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for End of the Harvest

9/15/2018 c9 18VentXekart
I'm sorry to hear that you've lost interest in working on this story at the moment but I hope your hiatus ends on a more positive note.

I'm interested in seeing the next chapter especially since Ferraz' story arc is essentially similar to Bathory's back in RTD although she sees what is happening on Siba to be necessary to keep things under control whereas Bathory was trying to find a way back home without ending up as a criminal. I would also like to see how her relationship with her sister and her late mother are explored in this story especially considering how there is still a deep rift between Bathory and his Dad that is comparable in that they both wanted to be accepted by their respective families.

I'm also interested in how Otto consoles Daito especially considering his beliefs in regards to the Saint Church and religion in general. Also since I've previously compared him and Hinode to Caro and Erio, will they ever enter a romantic relationship like they did? It'd be cute to see if they did despite everything that is happening to them. Also, kudos for giving Otto, Sein, and Chantez some attention because it seems like there aren't that many fanfics that either include them as major characters or focus on their points-of-view.

Regardless of whenever you get back to this story or not you have my support, mate.
3/19/2018 c2 27milestogo
Yay! Nice chapter!
3/19/2018 c1 27milestogo
Wow! Off to a great start! I can't wait to see where this all goes!

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