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for Passing The Torch

3/19/2018 c1 71Tanith2011
Where are the tissues? Very nicely written POV of Dan about Steve and how the loss has affected those around him.
3/19/2018 c1 Helenem
How very sad, in the blink of an eye, life can end. What a waste of a good man and a waste of the life of the young man who took Steve from everyone. I thought your take on Dan's place in the lives of Mike, Jeannie and the rest was spot on. Tissues, please.
3/17/2018 c1 67honu59
This was short, but it packed a punch. It felt realistic as far as the flood of thoughts Dan would experience during the silence of a funeral service. I liked the part about Mike and Dan having each other's backs, but Dan knowing that the bond between Mike and Steve was unique and irreplaceable. Thanks for sharing this piece.
3/16/2018 c1 JEM
Loved this, needed my tissues.
3/16/2018 c1 Nans
A bitter sweet tale of "Passing the Torch"
Well crafted.
Thank you for sharing with us the Readers.
3/16/2018 c1 26Lynn's Stories
Tear jerker for sure. Honestly, I hated the reboot tv movie where they fished Steve's body from the bay. Your story was much more like Steve, in there helping other people. Possibly, the deadly strike in his solar plexus might not have killed him if not for his heart. Also a fitting tribute for the family that SFPD is to surround his widow and children with love.
3/16/2018 c1 1Sylvia Elaine
This was a short story that says so much. The overview by Dan works really well as he speaks from the side lines looking in on this lovely family who are suffering a tragedy of the worst kind. He has his place as Mike's partner but he wears it like a suit that's slightly the wrong size. He knows he can never have the same bond with Mike that Steve had. I loved how you gently slipped in Morgan as a wife for Steve and mother of their children. Very emotive and beautifully written. Thank you.
3/16/2018 c1 14Tonyrobbertsen
A very heartbreaking story. I can feel the problems Dan has to cope with all that happened. A young man who only cared died unnecessary and left his wife Morgan, his kids, Mike, Jeannie and the men of homicide devastated behind.

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