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for Hiding in Plain Sight

11h c11 kagewolf25
Will Jin have a romantic?
20h c1 6theScarletteWriter
I hope you have more moments of weakness.



Loved this sneaky little update, can’t wait for more!

Happy Writing!
6/21 c11 Guest
Oh my a long chapter I love it ! And I can feel the emotions :’) I LOVE THIS like their actions and reactions are very logical and u dersgandable n I just love how everything flows
6/7 c10 5Neko-fire demon tempest
Another great chapter
5/29 c10 Haku hibari
i was so happy when it updated. keep up the good work
5/28 c9 Haku hibari
PL update soon
5/16 c9 4korohoshi
We got some Fuji and Tezuka scene. Thank you. Atobe is going to regret what he has done especially when he finally meets Jinyoung. Poor him. I have been wondering for a while now, does Jinyoung have a romantic pair? Also, why does he still hide his marks? I get that Koreans and Japanese people have a history but why does he still hide them if not of their history or his shyness?
5/14 c9 2Annabelles-Snowbell
Does Jinyoung have a romantic? It seems so far that he isn't going to have one
5/14 c9 5Neko-fire demon tempest
Really love this story
5/14 c8 Neko-fire demon tempest
I'm starting to worry that Jinyoung isn't going to have a romantic, & though that would be fine it's also kind of lonely.
5/14 c9 Lylia00
Eh.. I'm sorry to jump into conclusions that Yukimura is Jinyoung's romantic.
So sad seeing Tezuka go to be treated but it's really important. I wonder how his encounter with Atobe and Gen will be. Thanks for updating!
5/13 c8 Lylia00
Ohh, I didn't expect his romantic would be Yukimura. This could turn out very sweet, and he has learnt to share with Sanada and Atobe for platonic, it would be no problem for two more? haha
I hope Jinyoung will get all the love he deserved and getting pampered, he is such a cinnamon roll.
5/13 c8 iida.mrasanen
I really like how the story is going , thanks for the chappie
5/11 c8 4korohoshi
Fangirling while at work... no shit.
Damn was dat kawai asf
5/11 c8 4Naliyu
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