunningly. This chapter was amazingjust like all your other chaptersand I greatly appreciate and admire all the hard work you put in.
8/22/2021 c30 2ButWhyNot
SO, you have chosen HURT COMFORT.
The abuse scene at the beginning gave m and it was some of the most heartbreaking stuff I've EVER read. You should be proud of yourself. I now wish to hit Richard on the head with a club until he's six feet under.
And the IRONDAD and SPIDERSON was so preciousssssss I love love LOVE it soooo much! Peter's finally warming up to Tony properly and I CANNOT WITH ALL THE FEELS and the pseudo-HUGS so PRECIOUS.
And the Tower rules were SO in character for Tony I LOVED ITTT I love Tony and Peter and how much Tony does to make Peter comfortable it'll make me cry.
CanNOT wait for the next update! Stay safe and kick the writer's blocks away!
8/22/2021 c30 3helen101
Um. So, er, wow. The opening scene. We're you going for scare the complete and utter s**t out of the reader? Because if so, job done, congrats, I was absolutely f*****g terrified and that's knowing that Peter must have survived. "Crossing the boundary into real-shit territory", - one of my favourite lines. MJ's texts - laughed out loud. How on earth do you write a chapter that starts with me terrified and moves straight to laughing - or is that an emotional giggle reflex? Rules of the tower 1 and 2, absolutely brilliant, although Die Hard, and Die Hard 2 are very, very definitely Christmas movies.

Good luck with your first in-person day. You'll nail it.

Writers block - didn't notice, this is one of my favourite chapters. This is still my favorite ff.
8/22/2021 c30 OneTumblrMinute
i love this chapter so freakin much
8/22/2021 c30 aoifem7
it's the middle of the night here, literally (3am!) but I saw the notification for this update right before I was going to head to sleep and I couldn't not read it (I'll regret it in the morning but oh well).

wow. this was, so, painful to read (which was good! the writing really potrayed the depth of Richard Parker's abuse) but that ending.. can I say finally? like finally Peter's accepted he's got someone on his side. I'm glad this story is realistic though, in Peter's complete mistrust and regression but hopefully he can get a bit more happiness soon!

Your writing is insane though. god, the emotions I feel reading this. I don't think I've found a singular fanfic that makes me feel so much for the characters, like ever.

as alwaysI love your plotstory. honestly, I'm so excited to see every chapter. I don't think I trust anyone as much, except maybe, like, Kevin Feige, seriously, I love every update, and I love rereading this book whenever I can

good luck with school! I've still got till late September till I start uni, but I'm already nervous so I can only imagine! but you'll do great. You're talent for writing will definitely show in whatever you do!
8/20/2021 c29 starksfly
discovered this fic a month ago and it is literally the best fanfic I have EVER READ. I had to keep myself from not reading more than one chapter a day cuz I wanted to pace myself and enjoy it. please tell me you’ll be an actual published author one day? seriously ur writing is better than a lot of published works out there. I cannot wait to see where this fic goes. seeing peter struggle with the weight of Stockholm syndrome makes my heart wrench. I’m so excited to see how you develop his mindset to slowly realize that true love is about freedom and being able to undoubtedly be yourself with that person. True love does not come with the cost of purposeful abuse. years of abuse have seriously messed with our babe’s head. and the fluff, GIRL. U literally got me putting my phone down and like smiling from ear to ear at the ceiling. the peter and tony hand hold from the conference? U came to steal my heart with that one. I am clutching my pearls the day they finally hug. can’t wait for more! keep doing what u doin miss thang
7/25/2021 c29 2TJ8413
Hi! I've only recently found this fic, but it has quickly become my new favourite and one of the most well-written fics I've ever read. The storyline is fantastic, I love how you've drawn a lot of focus on how long it's taken for Peter to get to the level of trust he's at with Tony, especially since a lot of the abuse fics I've read over multiple fandoms tend to rush the formation of strong relationships and don't really focus on the complications. I also love how you've depicted the complexity of Richard's character and highlighted the emotional abuse and manipulation present in an abusive relationship, not just the physical aspect like most other fics do. After reading this chapter I can't wait to see how you further develop Tony and Peter's relationship and the complications, like the potential night terror Peter may be experiencing at the end (poor Petey :( ), and it'll be interesting to see Richard's development and his interaction with Peter once he returns from Stark Tower. All in all, this fic is absolutely fantastic and I can't wait to read the next chapter :)
7/18/2021 c29 aoifem7
not sure when this got updatedI never got a notificationbut I checked it earlier to reread it and got VERY excited. it's been a crazy few weeks on my end (and still is) so this was a VERY enjoyable break

I loved this chapter! Peter's so broken it physically hurtbut Tony's always there to help put him back together. hopefully that works! I love Danny tooone of the few original characters out of all the fanfiction I read that I actually enjoy.

seriouslyincredible chapter. can't wait for the next
6/23/2021 c29 SARvFanfiction
YOOO congratulations! Ever since I stumbled across this fanfic I immediately fell in love with the amount of thought and logistics of a realistic setting and just slow burn in general because slow burn is amazing when done right, especially when it's hurt/comfort. Which is what you did here and you really do deserve 1st place and you're doing so well !

As for the chapter, the end scene really just spooked me and hyped me up for the next chapter, I'm REALLY looking forward to it as always. The part with Tony almost /taunting/ Peter with a lab invite and the details just made me so incredibly happy, like, he's trying! :D

Also I love Danny so much, yet also despise whenever an author just shoe horns OCs in to be the main cast, if that makes sense? Just in general, shipping and OC and a canon character together just doesn't sit well in terms of the story usually, y'know? But I think you did a good job with Danny and other minor characters, I have a specific love for OCs who aren't shoved into the story for some romantic interest, one dimensional persona, the chosen one or something like that. It's not usually enjoyable for the readers, more so the author than anything. So kudos!
Can't wait for more Spidey and Cap scenes by the way, hope you're doing well and have a nice day dear author.
6/14/2021 c29 5anaticulapraecantrix
Another fantastic chapter! Peter conversation with Danny was great and a nice insight to Peter’s feelings. I like yum that you’ve created someone for Peter to talk to. I like Danny too.

Score for MJ and Ned figuring it out and Tony to finally make some headway. But that cliffhanger! Rude.

And Misty!? More kitties plz.
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