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for Naruto the frozen gamer

7/22/2018 c8 Shuten
You have written most of the character names WRONG.
7/22/2018 c8 Shuten
This chapter was frustrating to read it is full of minor mistakes.
7/22/2018 c6 Shuten
Its not comon its common
And not hier but heir.
And Its Yagura
7/22/2018 c5 Shuten
Anko or Tsunade to Harem
7/22/2018 c5 Shuten
More content to the story and not just Jutsu descriptions.
7/22/2018 c12 Guest
Naruto's bonus to learning fuinjutsu should be 100x faster progression, that's no f*cking counting using clones to practice. Also here are some fuinjutsu skill ideas. Btw Naruto has infinite potential technically, also don't forget how Konoha library can be used to grind his mental skills. Also for that I would give him these perks.
- Bookworm
increases intelligence and wisdom by 2% for every 10 books read. Unlocked after reading 50 books retroactive. So when this perk is obtained its a 20% bonus.
- Prodigy of Hard work
all skills level 100% faster, achieved by training nonstop for a month. Receive a bonus of 2 to all physical attributes per level.
- Fuinjutsu Prodigy
you are the son of 2 fuinjutsu prodidgies, and the Uzumaki clan heir from a long line of seal masters, don't kid yourself you were born for the art of seals. Fuinjutsu skills level 300% faster. Receive a bonus of 2 int per level.
- Kinthetic Naturalist
your a natural kinthetic learner, and have a naturally high yang affinity. Physical skills and attributes level 200% faster.

Calligraphy - Each level improves your ability in calligraphy by 2%, and seal effectiveness by 10%. Some forget that the basics are a foundation.
Penmanship - Each level improves your Penmanship by 2%, and seal effectiveness by 5%.
Writing - Each level improves your writing by 2%, written storytelling by 5%, and seal effectiveness by 2%.
Ink making - your quality of ink used in a seal can determine the potency of a seal.
Blood arts - your blood is latent with chakra and seals that use this blood have a naturally high potency, level determined by physical attributes and chakra.
Meditation - passively increases control over emotions, chakra, nature energy, intelligence, wisdom, including all other positive mental faculties by 2% per level. When active increases all regenerative abilities effectiveness by 20% per level.
Meditative State - evolution of meditation where you can actively meditate on the move but the effectiveness is halved. Of course each level still improves passive abilities and active abilities. passive abilities are not negatively affected when active.
Body conditioning - Each level improves training effectiveness by 2%. All physical abilities and attributes are passively 1% more effective.
Reading - Each level improves what you can read, how fast you can read, and how much you understand from what by 10% per level.
Mental conditioning - as with body conditioning by all affects are related to your mental attributes, and skills.
Muscle memory - Improves muscle memory by 2% per level and the speed at which you learn and master physically related skills and techniques by 5%.
Running - you run 2% faster passively per level, when active the bonus doubles, but cost 10 CP per minute.
Parallel processing/ Mental partitioning - divide your thought process on multiple things at once. Useful for actively keeping multiple skills active at once and training.

Ps - don't forget to show the level at which each skills is at. And I recommend a perk point system where he might get a perk point every 5 levels. Some of the perks above are examples. Similar goes for adding stat breakthroughs where every 50 points in a stat gives you a perk or a skill for that stat.

Ex. Int 50 - fast learner - skills level 150% faster
Int 100 - Parallel processing
Int 150 - genius
int 200 - intellectual prodigy
Int 250 - Perfect copy - learn by observation

Wis 50 - Edeiletic memory
Wis 100 - Instinctive precognition - like sharing an

Sta 50 - Diligent - attributes are 50% easier to raise
Sta 100 - Endure - when you would hit 0 hp your Chakra instead acts as your health.

Str 50 - Muscle density - 1/2 of you strength stat acts as a bonus to armour.
Str 100 - Demon strength - acts like Kioken

Dex 50 - nimble - passive Dex bonus of 20%
Dex 100 - Grace - 75% bonus to evasion

Ha 50 - Item affinity - Item skills level 50% faster
Ha 100 - Switch - Switch weapon mid combat

You should create a party system poll to see whether you should add a party system and/ or who should be added. I think just Hinata, Tenten, and Haku.
Why? Because honestly speaking this story is about the frozen gamer not sasuke, ama, or anyone else.
Or you could have a story later where Naruto chooses a female character. Get that reverse harem.
7/22/2018 c10 Guest
7/22/2018 c10 Guest
Hey just wanted to say the quest on this chapter has very little exp rewards, not sure if that was intentional but it should probably be higher. Love the story and hope you keep up the good work.
7/22/2018 c5 Guest
Really like your story, also here are some jutsu/ Skills/ Perk ideas of you need any.

