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for Nightmare

3/28/2018 c1 idontknowtoday
I’m pretty confused—what exactly happened? Why are they religious?
3/19/2018 c1 1ParoxysmalDespair
I have to admit that you really got me. The hints were literally everywhere but still i couldnt make it out that is was just a dream experienced after mime perished. This was really an unpredictable plot twist to me XD.
But speaking of this nightmarish setting, you really have a talent to create an eerie mood not only by describing the horrific happenings but also by describing the character's personal development in a rather logical way ( I just assume the behaviour of the characters as logical as I only can imagine how people would act in a zombie apocalypse) even with Lifty caring for his brother's well being until mime who begins to question the beginning of this dystopic happenings.
This was once again a very enjoyable story to read.

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