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3/6/2021 c24 6DrinkThemIn
And they all lived happily ever after.

Mary Maria was a glimpse of the nastiness Anne was used to. Imagine that being your internal dialogue. Sigh. It was very endearing chapter.

I think Mary Maria’s story would be best told by Original McFishie. She’s got such a knack for those backstory details. ;)
3/4/2021 c24 74kslchen
You're certainly committed to slowly working through your stories and bringing them to satisfying endings! It's nice, because for a reader, it's always a treat to see a story reach its end and for the characters to find closure before we leave them for good. There's just something more satisfying about having all plot end neatly tied instead of leaving a story while they still dangle in the air. Your effort is therefore much appreciated!

To reach the happy ending, Anne still has an obstacle to overcome in the presence of Mary Maria. She is terribly cruel to undermine Anne's confidence like that and to make her feel insignificant and like she's not enough, but luckily, Marilla and John see through it. They're great parents to her and it's sweet to see them reassure and calm her. Properly adopting her into the family is both the natural next step and an incredibly important sign of their love and care for her. I like how Mary and Eliza were included, too, and how John remembered Jamie at the end, who's really been one of the main protagonist of this very important story and shaped it in many ways.
3/4/2021 c24 6TLWtlw
Such a good ending. I'm so glad you finished this.
3/4/2021 c24 Guest
I love everything you write. Thank you so much finishing this lovely little story.
4/28/2020 c23 8Merill9804
Hi! I was scrolling through AoGG fics and saw your story. I found it really captivating. Poor Jamie! Poor Anne! Poor Marilla! -I'm really curious what will happen next.
4/27/2020 c23 8Chicken Whisper
The sheer heartbreak Matilda was feeling when she thought she was forgetting Jamie was very sad. I’m glad that she had her family to support her.

Anne becoming their daughter would give her peace about where she stands and maybe boost her confidence a little bit more? Excited for the next update!
4/18/2020 c23 3AnneWithAnEStory
I like how Anne is described as having infectious joy.
It’s funny to think of a penny as being exciting to spend.
How sweet of Anne to get something so exciting and promptly decide to spend it on someone else. I’m glad Marilla was that and told her she was good and kind. As many troubles as Anne can cause, I’m glad Marilla can know she’s good intentioned at heart. She’d have a lot more trouble accepting Anne if she thought Anne didn’t even have good intentions.
Oh no what happened to Marilla? I’m glad John is going to look for her. It was funny to think if Anne driving I don’t know why but the image seemed funny to me, I guess because Anne always seems so little somehow no matter how old she gets.
Oh wow I love how you describe the cemetery. It sounds beautiful and peaceful, I especially loved the part about how you could see the ocean through the hills. John was right to say he wouldn’t mind being there for an eternity.
So it’s Jamie that’s causing Marilla’s sadness. Poor thing I cannot imagine having a child only to lose them.
I love that John sat down beside her even though it was the ground and he’d sit there as long as she did. It’s just such a picture of love and support when the person stayed with you despite the surroundings.
Ok now I am crying. I mean literally. Then sharing a memory of Jamie was sad enough but then for John to point out that she had always responded to their son with love and patience no matter how much extra work he’d caused, oh oz diva, the feels.
Oh and then you just had to go and make it worse, didn’t you? With your comparison to how the tombstone was cold where Jamie was warm. Bah.
I’m glad I don’t have my contacts in because they’d have fallen out by now.
I nearly cried when Marilla came in to the kids already having dinner on! They are a blessing to her for sure. And John trying to make her be able to just rest instead of getting dressed again was sweet. Oh I just love this family so much.
Anne is sweet and it made me laugh how she told a long windy tale- including the word perused- just to get to the end that she bought…a hair ribbon. Lol.
I was kinda bummed that Anne realized she was still a bit of an outsider to the girls in the family, I’m glad here at home she’s not made to be any different. Elizas letter was also worthy of a good cry. I was so glad to see she wouldn’t treat Anne as an outsider any longer!. And her reaching out to the mom she saw was very sweet. I liked johns response to her letter too.
Awww! They’re going to make Anne a Blythe, officially. Love love love.
4/12/2020 c23 10Excel Aunt
One of my favorite compliments Marilla gives Anne from Anne of Green Gables is how Anne is not stingy. Anne basically has nothing still yet displays a generous heart to her bosom friend. I like how you show this instead of quoting the line. I feel bad that Marilla forgot about Jamie. In all honesty, it's part of the feeling process, to put the past behind you and live your life It's a struggle but at a certain point, you look back and wonder about how you got to where you are today and why you're not still so affected. She doesn't forget about Jamie but her memories of him are of the sweeter nature. She misses her boy still. Jamie would want his family to move forward and it would please him to know how he's made a difference in his mother's life.

