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9/25/2020 c35 11Astroman1000
Wait a goddamn minute. Diana is Princess Diana? Also, she’s a decade too old being as she was born in ‘61...

It’s really not even slightly important, but that was a seriously baffling “what the fuck” reveal.
8/30/2020 c8 Wwe
Oh no. Author, why have you done this?
8/30/2020 c6 WWe
Bellatrix is so insecure in this one :/ still, it’s a PotterxBlack fic, so, eh.
8/30/2020 c4 Wwe
F for Bellatrix
8/31/2020 c11 Heaven34
How is he gonna fight Voldie when he’s sweating from fighting a lackey?
8/27/2020 c51 Guest
Very good fanfic. I must admit that, since Harry was already sleeping with most of the witches in his acquaintance, my only disappointment was that he didn’t hook up with McGonagall.
8/23/2020 c3 23Lord Jeram
Okay, I will admit I laughed at "We all make mistakes".
8/20/2020 c6 izaheer404
Please tell me this isn't gonna be Snily. I despise him for multiple reasons
8/11/2020 c4 GatorLHA2
Bene Factum, the writing, the flow of the reading, and the coherence of the story is all excellent.
8/3/2020 c38 Guest
Really like u fanfic. Hope u finish it 2 xD!
8/3/2020 c6 Majur Wulf
The Peverell line continued through the Potter's as evidenced by the cloak of invisibility that was passed from father to son/daughter as explained in the 7 book/movie by the tale of the 3 brothers
7/30/2020 c51 Cwhit930
Great story, love time travel fics. Nice flow and excellent detail. Thanks for the share. Hope to see the epilogue soon. Will checkout more of your works
7/18/2020 c22 The God of Perverts
lol just add them. the women will have to come to an agreement.
6/29/2020 c6 Nikkless
only 10k money
6/29/2020 c2 Nikkless
Fantastic Beasts 2 takes place in 1927 and features a 20-something Minerva McGonagall teaching at Hogwarts. BUT according to Pottermore, Professor McGonagall was born on October 4, 1935 making her a -8 year old Professor.

Rowling said in an interview that Dumbledore was about 150 years old. However, on her website, she states that Dumbledore was born in 1881, making him either 115 or 116 at the time of his death.
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