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10/20 c1 2Cat Nari
Amazing, what prompted you to write this?
10/10 c4 3Luvpup20
Really good! Please continue the story
10/10 c1 Luvpup20
Very good first chapter!
6/21 c4 Guest
I like how you sound like Lemony Snicket! It is so cool and I love the story. Please update!
5/14 c4 Guest
I love how this story follows some of the guidelines of the show, plus it’s obviously been worked on hard. I look forward to seeing more! I’m officially hooked!
5/13 c4 55Sellybelly411
I love this so much!
5/4 c4 NAOMI
plz update!
4/9 c1 Ravenclaw 131
Love this, I like how it sounds like an actual Lemony Snicket book!
4/6 c1 Comicmaker
You sound exactly like Lemony Snicket from Netflix lol great writing and narrating.
4/3 c4 9YukiYuu48
This chapter was great so far!
I actually like your writing where it sounds just like Lemony Snicket. You actually captured it. And I’m happy that Luna showed up! Not because she’s my favorite but she has a cute character. I understand the storyline is a little bit slow but we’ll get the excitement part! ;)
And again, please take your time on the story and you don’t have to apologize for it because we all have lives here. So everyone is they’re doing their own things.
I’m looking forward to the next chapter!
4/2 c4 10Heroi Oscura
This is really great! I love how much you've managed to emulate the writing of the books(at least from what I remember from reading them). I believe everyone's pretty well in-character and you've managed to combine these two universes into something interesting to read!

If I had one criticism, it would probably be about the opening narrator speech in the beginning of each chapter, along with the constant warnings about not to continue reading. Whil they pretty nail that narrator speak from the books, I think it can get pretty repetitive if they appeared in every chapter of this fic. Personally I think it would be better if they were saved for things like important story twists, story beats, or if you need to do a time jump later into the school year. That way they are more of a fun treat.

But other than that I really have nothing but praise. This really good. I'm curious to see what'll happen when they reach Hogwarts and what count olaf's scheme in this world will be. I wish you luck in writing more!
4/2 c4 Phillies2
I really hope they actually have magic, it would be depressing to be at a school for witchcraft and wizardry without magic... Also being in slytherin wouldn't be that bad
1/23 c3 6RoundaboutNow
hey dude! my twin and i are highly enjoying this fic youre writing. im not sure if youre still working on it but if you update, we'll read!
2/14/2019 c3 2IceLeaf29
This is really good so far! You’ve captured the way that “Snicket” writes in the books, and all of the characters aren’t OOC at all. In fact, if I didn’t know any better, I’s Think that this was a genuine collaboration between Handler and Rowling.
1/30/2019 c3 chase
can you please write more
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