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for Down the Bloodline 3

3/3 c1 2GrucyFanatic
I just finished rereading this trilogy...I HAVE NO WORDS. Swalker2000, you are such an incredible writer. Even having read the Down the Bloodline series before, I was hanging on every word! The way you write every scenario and each and every one of the canonical characters with such precision and zeal astounds me. And...JACK! You’ve made him so human and made your readers care about him so much. I totally wish you could write the fourth installment of the actual film series! (And, absolutely no pressure, but I would love to see a fourth Down the Bloodline as long as you would enjoy writing another ;) ). Thank you so much for inspiring me and sticking with the story even when it got tough! :)
2/6 c12 5FanFicFanatic2002
I’ve loved this trilogy! Some of the best Despicable Me stuff out there. Super happy to read on your page that you’re making a fourth one! Can’t wait. Well done on such a great series!
5/16/2019 c12 Guest
the outbreak story you have I would be very interested of how story will come out I really love it.
5/12/2019 c12 3UnicornsIlovethem321
What an amazing end to an amazing trilogy! I've absolutely loved reading the DTBL series and I can't believe that it's all over. You are an incredible writer and I'm excited to see what you write in the future.
5/12/2019 c12 18JadesFanfics
Gahhh! This was such a lovely way to end the story. Finally, Gru found a way to battle the stress, and all he needed was his family! Such a great trilogy from a fantastic writer.
5/4/2019 c11 Guest
Your Write A Kids Next Door Crossover If you don't know the cartoon show about group Kids agents who battles adults I Can imagine Edith Been In The KND considering that she like fighting and ninja stuff it be perfect story
4/24/2019 c11 Guest
I really hope you make one more DTB before you close this awesome trilogy for good
4/20/2019 c11 Blue Reviewer
EPIC chapter! The action, the drama, the resolution! What I’d do to have motivation and talent like you. Can’t wait for the end.
3/18/2019 c11 3UnicornsIlovethem321
This chapter was hands down, incredible! I loved every single part, it was fantastic!
3/17/2019 c11 CountessEricka
WOW! First of all, kudos to you for writing 16,000 words in one go, my friend! I think it’s you who is truly awesome!
And this whole chapter was awesome too! I’ve been so keen to find out what happened, and you truly didn’t disappoint! Lucy freaking Wilde, man, I was waiting for her to come through the screen and fight me!
Can’t wait for the end!
3/17/2019 c11 Guest
That Was The Most awesome chapter yet can't wait for the last chapter
3/17/2019 c10 UnicornsIlovethem321
I'm so excited to see what happens next, please update soon :-)
1/29/2019 c10 CountessEricka
I'm absolutely terrified of what will happen next! You have no idea how badly I want to give Lucy a hug right now. Perkins better get what he deserves!
Thrilling as always!
1/28/2019 c10 Guest
awesome chapter dude awesome job I can't wait to read what happends next
1/25/2019 c9 Guest
Will Violet And Charlie Come Back From The Second One
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