Each time I listened to this I had the thought that you ended this too soon. I think it should have continued into the scene where Anne is adopted. Can we expect another chapter?
4/8/2020 c23 14elizasky
It's good to be able to bring some resolution to this story. I went back to read my last review in order to remind myself of where you had left it before, and it's good to bring it back to Marilla and John's caring generosity, rather than Aunt Mary Maria's spite.

You have a knack for bringing out the best in Marilla. It was nice to see Eliza acknowledging Marilla's gifts for generosity and a stubborn sort of love that doesn't care much for conventional wisdom. It's very true that people are generally much more sympathetic to their own parents when they become parents themselves and try to reimagine all their childhood memories in light of the challenges their parents were facing.

You also did a good job of portraying how important it was to Marilla for everyone else to remember Jamie. That is a very hard part of mourning, and you did a good job of capturing the moment of panic she has when she thinks she is beginning to forget him. John Blythe is lovely in his acknowledgement that Marilla needs to hear other people's memories of Jamie — the sweet and the funny — along with praise for her parenting.

Do you plan more for this story?
4/8/2020 c23 Guest
I’m very surprised that John brought up the idea of Anne’s adoption and not Marilla. Love this story and all your stories Oz Diva my favourlte writer. Waiting for an update.
4/6/2020 c23 74kslchen
Well, this was a nice suprise! It's been a while since we last got a new chapter for this (can it really have been a year already?) but that makes it all the more welcome. It's an intriguing idea, because it changes so much of canon that we really don't know where you're taking this. (An Anne-story without Gilbert is potentially unique!) And seeing as we can all use a good distraction in these crazy times, it's very generous of you to provide one.

Marilla and John remembering their son was a lovely and heartfelt scene. It's only normal that when time passes and the most intensive grief dies down that the memory isn't fortmost in one's mind anymore, so there's no reason for Marilla to feel guilty for forgetting about Jamie briefly. (What brought it on, I wonder? I don't think she tells us what the trigger for her renewed grief was.) Of course, that's easily said and not as easily done, so it's important for John to come out and support Marilla. Helping her remember the good times and remind her of her love for her son was exactly the right thing to do.

Anne and Jack also do their best to help, which is sweet to see. They have a very sibling-ly relationship already that reminds me of Anne and Joe in your other story. I like how they work together to cheer Marilla up, with Anne's dinner and then getting the older sisters to write letters. (It was a very reasonable missive from Eliza, who hasn't always acted unimpeachably.) Anne does very much seem part of the family already, so for John and Marilla to adopt her would be a lovely gesture.
4/6/2020 c23 6DrinkThemIn
Now *that* must be the greatest sorrow. Poor Marilla. And to have gotten to the place where you might forget the day but then be reminded of the fact that you had forgotten...that’d send me spiraling worse!

It ends so wonderfully though. To give Anne that status would be the best gift to her.
4/6/2020 c23 Guest
I love all your stories about Marilla. I see her in a totally different light now that I am a grandma myself. You have given me many hours of reading pleasure. Thank you.
4/6/2020 c23 4OriginalMcFishie
Gorgeous chapter. anniversaries surprise us and brig with then a whole raft ofmemories This was beautifully written. Warm sensitive evocative. I really like how Anne Anne is. making dinner knowing Matilda needed to hear from her girls but also how to reach them. wonderfully done
11/11/2019 c21 6TLWtlw
I was re-reading this and was sad to see it was on hiatus. I really like this story and wonder if you will continue it.
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