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11/27 c36 Bex Martin
Part 3 is shaping up to be incredible. Im loving this story and cant wait to read what happens next.
10/29 c37 3starlighttauriel
Damn, I’ve finally caught up again. I hope you update soon!

(The only change I would make, would be to have had Felix be the one changed by Caius instead of Demetri, just because in canon Demetri was changed by Amun and then taken by the Volturi (which is why Amun is so protective and secretive regarding Benjamin). Demetri was also mentioned to be the best tracker, while Felix was mentioned to have just strength as a gift, so in this case I think Felix also makes more sense (since there was a part that mentioned how average Demetri’s skill was, while we know there are strong vamps like Felix and Emmett).)
10/29 c28 starlighttauriel
! ? ! I’m assuming that she was actually just turned and that her turning caused her shield to be at 100% so she’s not seen anymore by Alice. But we’ll see
10/29 c27 starlighttauriel
Damn, that sucks for them, but I did think that the prophecy mentioning her “being lost” possibly meant being kidnapped. However, Bella is so certain that she will die. So I’m wondering what the fifth life is.
10/29 c23 starlighttauriel
I am so glad you had them use a condom lol!
10/29 c22 starlighttauriel
Girlllll, the one other thing I was thinking about regarding the prophecy, about the timing of her change as it doesn’t technically say never to change her, was me wondering about Renesmee and her being Jacob’s book imprint. And now we have Bella wanting to do it with Jasper as a human? Is this why re: prophecy?
10/29 c21 starlighttauriel
“She cannot be changedBefore she is lost”
I feel that this means she can/should actually be changed. As in, she can’t be changed if she’s ‘lost’ because she literally can’t be changed if she’s not there to be changed. As Bella mentioned, she almost never would’ve come to them if she went with Renee instead. So it’s either that, or it’s that she can’t be changed until after the Victoria battle (as in, she’ll be lost/kidnapped during because of Victoria and she shouldn’t be turned until after that). While the lines “her fifth life’s returnmay soften the cost” count her vampire life as the fifth life, showing that either her turning or her as a vampire will help them some how.

Also, Bella wondering about the other lives, about Arabella, makes me really curious and selfish because I want to both see a quick one-shot/timeline/plot summary of each of her lives and about how her life would’ve been different if she had instead been changed by Carlisle at each of those different time?! So, in case you ever have any free time/ideas, please consider it?
10/29 c19 starlighttauriel
Ooh. So Bella did have another life where she died the same way! I’m excited because I was wondering what if she had met all of the Cullens in past lives! Obviously she didn’t meet Emmett, but they were around at the same time.
10/29 c18 starlighttauriel
Since I heard about the Quileute’s prophecy, about the four lives, I have been wondering about those 4. We knew about the Civil War time with Jasper, we found out about her time in 1918 through Carlisle (which I honestly thought we would see through Bella’s dreams after her Civil War character died), but I wondered about the other 1-2 lives. I’m assuming now that the third life is her human life as she’s sick and will have to be turned soon, so her fourth life would be vampire? I had thought that the all four lives would be human, but then this sickness happened.
10/28 c2 starlighttauriel
I like the way you show her worry over starting to like vamp!Jasper while still liking dream!Jasper.
10/28 c1 starlighttauriel
I’m re-reading this since I stopped reading when the updates stopped. I wanted to get back into it once it was complete, but decided to just start again now.

As it’s been a while, there’s some things I’ve forgotten, so I’m curious to see what will happen next with them.
10/13 c37 ReviewerPops
Between Marcus having a father bond with Bella, talking of reincarnation of mates and all that Jazz. I'm seriously waiting for him to whip out a portrait or some shit of Didyme and be looking at it while Bella walks by and is like why do you have a picture of my mom? xD
10/13 c18 ReviewerPops
I had figured it was some disease, but from what I can tell she's had it in every life matching up perfectly timed for when she is supposed to die in her dreams from the first life. Carslisle was probably around her when she was sick the second time and people had no idea what it was.
10/5 c37 Lisa
Thank you so much for sharing your story. I’m excited to see what happens next.
9/26 c37 JaspersTrueMate
Oh my goodness I need more of this storyyyyyy. Please I can't wait for the update.
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