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for The closest thing to taking flight

7/15/2018 c7 Chunkybucket
I’m confused is she a girl? Boy? Or trans I see he and then she I dunno
7/15/2018 c15 3Calamari Inkantation

7/15/2018 c15 CharlotteSpiders
Im super curious who the guys are!
the period stuff was funny
7/15/2018 c14 CharlotteSpiders
I was away for a few days so I didnt review!
good chapter great chapter!
Enna is like an annoying shadow lol
7/15/2018 c14 bemer98
Its a good story, but it almost seems separate from one piece. I am also confused on what type avery is. It seems its implied to be something specific, but I have no clue what it could be. I hope you can start introducing the main characters soon, but if you have a plan, i can't wait to see it.
7/3/2018 c13 2DannyPhantom619
I have no idea what I just read
7/2/2018 c12 DannyPhantom619
Gaining the ability to use Haki is pretty outstanding
7/2/2018 c12 Ini minnie maini moe
Is she going to meet corazon/rosinante? Or would he die like in canon? I just looove himmmm hahaha
7/2/2018 c12 CharlotteSpiders
NICE! I just got an email for an update so I had to come check it out!
I love this chapter! Things are starting to speed up a little! I can't wait till she meets the canon characters!
Diana mystery...
I love all of your ocs :)
beer was also good in this chapter lol
6/29/2018 c11 Ini minnie maini moe
Oh i love this fic! Would she really have an ophanage and host ace, luffy, sabo and others? Would she be a mother or sister figure? Can't wait for the next chapter
6/24/2018 c11 CharlotteSpiders
Love this chapter! I can't guess what she is lol
My favourite is mothman! Hes fuzzy
The voice parts are funny, I like Beer haha
6/21/2018 c10 DannyPhantom619
Well at least she's using future knowledge to her advantage. Now let's hope she figure how to use Haki too, because she's going to need it in the long run.
6/21/2018 c10 CharlotteSpiders
Just got an email notification so I rushed to review hehe
i'm thinking that Avery and sharp things dont do well together lol
thinking about Ace as a baby is so cute!
(pls dont make her a snot-snot human! haha)
6/4/2018 c8 DannyPhantom619
Now I'm curious on what power Avery has.
5/10/2018 c3 9Sakura Hatsu
I agree the panic attack is better alone.
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