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for Hiding in Plain Sight

8/22 c13 2Ryuuko Kimura
Haha will Atobe ever know?

I'm in love with this fic omg! Hope there'll be updates soon!>﹏<。)
8/3 c13 5Neko-fire demon tempest
LOL I need to know what Fuji did!
7/29 c13 Haku hibari
love this. he will never get his name
7/29 c13 4Naliyu
OMG THE TENSENESS RYOMA’S TIMING THO. I won’t let u say it’s a coincidence
7/29 c13 NotYourDamsel
Seigaku interrupting Jinyoung is so gonna be a running gag!
7/26 c12 3scarlet rose white
Okay I need more, like now XP I really want to see who his romantic is please update soon XD
7/21 c1 apollymiuchiha
wait wait wait who ends up with jin
7/21 c12 iida.mrasanen
Amaaaaaazingggggg! Buuut i'm confused? I thought Atove would be jin's romantic but now he's sanada's romantic? Waaaat did i miss something or...? Aanywaaays, loved the capter
7/21 c12 Haku hibari
wait so he's not his romantic
7/17 c11 6Astrid Claire
I don't wanna sound pushy and I just wanna clarify that I do love the OT6 feel going on with Jinyoung as the main link (which, I guess, would make it OT7), but I can't help but lament that Jinyoung is not a romantic with any of them. I mean, I understand that you want to be original and emphasize that not all soulmates are romantic and that people can still fall in love with people that are not their soulmates...but the scenes with Jinyoung are too hard to ignore and dismiss as just them being good friends. With Seiichi kissing his ankle and Fuji/Tezuka being intensely invested emotionally, I just...gah! I ship them all so bad with Jinyoung! ~

If you don't mind answering me, I'd like to know if Jinyoung will ever have a love interest or what do you exactly plan for the story. Your main genre is friendship and, again, I'm sorry if I'm being overbearing with the OT6/OT7 thing. I don't mind spoilers so if you could please reply, that would be great. :)
7/13 c11 Guest
wait when kei-kun going to get into the mix
7/3 c11 5Neko-fire demon tempest
Haikyuu characters are ALWAYS important.
6/22 c11 kagewolf25
Will Jin have a romantic?
6/21 c1 6theScarletteWriter
I hope you have more moments of weakness.



Loved this sneaky little update, can’t wait for more!

Happy Writing!
6/21 c11 Guest
Oh my a long chapter I love it ! And I can feel the emotions :’) I LOVE THIS like their actions and reactions are very logical and u dersgandable n I just love how everything flows
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