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7/6 c9 3Yuzuki476
Excellent job.
7/6 c8 Yuzuki476
Love it and will there be a update?.
7/6 c7 Yuzuki476
I think Arisu Miu is interesting what's her back story?.
7/6 c6 Yuzuki476
I wonder if haku and zabuza join kitsune sanctuary?.
7/6 c5 Yuzuki476
So adorable and please keep this interesting story.
7/6 c4 Yuzuki476
Naruto is adorable as well and I wonder what colour tails will he have I hope it's golden.
7/5 c3 Yuzuki476
Will kakashi join little naruto? And am glad that kurama is nice to little naruto.
7/5 c2 Yuzuki476
Well done with this chapter.
7/5 c1 Yuzuki476
Thank you for making this a naruto story and am glad that a kitsune clan welcomes little naruto into their clan.
4/2 c10 Donthedarkdragon26
hope theres a new chapter in the works.
1/6 c10 1shadows82
Great story, hope you will continue. I want to know what happens next and if Konoha learns Naruto's alive and changed.
12/16/2023 c10 loaphantasma
Darn, hope to see more chapters soon! This was incredibly nice to read
8/15/2023 c10 Bre Meeker
Love this story
8/14/2023 c10 Fox Sage 1
Update please
7/28/2023 c10 6my 2 guys
that was great keep the chapters coming
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