- bojutsu - wind style - Twister - by keeping the staff in constant rotation above your head you gather wind chakra to create a wind wall all around you knocking back enemies. A higher level allows for possible concealment, more knock back, and range aswell as control.
- bojutsu - wind style - Tempest - by gathering wind chakra at the tip of your bostaff and creating a revolving motion, you can slam the base of the staff into the ground therefore releasing the wind chakra to knock back opponents all around you and obscure there vision by gathering dust. Works well with body flicker, and kawarimi technique to evade attacks and create openings.
- bojutsu - wind style - Whirling Tempest - using your bostaffs leverage and constantly moving it around your body gathing centrifugal force and wind chakra like one does a nunchuka you create a deadly sphere around you similar to the kaiten. This technique works for blocking attacks, especially on the the move, and by adding wind chakra as a blade at the end of your bostaff you can fire off wind blades at enemies near and far in areas around you ( kaiten but with a blade).
- fire style - rasengan variant - Hellfire Sphere
- wind style - sealing arts - Leaf Tornado - when activating a storage seal and releasing leaves. you enhance there edges with wind chakra and by spinning around at high speeds and gathering the leaves into your wind tornado you create a tornado of leaves that can shread those within range. Variant styles allows the use of other things besides leaves the strongest might be when used with exploding tags since wind enhances fire.
- Ice release - Black ice - by condensing ice chakra you can create a colder form of ice that can literally freeze things on contact. Higher levels and more chakra determine its radius of freezing and density. Great for weapons, takes longer to melt, eventually can act as an everlasting source of ice until the chakra dissipates or is used up.
- water style - Uzumaki style - Sea Kings Whirlpool
- Ice release - Toxic Ice Mist - combines icy mist with poison mist to create an even deadlier mist that further dehabilitated enemies.
- Water style - Oil Gas Rain - rains oil in a concentrated area along with explosive clouds, so don't light that match or you might cause a cause an explosion. If there is a lava technique that creates rubber this exists to its liquid after all. Trace amounts of hydrogen and oxygen.
Fire style - Fox style - Fox fire
Fire style - Fox style - will o wisp
Wind style - wind gale palm
Wind style - Water style - nimbus - create a cloud

- Bojutsu begginer - intermediate - journeyman - expert master - epic - legendary - divine - godly - mystic
- Time traveler
- storm born
- Inheritor of the whirlpool
- Inheritor of the spiral
- Potential to be the Uzukage
- Inheritor of the Uzukage
- one with water
- one with wind
- Awaken ancestral bloodline ( storm release, the uzumaki clan is related to the senju, hyuga, uchiha, Otsuki, and ect...)
- Master of stealth - you survived wearing orange
- Tough - you have taken beatings by mobs
- Escape artist - escape anbu in Orange
- Beacon of sunshine - your charisma and chakra are like a beacon
- Diplomat
- Nimble
- Fox's cunning
- Survivor
- Beacon of hope
- Unpredictable
- survivor of sabotage
- friend to the fox
- nature affinity
- born sage
- apprentice of jariaya
- Son of the 4th
- Second Flash
- reincarnation of the shodiame
- reincarnation of Ashura
- Inheritor to the will of fire
- Sunshine
- Natural leader
- Hidden prodigy
- Prodigy
- Uzumaki clan heir
- Yuki clan heir
- Uzumaki chakra chains
- Uzumaki bloodline
- Natural Genius
- Genius of hard work
- prankster king
- pariah
- Friend of the bijuu
- Inheritor to the sage of the six paths
- Second son
- Kamikaze inheritance
- Namikaze heir
- Sucessor of the Nidaime
- Sucessor of Ninshu
- Bookworm
- Perfect chakra control
- Sages wisdom
- Beyond Perfect Chakra control
- fuinjutsu prodigy
- senjutsu prodigy
- Chakra to rival a bijuu
- Chakra Beast
- master of wind
- master of ice
- master of water
- one who defies the odds
- Sucessor of ?
- Devil's luck
- one who has survived torture
- One who survives death
- apprentice of Zabuza
- Inheritor or Yang
- Inheritor of Yin
- Inheritor of Yin/Yang
- Friend of Kurama - recieve natural fire affinity of Kurama
- One who has beaten himself
- ? Specialist

