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for All Year Round

5/26 c13 36JimmyPenguin421
Look at that, they can actually cooperate for over five minutes :)
5/22 c12 JimmyPenguin421
That was really nice!
5/22 c11 JimmyPenguin421
An excellent essay :)
5/22 c9 JimmyPenguin421
"McDonald's cannot run without electricity" XD
5/22 c2 JimmyPenguin421
I like how he bribes them with McDonald's :)
7/18/2018 c6 Guest
Wow this keeps getting more convoluted...I really rEALLY want to know now what this is all about! It feels oddly serious.
5/6/2018 c4 Guest
Wow, the plot thickens! What a mystery. I love the idea of an ice castle. Mysterious, but so cool! (Pun intended)
3/13/2018 c1 sifuXANA
Hmm, trouble in paradise? I'm glad you've decided to continue with a holiday series, and curious to see what will come of it! Especially after this cliffhanger...

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