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4/22 c3 stylo1
the blowing wind charm... wind that doesnt blow is just air so its more like the blowing air charm.

story is filled with things like this, ill thought out and simply stated because it sounds nice or you want it to be not because any background made this the only logical outcome
4/22 c1 stylo1
using wands as if they are guns(single shot spells, so basicly a musket), worship of dumbledore the useless, teaching at hogwarts instead of fighting a war. you basicly use everything that is bad about hp
4/9 c51 1archangel7431
4/9 c51 archangel7431
3/4 c51 Wolvie26
Love it!
2/23 c51 NaruhinaloverUA
Very nice and interesting story. Keep up the great work.
2/18 c4 7DaSalvatore
This chapter needed work. It comes across as you had the clever idea of what happens in Hogsmeade only without thinking if it made /sense/ from a plot point.

Harry's spent years fighting Riddle and Death Eaters to the point of him being the last surviving Order member. It's a Harry who has learned everything he knows from WAR. And he's against a Bellatrix who is nowhere near the level she would be in his original timeline.

So the only reason for Harry to lose is for this Bella to fall in love, kiss him and then get punished. In comic terms, it's plot induced stupidity. Which is a shame because the story is enjoyable so far.
1/31 c4 Osborn123
So Harry got defeated by a young Bella? What the hell... That's beyond disappointeing. With this level of skill Harry should just commit suicide and save himself lots of troubles...
1/26 c1 1Scott Blake
Something that i’ve noticed while reading is when they ask themselves if they love Harry and then say yes because he saved them in someway, it’s more an infuction than actual love, not the kind of love that Ginny had for him. Either that or the author doesn’t know how to make actual romance. It’s all good
1/25 c51 Regtech
1/12 c51 TupanHD
Nice. Please update this.
12/20/2020 c34 cassie
ugh now im gonna have nightmare of vampires ripping my throat
12/21/2020 c20 Xeus
12/20/2020 c6 sanbeegoldiewhitey
So Harry would still exist even if his parents end up with different partners. This chapter might be a prelude for Snape to end up with Lily. I might as well stop reading now. I don't like stories where Snape ends up with Lily. However, pairing is your prerogative as a writer. On the other hand, to read or not to read is my prerogative.
12/20/2020 c13 Psycho Tel
at this rate he'll end up with a harem!hahahahahahahahahahaahahah!
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