- cooking
- calligraphy
- (rank) fuinjutsu
- throwing
- senjutsu
- Blunt weapon mastery
- Blunt weapon affinity
- Sharp weapon mastery
- Sharp weapon affinity
- Chakra reinforcement
- Chakra strings
- Tree/wall/sand walking
- Water walking
- Meditation - active battle meditation
- Cultivation - natural energy cultication
- Natural element affinity
- Element Affinity
- Air walking
- Sword intent
- Running
- swimming
- body conditioning
- chakra conditioning
- 8 gates technique
- reading
- writing
- drawing
- artistry
- crafting
- sense killer intent
- sense chakra
- stealth
- trapmaking
- hiding
- Pain tolerance
- Physical damage resistance
- Chakra damage resistance
- cloud walking
- waterfall climbing
- persuasion
- lying
- leadership
- poison resistance
- natural healing / regeneration
- fox taijutsu style
- lemon skills
- bojutsu mastery
- Chakra scalpel
- taijutsu mastery
- Chakra molding
- Chakra flow - for weapons
- Endurance
- Chakra enhancement - tsunade strength
- Parallel processing
- Mental partition
- Blood flow technique - like 2nd gear from one piece
- Pickpocketing
- handwriting
- penmanship
- gardening
- acupuncture - God of high school level
- Body hardening technique
- Hyuga taijutsu Strong fist Taijutsu
- Gambling
- ID create/ escape - higher levels increases range of enemies to fight, gravity, time dilation, and control
- blacksmithing
- Muscle memory
- Perfect Memory

Training ideas
- weight seals
- Resistance seals
- Konoha library
- Shadow clone Jutsu for - chakra control, muscle memory, skills, perks, learning, ect...
- Shadow clone and Henge to go into the library
- Climate/ weather training
- Underwater Training
- Make a base underground and use seals to make it resistant to chakra when training and byakugan
- Go hunting, use forest of death to improve instinct
- Have clones gather materials from forest of death
- Kawarimi to an underground base to train

- Motivation - not seeing everything to love die or disappear, learning fuinjutsu to get rid of any seals on body or otherwise like anko and sasukes curse seals. Honestly that weakness seal might aswell have been a memory seal that sealed some of Naruto repressed memories and some of his more logical or darker side.

Ps. Keep up the great work with your story. Also I'm pretty sure Naruto was an ignored prodigy with how much potential he had, he just happened to be ignored since Bakashi was basically a bad teacher.
Learned shadow clone jutsu in 1 hour.
Mastered sage mode in a month.
Created an S rank jutsu in a week.
Never practiced Fuinjutsu, has infinite potential.

Love the story !
7/22/2018 c12 Alberto Jose Poveda
espera que sigas la historia y coloques los niveles de las habilidades
7/21/2018 c12 1buterflypuss
good chap
7/21/2018 c2 Warmaster Koss
Perks and flaws could have been better organized with the addition of some space's, plus signs, and more info in general. The part about sealing under the Uzumaki part especially didn't make any sense, I can kind of guess what I think your saying but I'm not really sure.

Also the versions of himself. I know you were going for the ice release Naruto, but having him unlocking it because he defeated Haku and then choosing it immediately an extremely stupid choice on Naruto's part. Considering the enemies that he's defeated in his lifetime (Pain for example) he should having had extremely more powerful options.

Anyways looks good so far, so im on to the next chapter.
7/21/2018 c12 Koncor the great
A lot more errors then nomal but good to see.
7/2/2018 c2 2Lunarmon
I think this story seems like a good one to read but while looking at the first 2 chapter I noticed that the explanation for intelligence seems strange as it said it was 23 but that it was calculated like this (40-358) which is equal to -318 how did you get it to 23?! also not 100% sure I understood how he got so high cp as if you multiplie 100 with 23 you get 2300 not 9000 or 12000 although I guess it could be one of the perks but they don't seem that clear.
6/24/2018 c1 JohnnyG8133
No not Iruka Narut O
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