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for Tales from the S'yrthghar VI: Behind Onyx Eyes

5/21/2018 c1 6Lowknave
A rather unexplored character, to say the least. I'm glad Ginger finally got a fanfic to explore a possible resolution to where she ended up, and how her character would've been!

But alas, it was far different than my expectations. But that's okay! Fanfiction is about exploring the unexplored concepts, and this is one of them.

I can confirm, 9/10 readers have the unluckiness shown by Ginger.

Ginger: "The Guardians are trained to fly through fires like these. They'd have no trouble at all. Why didn't Nyra ever teach me how to do the same?!"

A: If a Guardian was as wounded as her, they'd stand no less of a chance to that inferno.
B: Ginger should know she's a slipgizzle infiltrator, not a collier. It's a niche skill set that only a small fraction of Guardians learn.

If her survival of that mess isn't proof that one can be both lucky and unlucky at the same time, I don't know what is.

Why would she tell them her name!? I would make up a name on the spot, even if they seemed nice and friendly. Can't risk it, not until you trust them.

I will admit that I'm a bit sadden that her behavior and way of thinking didn't carry over. That moment when she was playing with her food that was still alive with Eglantine comes to mind. She may have grown out of it, but it shouldn't be completely gone. At least a trace of this would've been more than enough for me.

It's obvious, Ginger wants to be a "healer" so she can slip flecks into her patient's nest! Wake up Ga'Hoole!

There's so much to say and compare, I would be overwhelmed to point out everything. I'm sure half of my talking points are predictable by now, so no need to preach to the choir.

It was a good read in general, different, kind of cheesy in some regards. But at least we get to see it that way rather than the more extreme plots. It's a resolution most can live with, I'm sure, myself included. So with that, I won't hold you over, I'll just end this review by saying well done! And sorry for taking so long, thought I reviewed already!
3/14/2018 c1 32Noctus Fury
Yay! Something on Ginger! I didn't think anyone would've done it! Great work! Keep it up! XD

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