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9/6 c2 Guest
Wait a second. ..Misaki just summoned Amber. .and that was all heis reaction.
9/6 c2 Guest
Hei should have been there to join them. Oreille is a bitch.
9/4 c1 Guest
Fucking awesome! There should be a fight scene between hei and misaki with her new powers
9/4 c2 Ctudixtixii
Sorry I am disappointed with Hei's behaviour. He should have been there face to face
9/4 c1 Ctudixtixii
Allow me to cherry pick one thing,
Hei and misaki should directly talk to each other
9/4 c2 My profile says the truth
OMG! The next chapter going to be a blast for sure.
But why hei dint stop them?
9/4 c2 Guest
Chapter two was satisfying. But plzzz don't say you are gonna kill misaki cauz I have a crush on her
9/4 c1 Fangs
Lol, I was just about to quit when your update caught my eyes.
And please don't tell me that your story gonna turn Misaki heartless
9/4 c2 Darkerrr
I have a strong feeling over me that you gonna turn Misaki into a bitch or badass..
8/31 c1 My profile says the truth
Hey, take points off! That should not be Misaki's carrier
8/31 c1 Darkerrr
What the fuck, where you getting this
8/1 c2 Alu
This was great, was not hoping for the twist
7/7 c1 Alec
Por favor continua la historia. Me muero por saber :").
7/1 c1 LayLay lives
It certainly pulled me in. I love a little suspense at the end. A cliffhanger keeps me wanting to turn the page. Can't wait to see what happens next.
5/9 c1 desy
Really nice! I like the end that Misaki shows him that he isn't the one anymore to rule her actions and attention.
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